Fix op_http_parse_connection().
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2012-10-01 Ralph GilesFix invocation.
2012-10-01 Ralph GilesMake executable.
2012-10-01 Ralph GilesAdjectival hyphen.
2012-10-01 Ralph GilesRemove FILE_VERSION_FILTER from the doxygen config.
2012-10-01 Ralph GilesSubstitute the package name as well.
2012-10-01 Ralph GilesUse input redirect instead of explicit cat.
2012-10-01 Timothy B. TerriberryDocumentation updates.
2012-09-30 Ralph GilesFix the doc makefile.
2012-09-29 Diego Elio Pettenòbuild: implement autotools build system for libopusfile...
2012-09-24 Timothy B. TerriberryMore minor documentation updates.
2012-09-18 Ralph GilesEmbed the git revision in the doxygen documentation.
2012-09-18 Ralph GilesAdd a rough makefile for the documentation.
2012-09-18 Ralph GilesAdd a doc directory with a minimal doxygen configuration.