Move the extra EXTRA_DIST out of HAVE_DOXYGEN
[opusfile.git] / unix /
2012-09-24 Ralph GilesUse $(AR) for ar to support cross-compiling.
2012-09-24 Timothy B. TerriberryAdd copyright information.
2012-09-22 Timothy B. TerriberryAdd support for http, https, and file URLs.
2012-09-17 Ralph GilesDon't include deps during 'make clean'.
2012-09-17 Timothy B. TerriberryRevert ea2412ea.
2012-09-17 Timothy B. TerriberryUse --static with pkg-config.
2012-09-17 Timothy B. TerriberryRemove libm altogether.
2012-09-17 Ralph GilesFix link order and add libm to the seeking example.
2012-09-16 Timothy B. TerriberryInitial code import.