descriptionStand-alone decoder library for .opus streams.
ownergit version control
last changeFri, 8 Jul 2016 00:18:34 +0000 (17:18 -0700)
2016-07-08 Ralph GilesAdd a travis build file. master
2016-07-08 Ralph GilesUpdate dependencies for the mingw build.
2016-07-06 Ralph GilesAdd release checksums for opusfile 0.8.
2016-07-06 Ralph GilesFix typo in release checklist. v0.8
2016-07-06 Ralph GilesBump soname for v0.8.
2016-07-06 Timothy B.... Add support for OpenSSL 1.1.x.
2016-07-04 Timothy B.... Add comment explaining fix in 72f4f8a6c2c3.
2016-07-04 Timothy B.... Fix free with uninitialized data in opus_tags_parse().
2016-07-04 Timothy B.... Add missing NULL check to opus_tags_parse().
2016-07-04 Timothy B.... Fix NULL check in opus_tags_add_comment().
2016-07-04 Timothy B.... Fix skipping logic for multiplexed non-Opus pages.
2016-07-04 Timothy B.... Note small inaccuracy in bitrate tracking.
2016-07-04 Timothy B.... Should a BOS page with no packets be an error?
2016-06-26 Timothy B.... Minor comment typo fix.
2016-06-19 Timothy B.... Minor comment typo fixes.
2016-06-16 Timothy B.... Remove readp argument to op_fetch_and_process_page().
2 weeks ago v0.8 opusfile version 0.8
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2 years ago v0.6 opusfile version 0.6
2 years ago v0.5 opusfile version 0.5
2 years ago v0.4 opusfile version 0.4
2 years ago v0.3 opusfile version 0.3
3 years ago v0.2 opusfile version 0.2
3 years ago v0.1 opusfile version 0.1
2 weeks ago master
2 years ago mingw
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