2014-01-09 Ralph GilesFix typo in release checklist. v0.5
2014-01-09 Ralph GilesBump soname version for v0.5.
2014-01-08 Ralph GilesMake subdir-objects the default.
2014-01-08 Timothy B.... Clean up some bare malloc/free calls.
2014-01-08 Timothy B.... Move a misplaced #endif.
2013-12-05 RonRevert "Pass --always to 'git describe'."
2013-11-20 Timothy B.... Update IPv4/IPv6 dual stack to RFC 6555.
2013-11-20 Timothy B.... Reset buffer before building a CONNECT request.
2013-11-20 Timothy B.... Rework pipelining logic.
2013-11-20 Timothy B.... Document some string buffer function usage.
2013-10-01 Ralph GilesPass --always to 'git describe'.
2013-09-03 Timothy B.... Fix a parentheses error in op_utf8_to_utf16().
2013-09-03 Timothy B.... Fix a granpos calculation we assumed couldn't fail.
2013-09-03 Timothy B.... %s/op_read_native_filter/op_filter_read_native/g
2013-09-03 Timothy B.... Mark more internal pointers const.
2013-09-03 Timothy B.... Mark a bunch of API functions const.
2013-09-03 Timothy B.... Document that we will always have at least 1 link.
2013-09-03 Timothy B.... Minor simplification to end-trimming logic.
2013-09-03 Timothy B.... Get rid of the op_float2short_filter() wrapper.
2013-09-03 Timothy B.... Add an API to disable dithering.
2013-09-03 Timothy B.... Avoid clipping in short->float stereo downmixing.
2013-09-03 Timothy B.... Remove some OP_UNLIKELY macros.
2013-09-03 Timothy B.... Mark op_set_gain_offset() as not taking NULL.
2013-09-03 Timothy B.... Minor decode control flow updates.
2013-09-03 Timothy B.... Add an application decoding callback API.
2013-08-26 Timothy B.... Document that we don't support IRIs.
2013-08-25 Timothy B.... Add an opus_tags_copy() API.
2013-08-24 Timothy B.... Expose tag comparison functions.
2013-08-24 Timothy B.... Replace 0x7FFFFFFF by new OP_INT32_MAX.
2013-08-24 Timothy B.... A bunch of documentation clean-up.
2013-08-23 Timothy B.... Add API to report information from server headers.
2013-08-23 Timothy B.... Fix backwards HTTP Server header test.
2013-08-23 Timothy B.... Fix C&P error in proxy user/password macros.
2013-08-21 Timothy B.... Mark some functions static.
2013-08-20 Ralph GilesRelease checklist updates.
2013-08-20 Ralph GilesAdd winerrno.h to the distribution.
2013-08-20 Ralph GilesBump soname version for v0.4. v0.4
2013-08-20 Ralph GilesAdd win32utf8.c to the source file VS2010 source file...
2013-08-20 Ralph GilesFix typo in LibraryPath directives.
2013-08-20 Ralph GilesUse the default MSVC LibraryPath.
2013-08-19 Ralph GilesBump overall copyright year.
2013-08-19 Ralph GilesCreate zip archives for distribution.
2013-08-12 Timothy B.... Fix an uninitialized variable.
2013-08-12 Timothy B.... Minor UTF-8/UTF-16 cleanups.
2013-08-10 Timothy B.... Add an API to parse picture tags.
2013-08-08 Ralph GilesTurn off incremental linking in all configurations...
2013-08-08 Ralph GilesAdd VS2010 project files to the distribution.
2013-08-08 Ralph GilesAdd win32utf8.h to the source lists so it's distributed.
2013-08-08 Ralph GilesBump the soname versioning for v0.3. v0.3
2013-08-06 Ralph GilesAdd a magic vpath to the unix makefile.
2013-08-06 Ralph GilesAdd win32utf8 code to the unix makefile for mingw builds.
2013-08-06 Timothy B.... Minor comment updates.
2013-08-06 Gian-Carlo... Add MSVC project files for library and examples.
2013-08-06 Timothy B.... Relax MSVCRT requirements.
2013-08-06 Timothy B.... Add UTF-8 filename support to Windows.
2013-07-15 Timothy B.... Add a gain control API.
2013-07-15 Timothy B.... API documentation updates.
2013-07-15 Timothy B.... Plug possible memory leak on stream open failure.
2013-07-15 Timothy B.... Avoid using a long-long literal for OP_INT64_MAX.
2013-07-15 Timothy B.... Typo fix.
2013-07-02 RonAlways try to update the version when autogen.sh is run
2013-06-28 RonSwitch to using config.h for configuration options
2013-06-28 RonMore autoconf housekeeping
2013-05-18 RonUse m4_esyscmd instead of m4_esyscmd_s
2013-05-15 Timothy B.... Add internal.c to unix Makefile's libopusurl.
2013-05-13 RonTypo fix
2013-05-13 RonDrop the x's from shell tests
2013-05-13 RonFully automate version updating
2013-05-13 RonMore gitignorance
2013-05-13 RonDon't repeatedly install the doc dir for every file
2013-05-13 RonRevert "Allow the examples to build with --disable...
2013-05-13 RonAlways build libopusurl
2013-05-13 RonAllow the examples to build with --disable-http
2013-05-13 RonAutoconf and pkg-config support for libopusurl
2013-05-13 Timothy B.... Move last few URL functions into http.c
2013-05-08 Timothy B.... Fix 255 packet assertion.
2013-05-07 Timothy B.... Fix seeking near the start of saved live streams.
2013-05-01 Timothy B.... Add <sys/types.h> for off_t.
2013-04-30 Timothy B.... Add docs to the website when releasing.
2013-04-30 Matthew ChungAdd casts to remove clang warnings.
2013-04-30 Ulrich KlauerFix pkg-config file to avoid overlinking
2013-04-30 Ulrich KlauerUpdate opusfile.pc description line.
2013-04-30 Ulrich KlauerAdd some files to .gitignore
2013-04-30 Ulrich KlauerHandle AC_SEARCH_LIBS special result value.
2013-04-28 Timothy B.... Fix Base64 encoding for HTTP's basic auth.
2013-04-06 Timothy B.... Small public header clean-up.
2013-04-06 Timothy B.... Small cleanups of the soft clipping code.
2013-03-25 Timothy B.... Use clipping prevention on 16-bit decode paths.
2013-03-25 Timothy B.... Reset dither state when API path changes.
2013-03-25 Timothy B.... Minor comment fix.
2013-03-25 Timothy B.... Fix a buffer overflow in op_read_stereo().
2013-03-01 Ralph GilesAdd an exe extension variable and use it in the mingw...
2013-03-01 Ralph GilesAdd conditional source and libraries for mingw build.
2013-03-01 Ralph GilesDon't remove unused test directories.
2013-03-01 Timothy B.... Better suppression of unused parameter warnings.
2013-03-01 Ralph GilesCall ranlib on the unix static makefile.
2013-02-28 Timothy B.... More minor win32 cleanups.
2013-02-28 Ralph GilesAdd nu774 to the authors list.
2013-02-28 Timothy B.... Support the Windows system certificate store.
2013-02-28 Timothy B.... Fix typo in 714d83c8.