2010-12-02 Ralph GilesAdd a new libtheora_info example program.
2010-12-02 Ralph GilesEnable svn keyword expansion of eol-adjustment on dump_...
2010-12-02 Ralph GilesRemove an extra space in the file header.
2010-11-30 Ralph GilesAdd a build variable collect_metrics to the scons build.
2010-11-25 Ralph GilesAdd a -q option to encoder_example to silence progress...
2010-11-25 oggkMake input parameter_intra_satd const, ACKed by derf.
2010-11-24 Tim TerriberryFix out-of-date OC_ARM_ASM_ARMV6 usage.
2010-11-24 Ralph GilesRename OC_SAD_SHIFT to OC_SATD_SHIFT.
2010-11-22 Ralph GilesDocument that the th_*_ctl() return values are specific
2010-11-18 Ralph GilesCorrect a typo in the usage documentation.
2010-11-09 Gregory MaxwellDon't change the block qii flags if no ac coefficients...
2010-10-29 Tim Terriberry#define __GNUC_PREREQ ourselves.
2010-10-29 Tim TerriberryPrevent double free on codebook unpacking failure.
2010-10-29 Tim TerriberryWarning fixes.
2010-10-29 Tim TerriberryMore include fixes.
2010-10-29 Tim TerriberryTwo minor fixes.
2010-10-25 Tim TerriberryFix some C64x compiler warnings.
2010-10-25 Tim TerriberryAdd c64x changes for r17563, as they were accidentally...
2010-10-25 Tim TerriberryEnsure frame rows are 16-byte aligned.
2010-10-20 Cristian AdamRemoved Windows CE Platform Builder as a dependency...
2010-10-13 Gregory Maxwellmcenc.c: Skip the 4MV SATD in speed level 2. 2% speedu...
2010-10-13 Tim TerriberryImprove MV predictor computations.
2010-10-12 Tim TerriberryAvoid harmless Coverity warning in oc_sb_create_plane_m...
2010-10-12 Tim TerriberryName C version of oc_huff_token_decode properly.
2010-10-12 Tim TerriberryPull in internal.h (for config.h) from bitpack.h.
2010-10-08 Ralph GilesRemove a debug printf from parse_time.
2010-10-08 Ralph GilesFix a comment typo.
2010-10-03 Tim TerriberryAdd PROC/ENDP markings to the ARM asm (currently ignore...
2010-09-28 Ralph GilesAdd x86 assembly files to the libtheoraenc and libtheoradec
2010-09-24 Tim TerriberryFix win32 bustage created by r17457.
2010-09-24 Ralph GilesFix typos. Thanks to Maik Merten for pointing these...
2010-09-24 Ralph GilesUpdate the README for the 1.2 releases.
2010-09-24 Ralph GilesBump version strings post-release.
2010-09-24 Ralph GilesAdd a summary of changes for the 1.2.0alpha1 release.
2010-09-24 Tim TerriberryCache the reference frame associated with the current...
2010-09-23 Tim TerriberryRestore the old automake options in a comment.
2010-09-23 Cristian AdamUpdated Visual Studio project files. v1.2.0alpha1
2010-09-23 Ralph GilesBump the library and package versioning for the 1.2...
2010-09-23 Ralph GilesBump the vendor string.
2010-09-23 Ralph GilesPrefer xz to bzip2 for distribution.
2010-09-23 Tim TerriberryWin32 asm fixes.
2010-09-23 Ralph GilesCopy Derf's experimental ptalarbvorm branch to trunk.