Revert "Allow the examples to build with --disable-http"
[opusfile.git] /
2013-05-13 RonAlways build libopusurl
2013-05-13 RonAutoconf and pkg-config support for libopusurl
2013-02-28 Timothy B. TerriberrySupport the Windows system certificate store.
2013-02-28 Timothy B. TerriberryClean up winsock usage.
2013-02-28 Timothy B. TerriberryClean up mingw32 configuruation.
2013-02-28 Timothy B. Terriberrys/OS_WIN32/OP_WIN32/
2013-02-28 Ralph GilesMerge two OS_WIN32 conditionals.
2013-02-28 Ralph GilesMove win32 source files up a level.
2013-02-28 Ralph GilesInitial winsock support patch from nu774.
2012-11-14 Ralph GilesDist the doc and unix static Makefiles.
2012-11-13 Ralph GilesRemove 'export' from the NO_DOXYGEN Makefile variable.
2012-11-12 RonAdd some extra makefile targets
2012-11-12 RonMove the extra EXTRA_DIST out of HAVE_DOXYGEN
2012-10-07 Gregory Maxwellremove GNUism from install doc command
2012-10-01 Timothy B. TerriberryMove installed include files under the opus dir.
2012-10-01 Timothy B. TerriberryAdd pkg-config files.
2012-10-01 Timothy B. TerriberryDocumentation updates.
2012-09-29 Diego Elio Pettenòbuild: implement autotools build system for libopusfile...