2016-07-06 Ralph GilesFix typo in release checklist. v0.8
2016-07-06 Ralph GilesBump soname for v0.8.
2016-07-06 Timothy B.... Add support for OpenSSL 1.1.x.
2016-07-04 Timothy B.... Add comment explaining fix in 72f4f8a6c2c3.
2016-07-04 Timothy B.... Fix free with uninitialized data in opus_tags_parse().
2016-07-04 Timothy B.... Add missing NULL check to opus_tags_parse().
2016-07-04 Timothy B.... Fix NULL check in opus_tags_add_comment().
2016-07-04 Timothy B.... Fix skipping logic for multiplexed non-Opus pages.
2016-07-04 Timothy B.... Note small inaccuracy in bitrate tracking.
2016-07-04 Timothy B.... Should a BOS page with no packets be an error?
2016-06-26 Timothy B.... Minor comment typo fix.
2016-06-19 Timothy B.... Minor comment typo fixes.
2016-06-16 Timothy B.... Remove readp argument to op_fetch_and_process_page().
2016-06-16 Timothy B.... Minor documentation updates.
2016-06-01 Ralph GilesIgnore documentation output directories.
2016-06-01 Ralph GilesMention attaching tarballs to github.
2016-01-06 Ralph GilesAdd release checksums for opusfile 0.7.
2016-01-05 Ralph GilesMerge the generic bits of the release notes into the... v0.7
2016-01-05 Ralph Gilesmingw: Bump docker base to Fedora 23.
2016-01-04 Ralph Gilesmingw: Building on Fedora 22 works as well.
2016-01-01 Ralph Gilesmingw: Add a package target.
2016-01-01 Ralph Gilesmingw: Build just deps by default, not that static...
2016-01-01 Ralph Gilesmingw: Bump docker build to Fedora 21.
2016-01-01 Ralph Gilesmingw: remove 'make check' steps.
2016-01-01 Ralph Gilesmingw: Add a Dockerfile describing cross build.
2016-01-01 Ralph GilesFix typo.
2015-12-31 Ralph GilesAdd release checksums for win32 binary builds.
2015-12-31 Ralph GilesAdd release checksums.
2015-12-31 Ralph Gilesmingw: Add fetch and realclean targets for downloading...
2015-12-31 Ralph Gilesmingw: Fix clean target.
2015-12-31 Ralph Gilesmingw: Use $(CURDIR) instead of ${PWD}.
2015-12-31 Ralph GilesFix typo.
2015-12-31 Ralph GilesUpdate release instructions.
2015-12-31 Ralph GilesBump soname for v0.7.
2015-12-30 Ralph GilesUpdate release instructions for mingw makefile.
2015-12-30 Ralph GilesUpdate release instructions for new archive locations.
2015-12-30 Ralph GilesAdd a makefile for cross-compiling on mingw.
2015-12-30 Timothy B.... Fix potential memory leaks with OpusServerInfo.
2015-12-30 Timothy B.... Add API to access and preserve binary metadata.
2015-12-29 Timothy B.... Add support for R128_ALBUM_GAIN tag.
2015-12-15 Timothy B.... Buffer continued packet data to reduce seeking.
2015-12-15 Timothy B.... Fix timestamp check for seek-free seek.
2015-12-07 Timothy B.... Fix set-but-not-used variable warning.
2015-12-06 Timothy B.... Handle continued packets in bisection search.
2015-12-06 Timothy B.... Better overflow check for serialno allocation.
2015-09-26 Ralph GilesRemove spurious ACLOCAL_FLAGS variable from autogen.sh.
2015-05-27 Ralph GilesRegularize wording for --disable-examples.
2015-05-27 Simon JacksonAdd configure option to stop examples being built,...
2015-02-27 Timothy B.... Broaden the test for AI_NUMERICSERV.
2014-07-04 Ralph GilesUpdate gitignore.
2014-06-11 Ralph GilesBump soname for v0.6. v0.6
2014-04-12 Thomas KlausnerLook for ftime() in libcompat.
2014-03-30 Timothy B.... Document that op_bitrate() is for all streams.
2014-03-26 Timothy B.... Minor cleanups.
2014-03-25 Timothy B.... Fix METADATA_BLOCK_PICTURE check for all-0 params.
2014-03-16 Timothy B.... Fix header reading for non-Opus streams.
2014-03-12 Timothy B.... Minor simplification to op_fetch_headers_impl().
2014-03-03 Timothy B.... Fix opus_tags_add() and opus_tags_add_comment().
2014-01-11 Timothy B.... Fix an llvm signed overflow warning.
2014-01-10 Ralph GilesFix up release checklist based on the v0.5 experience.
2014-01-09 Ralph GilesFix typo in release checklist. v0.5
2014-01-09 Ralph GilesBump soname version for v0.5.
2014-01-08 Ralph GilesMake subdir-objects the default.
2014-01-08 Timothy B.... Clean up some bare malloc/free calls.
2014-01-08 Timothy B.... Move a misplaced #endif.
2013-12-05 RonRevert "Pass --always to 'git describe'."
2013-11-20 Timothy B.... Update IPv4/IPv6 dual stack to RFC 6555.
2013-11-20 Timothy B.... Reset buffer before building a CONNECT request.
2013-11-20 Timothy B.... Rework pipelining logic.
2013-11-20 Timothy B.... Document some string buffer function usage.
2013-10-01 Ralph GilesPass --always to 'git describe'.
2013-09-03 Timothy B.... Fix a parentheses error in op_utf8_to_utf16().
2013-09-03 Timothy B.... Fix a granpos calculation we assumed couldn't fail.
2013-09-03 Timothy B.... %s/op_read_native_filter/op_filter_read_native/g
2013-09-03 Timothy B.... Mark more internal pointers const.
2013-09-03 Timothy B.... Mark a bunch of API functions const.
2013-09-03 Timothy B.... Document that we will always have at least 1 link.
2013-09-03 Timothy B.... Minor simplification to end-trimming logic.
2013-09-03 Timothy B.... Get rid of the op_float2short_filter() wrapper.
2013-09-03 Timothy B.... Add an API to disable dithering.
2013-09-03 Timothy B.... Avoid clipping in short->float stereo downmixing.
2013-09-03 Timothy B.... Remove some OP_UNLIKELY macros.
2013-09-03 Timothy B.... Mark op_set_gain_offset() as not taking NULL.
2013-09-03 Timothy B.... Minor decode control flow updates.
2013-09-03 Timothy B.... Add an application decoding callback API.
2013-08-26 Timothy B.... Document that we don't support IRIs.
2013-08-25 Timothy B.... Add an opus_tags_copy() API.
2013-08-24 Timothy B.... Expose tag comparison functions.
2013-08-24 Timothy B.... Replace 0x7FFFFFFF by new OP_INT32_MAX.
2013-08-24 Timothy B.... A bunch of documentation clean-up.
2013-08-23 Timothy B.... Add API to report information from server headers.
2013-08-23 Timothy B.... Fix backwards HTTP Server header test.
2013-08-23 Timothy B.... Fix C&P error in proxy user/password macros.
2013-08-21 Timothy B.... Mark some functions static.
2013-08-20 Ralph GilesRelease checklist updates.
2013-08-20 Ralph GilesAdd winerrno.h to the distribution.
2013-08-20 Ralph GilesBump soname version for v0.4. v0.4
2013-08-20 Ralph GilesAdd win32utf8.c to the source file VS2010 source file...
2013-08-20 Ralph GilesFix typo in LibraryPath directives.
2013-08-20 Ralph GilesUse the default MSVC LibraryPath.