Add missing backslash to CLEANFILES.
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2012-02-11 Ralph GilesFix a duplicate word.
2011-03-24 Tim Terriberryspec: Various typo fixes.
2011-03-20 lu_zeroUpdate ipr statement
2011-03-17 Tim Terriberryspec: Update reference to MV decoding procedure.
2011-03-16 Tim Terriberryspec: Fix QRSIZES for the VP3 quantization parameters.
2011-02-11 Ralph GilesRevert Makefile changes inadvertently included in the...
2011-02-11 Ralph GilesPrefer pdflatex and use batch mode when generating...
2011-02-11 Ralph GilesMerge the duplicate HTML_TIMESTAMP entry added by doxyg...
2011-02-11 Ralph GilesUpdate the doxygen config file to version 1.7.1.
2011-02-10 Ralph GilesRemove a duplicate dependency.
2010-09-23 Ralph GilesCopy Derf's experimental ptalarbvorm branch to trunk.