2018-11-01 Stefan Stroginhttp: use new API with LibreSSL >=2.7.0 master
2018-10-01 Stefan Stroginhttp: fix compilation with LibreSSL
2018-09-19 Timothy B.... Document Doxygen failure in release notes.
2018-09-19 Timothy B.... mingw: Update to libopus 1.3-rc2
2018-09-19 Timothy B.... Release process document improvements.
2018-09-18 Jean-Marc ValinUpdate soname revision for the 0.11 release. v0.11
2018-08-20 Ralph Gilesmingw: Update docker base to Fedora 28.
2018-08-20 Ralph Gilesmingw: Update to openssl 1.0.2p.
2018-08-20 Ralph Gilesmingw: Update to libogg 1.3.3.
2018-06-12 Mark Harrishttp: silence gcc 8 -Wimplicit-fallthrough warning
2018-06-12 Mark Harrisop_tags_ensure_capacity: delete useless statement
2018-06-12 Mark Harrisopus_tags_copy: return OP_EFAULT on failure
2018-01-08 Ricardo Constantinoappveyor: use opus artifacts instead of compiling it
2018-01-08 Ricardo Constantinoappveyor: pack openssl artifacts with opusfile's
2018-01-08 Ricardo Constantinoappveyor: enable nasm for openssl
2018-01-08 Ricardo Constantinoappveyor: rename to dotfile
2017-12-29 Mark HarrisRelax JPEG check to allow EXIF metadata
2017-12-07 James Zernop_fetch_and_process_page: Fix int64 overflow
2017-12-07 James Zernop_pcm_seek: Fix int64 overflow
2017-11-14 Ralph GilesUpdate soname revision for the 0.10 release. v0.10
2017-11-14 Pavel PForce crlf line endings for VS2015 project files.
2017-11-01 StephenAdd macOS and clang builds to the travis config.
2017-11-01 StephenRemove unneeded travis lines.
2017-09-12 Timothy B.... Fix out-of-bounds read in serialno matching logic
2017-08-02 Ralph Gilesmingw: Update to opus 1.2.1. v0.9
2017-08-02 Timothy B.... Minor win32 warning fix.
2017-08-02 Ralph GilesUpdate soname for the opusfile 0.9 release.
2017-08-02 Ralph Gilesmingw: Update to opus 1.2.
2017-08-02 Ralph Gilesmingw: Use an https url for downloading libogg.
2017-08-02 Ralph GilesFix a formatting nit.
2017-08-02 Thomas DaedeDisable building latex documentation on ci.
2017-08-02 Timothy B.... Print a useful error when pkg-config is missing
2017-07-07 Timothy B.... Improve source/stream terminology consistency
2017-07-07 Timothy B.... Minor documentation cross-reference.
2017-06-17 Timothy B.... http: Fix assertion broken for IPv6 addresses.
2017-06-07 Ralph GilesPropogate openssl CFLAGS to the opusurl build.
2017-06-07 Ralph Gilesmingw: Drop fedora from dist version.
2017-06-07 Ralph Gilesmingw: Query git for dist version.
2017-06-06 Ralph Gilesmingw: Bump docker base image to fedora:25.
2017-05-26 Ralph GilesUpdate mingw dependencies.
2017-05-24 Timothy B.... Fix two compiler warnings.
2017-05-24 Timothy B.... Fix uninitialized free in tag parsing.
2017-05-19 Timothy B.... Minor documentation fix.
2017-05-19 Timothy B.... Harmonize op_raw_total() and op_raw_seek()
2017-05-19 Timothy B.... Improve handling of holes (corrupt pages).
2017-05-19 Timothy B.... Avoid operations linear in the number of links.
2017-05-19 Timothy B.... Minor comment updates.
2017-05-19 Timothy B.... Use OpenSSL's hostname validation if available.
2017-05-19 Timothy B.... Fix two minor errors in hostname validation.
