2015-08-27 Ralph GilesUse the float latex package in the spec.
2014-10-31 Tim TerriberryFix mismatched oc_mb_fill_cmapping11 signature.
2014-07-23 Ralph GilesFix automake warnings. r=ron, rillian
2014-07-23 Ralph GilesUpdate AM_PROG_LIBTOOL to LT_INIT. r=rillian,ron
2014-07-23 Ralph GilesFix an unused variable warning.
2014-06-10 MontyCorrect Cb plane bug in conversion from RGB->YCbCr...
2014-04-04 Tim TerriberryRemove -fforce-addr from the default CFLAGS.
2014-02-17 Tristan Matthewsexamples: fix mismatched sizeof warnings
2014-02-11 Tristan Matthewsexamples: png_sizeof no longer available (since libpng...
2014-02-11 Tristan Matthewsexamples: fix underlinking
2014-02-11 Tristan Matthewstheora: fix compiler warnings
2013-11-18 Tim TerriberryAdd missing backslash to CLEANFILES.
2013-02-23 Tim TerriberryFix telemetry output for non-striped decode.
2013-01-08 Tim TerriberryBring libogg's into the 21st century.
2013-01-08 Tim TerriberryInclude zlib.h when necessary.
2013-01-08 Tim TerriberryFix some typos in the documentation.
2012-06-02 Tim TerriberryAdd const to th_comment_* parameters.
2012-05-08 Tim TerriberryFix pp_sharp_mod calculation.
2012-03-31 Gregory MaxwellSave activity from first pass. Gives a small SSIM impro...
2012-03-06 Tim TerriberryFix huffman.h include guard.
2012-03-02 Tim TerriberryRemove some redundant NULL checks and fix a free on...
2012-03-02 Tim TerriberryMake telemetry work with striped decoding.
2012-02-11 Ralph GilesFix a duplicate word.
2011-07-13 Tim TerriberryClean up some ARM asm issues.
2011-05-31 Tim TerriberryAdd Brad Smith to AUTHORS.
2011-05-29 David SchleefUse $host instead of $target in configure
2011-05-20 Tim TerriberryRevert player_example changes accidentally included...
2011-05-20 Tim TerriberryUpdate the documentation for theora_encode_comment().
2011-05-20 Tim TerriberryOnly link libcompat with dump_video.
2011-05-20 Tim TerriberryCorrect an operator precedence error in the visualizati...
2011-05-20 Tim TerriberryRemove AC_CANONICAL_TARGET.
2011-05-20 Tim TerriberryMake autoreconf -i -f work.
2011-05-19 Tim TerriberryFix two spelling errors in the comments.
2011-05-04 Tim TerriberryAnother overflow fix.
2011-05-03 Ralph GilesRemove the --disable-float configure option, and the...
2011-05-03 Tim TerriberryUpdate documentation for TH_ENCCTL_SET_BITRATE.
2011-03-25 Ralph GilesRemove an obsolete comment.
2011-03-25 Tim TerriberryRemove the debian directory.
2011-03-24 Tim Terriberryspec: Various typo fixes.
2011-03-20 lu_zeroUpdate ipr statement
2011-03-17 Tim Terriberryspec: Update reference to MV decoding procedure.
2011-03-16 Tim Terriberryspec: Fix QRSIZES for the VP3 quantization parameters.
2011-03-08 Ralph GilesFix a typo which prevented optional examples other...
2011-03-01 Ralph GilesDocument the defaults for the defined bits of TH_ENCCTL...
2011-02-24 Tim TerriberryAdd NEON versions of the SATD functions.
2011-02-20 Ralph GilesTIFFReadRGBAImage doesn't actually return errors unless...
2011-02-15 Ralph GilesAdd a tiff2theora example.
2011-02-15 Ralph GilesRemove trailing whitespace from some examples.
2011-02-11 Ralph GilesClean up the front page of the API docs a bit.
2011-02-11 Ralph GilesRevert Makefile changes inadvertently included in the...
2011-02-11 Ralph GilesPrefer pdflatex and use batch mode when generating...
