descriptionVorbis audio compression reference implementation
ownergit version control
last changeMon, 25 Sep 2017 22:58:41 +0000 (15:58 -0700)
2017-09-25 Ralph GilesAdd build flags for YouCompleteMe. master
2017-07-25 sezeromapping0.c (mapping0_unpack): kill a useless memset()
2017-07-24 sezeroos.h: change elif _WIN32 to elif defined(_WIN32)
2017-07-23 Philipp SchafftCleanup: Removed tailing white-spaces in C code files
2017-07-22 Ralph GilesUpdate release checklist for the transition to git.
2017-07-22 Marcel MetzCMake: Add vorbisenc.c to vorbis target for WIN32 builds
2017-07-22 Jörn HeusippFix reading maximum, nominal, minimum bitrate in _vorbi...
2017-06-16 Ralph GilesRemove svn $Id$ header.
2017-06-16 Timothy B.... Fix signed overflow in _book_maptype1_quantvals().
2016-10-05 Ralph GilesAdd AppVeyor build status badge.
2016-10-05 Marcel MetzMake CMake build test on Travis-CI mandatory
2016-10-05 Marcel MetzAdd cmake as optional build system to Travis-CI configu...
2016-10-05 Marcel MetzAdd BUILD_SYSTEM env variable to Travis-CI build matrix
2016-10-05 Ralph Gilesautotools: Fix doc_DATA install.
2016-10-05 Ralph GilesAdd missing graphics for the html spec.
2016-10-05 Marcel MetzMake CMake build test on AppVeyor mandatory
2 years ago v1.3.5 Tag the libvorbis 1.3.5 release.
3 years ago v1.3.4 Tag the libvorbis 1.3.4 release.
5 years ago v1.3.3 Tag the libvorbis 1.3.3 release.
6 years ago v1.3.2 Tag the libvorbis 1.3.2 release.
7 years ago v1.3.1 Tag the libvorbis 1.3.1 release.
8 years ago v1.2.3 Tag the libvorbis 1.2.3 release.
8 years ago v1.2.2 Tag the libvorbis 1.2.2 release.
8 years ago v1.2.2rc1 Tag the libvorbis 1.2.2rc1 release.
10 years ago v1.2.0 Tag the libvorbis 1.2.0 release.
11 years ago v1.1.2 Tag the libvorbis 1.1.2 release.
12 years ago v1.1.1 Tag the libvorbis 1.1.1 release.
13 years ago v1.1.0 Tag the libvorbis 1.1.0 release.
13 years ago v1.1.0rc1 Tag the libvorbis 1.1.0rc1 release.
13 years ago v1.0.1 Tag the libvorbis 1.0.1 release.
15 years ago v1.0.0 Tag the libvorbis 1.0.0 release.
15 years ago v1.0.0rc4-internal Tag the libvorbis 1.0.0rc4-internal...
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2 months ago devel-ph3
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