Another overflow fix.
[theora.git] / lib / analyze.c
2011-05-04 Tim TerriberryAnother overflow fix.
2011-02-09 Ralph GilesAdd a new speed level between the old levels 2 and 3.
2010-12-14 Tim TerriberryMake the SATD functions return the signed DC value...
2010-12-07 Tim TerriberryProperly initialize the DCT scratch space.
2010-12-07 Tim TerriberryMove zig-zagging from quantization into the fDCT.
2010-11-25 oggkMake input parameter_intra_satd const, ACKed by derf.
2010-11-24 Ralph GilesRename OC_SAD_SHIFT to OC_SATD_SHIFT.
2010-11-09 Gregory MaxwellDon't change the block qii flags if no ac coefficients...
2010-10-25 Tim TerriberryFix some C64x compiler warnings.
2010-10-25 Tim TerriberryEnsure frame rows are 16-byte aligned.
2010-09-24 Tim TerriberryCache the reference frame associated with the current...
2010-09-23 Ralph GilesCopy Derf's experimental ptalarbvorm branch to trunk.