Append $(EXEEXT) to the names of optional programs.
[theora.git] / CHANGES
2009-05-27 Ralph GilesBump versioning after the 1.1alpha2 release.
2009-05-26 Ralph GilesUpdate vendor string, release date and versions for...
2009-05-26 Ralph GilesUpdate CHANGES for the 1.1alpha2 release.
2009-04-07 Ralph GilesUpdate change log.
2009-03-27 j* merge doc and tests from trunk
2009-03-27 jMerging r15741 into theora-thusnelda. closes:1528
2009-03-27 Ralph GilesBump the version number post-release.
2009-03-27 Ralph GilesUpdate version number and change log for the 1.1alpha1...
2009-03-21 Ralph GilesAdd pkg-config files for libtheoradec and libtheoraenc.
2009-03-21 Ralph GilesUpdate Change log.
2009-02-06 Tim TerriberryForward-port changes from r14138 through r15674 from...
2008-11-03 MontyUpdate the date of release in CHANGES v1.0
2008-10-28 ivoUpdate changelog. Bump date to 29.
2008-10-21 Ralph GilesClean up and consolidate CHANGES, and bump the release...
2008-10-20 ivoUpdate changelog.
2008-10-20 MontyMerge rillian's pre-release naming update patch
2008-09-30 ivoAdd today's changes by Monty. Preparing 1.0 Release...
2008-09-28 ivoChanges since beta3.
2008-04-16 Ralph GilesBump package version post-release.
2008-04-16 Ralph GilesUpdate versioning for the 1.0beta3 release.
2008-04-16 Ralph GilesUpdate change log.
2008-01-06 Tim TerriberryMinor clean-ups.
2008-01-06 Ralph GilesUpdate change log for r14369.
2008-01-05 Ralph GilesRemove the optional libogg2 support.
2008-01-04 Ralph GilesClarify the behaviour of theora_granule_frame() and
2007-10-31 Ralph GilesUpdate change log.
2007-10-12 Ralph GilesRemove the VS2003 build files. I don't believe their...
2007-10-12 Ralph GilesUpdate versioning and change log for the 1.0beta2 release.
2007-09-22 Ralph GilesUpdate versioning for release.
2007-09-18 Ralph GilesChange the granulepos mapping scheme used for the Ogg...
2007-09-18 Ralph GilesBump version number post-release.
2007-09-18 Ralph GilesUpdate encoder version string for the last change date...
2007-08-25 Maik MertenCHANGES: actually there's no fixed 6 quant table suppor...
2007-08-24 Ralph GilesCredit where credit is due.
2007-04-12 j- remove leftover test from theora-mashup
2007-04-12 jnew trunk