descriptionDSP library derived from speex
ownergit version control
last changeMon, 22 Jan 2018 17:23:43 +0000 (12:23 -0500)
2018-01-22 undaliupdate source path in visual studio build. master
2017-08-08 Avindra GoolcharanResample.c: drop unused variable
2017-01-22 StephenCreate .travis.yml
2016-09-22 Dario Lombardocodecs/speex: add checks in speex_resampler_init_frac...
2016-08-11 Tristan Matthewsarch: fix inconsistent types in WORD2INT
2016-08-09 Tristan Matthewsmdf: drop duplicate definition of WORD2INT
2016-08-02 Tristan Matthewsresample: fix broken link
2016-06-04 Tristan Matthewsresampler: speex_assert is not defined OUTSIDE_SPEEX
2016-05-10 Tristan Matthewsresample: remove redundant initialization
2016-05-10 Tristan Matthewsresampler: assert is sufficient for internal sanity...
2016-05-10 Jean-Yves AvenardReduce likelihood of overflow and handle arithmetic...
2016-05-10 Jean-Yves AvenardHandle memory allocation failures during initialization
2016-04-29 Wim Taymanstest: add test for dynamic sample rate changes
2016-03-06 Wim Taymansresample: avoid overflow in phase calculation
2016-03-06 Wim Taymansresample: Improve GCD calculation
2015-09-26 RonRemove spurious ACLOCAL_FLAGS variable from
3 years ago SpeexDSP-1.2rc3
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10 years ago Speex-1.2beta3
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