2012-10-20 Timothy B.... Fix op_http_parse_connection().
2012-10-20 Timothy B.... Some http robustness improvements.
2012-10-20 Timothy B.... Documentation revisions and a leak fix.
2012-10-14 Timothy B.... Fix some socket connection bugs.
2012-10-13 Timothy B.... Remove an assert.
2012-10-12 Timothy B.... Major updates to the http backend.
2012-10-09 Timothy B.... Fix a couple of MSVC warnings.
2012-10-09 Timothy B.... Disable excessive warnings about parentheses.
2012-10-07 Gregory Maxwellremove GNUism from install doc command
2012-10-02 Timothy B.... Fix a 10L bug in the memory stream reader.
2012-10-01 Ralph GilesFix git-version.sh invocation.
2012-10-01 Ralph GilesMake git-version.sh executable.
2012-10-01 Ralph GilesKeep the continuous integration build scripts in the...
2012-10-01 Ralph GilesAdjectival hyphen.
2012-10-01 Ralph GilesRemove 'lib' from the package name.
2012-10-01 Ralph GilesRemove FILE_VERSION_FILTER from the doxygen config.
2012-10-01 Ralph GilesSubstitute the package name as well.
2012-10-01 Ralph GilesUse input redirect instead of explicit cat.
2012-10-01 Ralph GilesMake the configure summary more legible.
2012-10-01 Timothy B.... Multiple small fixes.
2012-10-01 Timothy B.... Fix scan_build static analysis reports.
2012-10-01 Timothy B.... Move installed include files under the opus dir.
2012-10-01 Timothy B.... Add pkg-config files.
2012-10-01 Timothy B.... Add status output to opusfile_example.
2012-10-01 Timothy B.... Make seeking_example continue after failures.
2012-10-01 Timothy B.... Documentation updates.
2012-10-01 Timothy B.... Fix an uninitialized warning from cf594de6.
2012-10-01 Timothy B.... Fix file: <host> comparison.
2012-10-01 Timothy B.... Clean up page seeking a bit.
2012-09-30 Ralph GilesFix the doc makefile.
2012-09-29 Timothy B.... Fix handling of holes.
2012-09-29 Diego Elio... build: implement autotools build system for libopusfile...
2012-09-29 Timothy B.... Clean-up for alternate configurations.
2012-09-29 Gregory MaxwellMake seeking_example show maximums.
2012-09-24 Ralph GilesUse $(AR) for ar to support cross-compiling.
2012-09-24 Timothy B.... A bunch of minor improvements.
2012-09-24 Timothy B.... Fix URL flags documentation link.
2012-09-24 Timothy B.... Add copyright information.
2012-09-24 Timothy B.... More minor documentation updates.
2012-09-24 Timothy B.... More minor documentation updates.
2012-09-23 Timothy B.... Disable linear scan/matching in seeking_example.
2012-09-23 Timothy B.... Documentation clean-up and updates.
2012-09-23 Timothy B.... Abstract position indicator tracking slightly.
2012-09-23 Timothy B.... Fix end_offset tracking bug from 007ec4e4.
2012-09-23 Timothy B.... Minor 16-bit int fix.
2012-09-23 Timothy B.... More link enumeration improvements.
2012-09-23 Timothy B.... Further reduce seeks per bisection search.
2012-09-23 Timothy B.... Fix typo in e4f32131.
2012-09-23 Timothy B.... Estimate http connection latency and bandwidth.
2012-09-23 Timothy B.... Extrapolate in op_bisect_forward_serialno().
2012-09-23 Timothy B.... Fix an uninitialized value in the http reader.
2012-09-23 Timothy B.... Save more stream state on seekable open.
2012-09-22 Timothy B.... Save initial stream state on seekable open.
2012-09-22 Timothy B.... Small speed-up to op_bisect_forward_serialno().
2012-09-22 Timothy B.... Clean up offset tracking.
2012-09-22 Timothy B.... Fix some issues with trailing junk in files.
2012-09-22 Timothy B.... Minor http redirect clean-ups.
2012-09-22 Timothy B.... Add URL support to seeking_example.
2012-09-22 Timothy B.... Add support for http, https, and file URLs.
2012-09-21 Timothy B.... Fix crash in seeking_example.
2012-09-19 Timothy B.... Fix hole reporting discrepancy.
2012-09-19 Timothy B.... A couple of seeking_example improvements.
2012-09-18 Ralph GilesEmbed the git revision in the doxygen documentation.
2012-09-18 Ralph GilesAdd a rough makefile for the documentation.
2012-09-18 Ralph GilesAdd a doc directory with a minimal doxygen configuration.
2012-09-18 Timothy B.... Finish implementing the OpusTags API.
2012-09-17 Timothy B.... Update opusfile.h's include guard.
2012-09-17 Ralph GilesDon't include deps during 'make clean'.
2012-09-17 Ralph GilesMove opusfile.h up a level.
2012-09-17 Timothy B.... Public header cleanups.
2012-09-17 Timothy B.... Revert ea2412ea.
2012-09-17 Timothy B.... Use --static with pkg-config.
2012-09-17 Timothy B.... Implement stereo downmixing functions.
2012-09-17 Timothy B.... Remove libm altogether.
2012-09-17 Ralph GilesFix link order and add libm to the seeking example.
2012-09-17 Ralph GilesUse an unprefixed include path for the opus headers.
2012-09-16 Timothy B.... Remove op_get_prev_page().
2012-09-16 Timothy B.... Remove op_read_filter() from opusfile.h.
2012-09-16 Timothy B.... Initial code import.
2012-09-16 Ralph GilesPlaceholder readme.