2017-03-10 sezeroFix minor typo in return type of op_serialno()
2017-02-08 eroenUse ASN1_STRING_get0_data for openssl-1.1.0
2016-11-08 Ralph Gilesmingw: Don't use deltarpm reconstruction.
2016-11-04 Ralph GilesFix typo in assertion.
2016-11-04 Ralph Gilesmingw: README.txt -> README.md.
2016-11-04 Ralph Gilesmingw: Base docker container on Fedora 24.
2016-11-04 Ralph Gilesmingw: update to openssl 1.0.2j.
2016-11-04 Ralph Gilesmingw: update to opus 1.1.3.
2016-11-04 Ralph Gilesmingw: Correct README typo.
2016-11-04 Ralph GilesMake dot optional in generating documentation.
2016-09-28 Ralph GilesAdd jenkins build status icon.
2016-09-21 Ralph GilesUse the appveyor badge for the xiph github repo.
2016-09-21 Timothy B.... Update release checklist for README.md.
2016-09-21 Chocobo1Add badges
2016-09-21 Chocobo1Modernize README
2016-09-16 Timothy B.... Fix MSVC warnings.
2016-07-29 Ricardo Constantino... appveyor: Don't compile OpenSSL for the Release-NoHTTP...
2016-07-29 Ricardo Constantino... VS2015: Add Release configuration without OpenSSL depen...
2016-07-29 Ricardo Constantino... VS2015: Depend on OpenSSL.
2016-07-29 Ricardo Constantino... appveyor: Compile static openssl from git to use with...
2016-07-27 Ricardo Constantino... Add appveyor.yml to test VS2015 builds.
2016-07-27 Ricardo Constantino... Remove VS2010 projects.
2016-07-27 Ricardo Constantino... Add VS2015 projects.
2016-07-27 Ricardo Constantino... win32: Add gitignore.
2016-07-08 Ralph GilesAdd a travis build file.
2016-07-08 Ralph GilesUpdate dependencies for the mingw build.
2016-07-06 Ralph GilesAdd release checksums for opusfile 0.8.
2016-07-06 Ralph GilesFix typo in release checklist. v0.8
2016-07-06 Ralph GilesBump soname for v0.8.
2016-07-06 Timothy B.... Add support for OpenSSL 1.1.x.
2016-07-04 Timothy B.... Add comment explaining fix in 72f4f8a6c2c3.
2016-07-04 Timothy B.... Fix free with uninitialized data in opus_tags_parse().
2016-07-04 Timothy B.... Add missing NULL check to opus_tags_parse().
2016-07-04 Timothy B.... Fix NULL check in opus_tags_add_comment().
2016-07-04 Timothy B.... Fix skipping logic for multiplexed non-Opus pages.
2016-07-04 Timothy B.... Note small inaccuracy in bitrate tracking.
2016-07-04 Timothy B.... Should a BOS page with no packets be an error?
2016-06-26 Timothy B.... Minor comment typo fix.
2016-06-19 Timothy B.... Minor comment typo fixes.
2016-06-16 Timothy B.... Remove readp argument to op_fetch_and_process_page().
2016-06-16 Timothy B.... Minor documentation updates.
2016-06-01 Ralph GilesIgnore documentation output directories.
2016-06-01 Ralph GilesMention attaching tarballs to github.
2016-01-06 Ralph GilesAdd release checksums for opusfile 0.7.
2016-01-05 Ralph GilesMerge the generic bits of the release notes into the... v0.7
2016-01-05 Ralph Gilesmingw: Bump docker base to Fedora 23.
2016-01-04 Ralph Gilesmingw: Building on Fedora 22 works as well.
2016-01-01 Ralph Gilesmingw: Add a package target.
2016-01-01 Ralph Gilesmingw: Build just deps by default, not that static...
2016-01-01 Ralph Gilesmingw: Bump docker build to Fedora 21.
2016-01-01 Ralph Gilesmingw: remove 'make check' steps.