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2013-04-06 Timothy B. TerriberrySmall public header clean-up.
2012-12-23 Timothy B. TerriberryFix a typo.
2012-11-11 Timothy B. TerriberrySpelling fix.
2012-10-20 Timothy B. TerriberryRe-do abstract stream reader API.
2012-10-20 Timothy B. TerriberryMake the URL API more extensible.
2012-10-20 Timothy B. TerriberryDocumentation revisions and a leak fix.
2012-10-12 Timothy B. TerriberryMajor updates to the http backend.
2012-10-01 Timothy B. TerriberryDocumentation updates.
2012-09-24 Timothy B. TerriberryA bunch of minor improvements.
2012-09-24 Timothy B. TerriberryFix URL flags documentation link.
2012-09-24 Timothy B. TerriberryMore minor documentation updates.
2012-09-24 Timothy B. TerriberryMore minor documentation updates.
2012-09-23 Timothy B. TerriberryDocumentation clean-up and updates.
2012-09-22 Timothy B. TerriberryAdd support for http, https, and file URLs.
2012-09-18 Timothy B. TerriberryFinish implementing the OpusTags API.
2012-09-17 Timothy B. TerriberryUpdate opusfile.h's include guard.
2012-09-17 Ralph GilesMove opusfile.h up a level.
2012-09-17 Timothy B. TerriberryPublic header cleanups.
2012-09-17 Timothy B. TerriberryImplement stereo downmixing functions.
2012-09-17 Ralph GilesUse an unprefixed include path for the opus headers.
2012-09-16 Timothy B. TerriberryRemove op_read_filter() from opusfile.h.
2012-09-16 Timothy B. TerriberryInitial code import.