descriptionTools for working with Ogg Vorbis audio
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last changeMon, 22 Jan 2018 04:51:48 +0000 (20:51 -0800)
2018-01-22 Thomas DaedeAlways link to -lm for oggenc and ogg123. master
2018-01-22 Martin Steghöferogg123: Mention FLAC capabilities in man page.
2018-01-22 Martin Steghöferoggdec: Write to stdout instead of "-.wav" when reading...
2018-01-22 Petter Reinholdtsenoggenc: validate count of channels in the header (CVE...
2018-01-22 Petter Reinholdtsenoggenc: Fix large alloca on bad AIFF input (CVE-2015...
2018-01-22 Martin SteghöferUse translations in oggdec
2018-01-22 Martin SteghöferFix oggdec crash/hang: Don't ignore stream errors
2018-01-22 Martin SteghöferFix ogg123 speex playback: Initialize channel matrix
2018-01-22 Martin SteghöferTruncate long status lines on small terminals
2018-01-21 Martin SteghöferMake it clear in documentation that -f needs a previous -d.
2018-01-21 Martin SteghöferFix ogg123 freeze when interrupting at End-Of-Stream.
2018-01-21 Martin SteghöferFix synchronization issue
2018-01-21 Thomas DaedeUse https URL in vorbiscomment man page.
2017-08-14 Ralph Gilesvorbiscomment: Fix handling very short files.
2017-07-24 Mats Erik AnderssonFloating point comparison fails.
2017-07-23 Joao Paulo... Don't corrupt stdout
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