2011-02-11 Ralph GilesMerge the duplicate HTML_TIMESTAMP entry added by doxyg...
2011-02-11 Ralph GilesUpdate the doxygen config file to version 1.7.1.
2011-02-10 Ralph GilesUpdate documenation to reflect --enable-docs being...
2011-02-10 Ralph GilesRemove a duplicate dependency.
2011-02-10 Tim TerriberryFix ARM build breakage from r17822.
2011-02-10 Ralph GilesAdd gmaxwell to the AUTHORS list.
2011-02-10 Ralph GilesRemove some trailing whitespace in documentation.
2011-02-10 Tim TerriberryUpdate to exclude generated ARM .S files...
2011-02-09 Ralph GilesAdd a new speed level between the old levels 2 and 3.
2011-02-09 Ralph GilesPrint summary timing information at the end of encoder_...
2011-02-09 Ralph GilesUpdate the noop test programmes for the additional...
2011-01-20 Ralph GilesRemove trailing whitespace in the public headers.
2011-01-15 Tim TerriberryThe yoffset calculation in oc_dec_init_dummy_frame...
2011-01-09 Cristian AdamFixed project configuration which referenced two CRT...
2010-12-16 Ralph GilesUpdate the libtheora_info example for the previous...
2010-12-16 Ralph GilesReject th_info structs with a zero in the frame rate...
2010-12-14 Gregory MaxwellBuild fix on Solaris 11. __GNUC_PREREQ was not defined...
2010-12-14 Tim TerriberryMake the SATD functions return the signed DC value...
2010-12-13 Ralph GilesUpdate SConstruct to pass -lm when building with collec...
2010-12-13 Tim TerriberryMake emit only one line per input line,...
2010-12-13 Tim TerriberryFormatting clean-up for oc_enc_quantize_neon().
2010-12-13 Tim TerriberryCorrect two small mistakes in r17749.
2010-12-13 Tim TerriberryAdd a NEON version of oc_enc_quantize().
2010-12-10 Tim TerriberryMake PROC and ENDP functional in
2010-12-09 Ralph GilesAlso silence the input file summary lines with -q.
2010-12-07 Cristian AdamFixed a VisualC asm specific bug.
2010-12-07 Tim TerriberryProperly initialize the DCT scratch space.
2010-12-07 Tim TerriberryFix MSVC compilation broken in r17736.
2010-12-07 Tim TerriberryMinor fix-ups to r17728.
2010-12-07 Cristian AdamFixed one GCC to Visual C asm instruction call. Now...
2010-12-07 Tim TerriberryMove zig-zagging from quantization into the fDCT.
2010-12-02 Ralph GilesAdd a new libtheora_info example program.
2010-12-02 Ralph GilesEnable svn keyword expansion of eol-adjustment on dump_...
2010-12-02 Ralph GilesRemove an extra space in the file header.
2010-11-30 Ralph GilesAdd a build variable collect_metrics to the scons build.
2010-11-25 Ralph GilesAdd a -q option to encoder_example to silence progress...
2010-11-25 oggkMake input parameter_intra_satd const, ACKed by derf.
2010-11-24 Tim TerriberryFix out-of-date OC_ARM_ASM_ARMV6 usage.
2010-11-24 Ralph GilesRename OC_SAD_SHIFT to OC_SATD_SHIFT.
2010-11-22 Ralph GilesDocument that the th_*_ctl() return values are specific
2010-11-18 Ralph GilesCorrect a typo in the usage documentation.
2010-11-09 Gregory MaxwellDon't change the block qii flags if no ac coefficients...
2010-10-29 Tim Terriberry#define __GNUC_PREREQ ourselves.
2010-10-29 Tim TerriberryPrevent double free on codebook unpacking failure.
2010-10-29 Tim TerriberryWarning fixes.
2010-10-29 Tim TerriberryMore include fixes.
2010-10-29 Tim TerriberryTwo minor fixes.
2010-10-25 Tim TerriberryFix some C64x compiler warnings.
2010-10-25 Tim TerriberryAdd c64x changes for r17563, as they were accidentally...