2017-05-25 Jean-Marc Valinfixing unit tests exp_staging
2017-05-24 Jean-Marc ValinUpdated SHA256 of releases
2017-05-24 Jean-Marc ValinFixes a double->float conversion warning
2017-05-24 Jean-Marc ValinFixes some fixed-point 16-bit int overflows v1.2-beta
2017-05-24 Jean-Marc ValinReducing trim at low bitrate
2017-05-23 Linfeng Zhangcosmetics,silk: correct input/output arg comments
2017-05-23 Jean-Marc ValinFixes a surround bug on loud signal
2017-05-17 Linfeng ZhangOptimize silk_biquad_alt_stride2() for ARM NEON
2017-05-17 Linfeng ZhangUpdate silk_biquad_alt()
2017-05-10 Ralph GilesIndent commands in the README.
2017-05-10 Ralph GilesSuggest basic build dependencies in the README.
2017-05-01 Carlos Alberto... Avoid warning when __STDC_VERSION__ is not defined
2017-04-28 Jean-Marc Valinoops, fix build broken by previous patch
2017-04-28 Drew AllenNon-diegetic support for Ambisonics Mapping 254.
2017-04-13 Linfeng ZhangOptimize silk_warped_autocorrelation_FIX() for ARM...
2017-03-27 Felicia LimFix OPUS_ARG_NONNULL indices in opus_multistream.h
2017-03-03 Ricardo ConstantinoVS2015: remove previously ignored C4146 in kiss_fft.c
2017-03-03 Ricardo ConstantinoVS2015: Ignore LNK4221 and properly force SSE off for...
2017-03-03 Ricardo ConstantinoVS2015: ignore C4244 warning in opus_compare.c
2017-02-27 Mark HarrisFix compiler warnings
2017-02-21 Ricardo ConstantinoAdd common.props to Makefile.am
2017-02-21 Ricardo ConstantinoVS2015: only compile fixed silk for appropriate configs
2017-02-21 Ricardo ConstantinoVS2015: Move back PreprocessorDefinitions to opus
2017-02-21 Ricardo ConstantinoVS2015: join common options in a properties file
2017-02-21 Ricardo ConstantinoVS2015: remove dead options for linker in static config...
2017-02-19 Mark Harristest_opus_decode: Fix build on GCC 3.4 to 4.5.x
2017-02-18 Jean-Marc ValinFix sum initializer in celt_fir()
2017-02-18 Jean-Marc ValinFix stability test
2017-02-18 Jean-Marc ValinSpeed up test_unit_LPC_inv_pred_gain by returning early...
2017-02-18 Jean-Marc ValinRemove SMALL_FOOTPRINT code for celt_fir()
2017-02-15 Jean-Marc ValinIncreasing GLOBAL_STACK_SIZE to 120000 to avoid failure
2017-02-15 Michael BradshawReduce the scope of Ne10 includes
2017-02-15 Michael BradshawRemove #include "config.h" from ARM Ne10 headers
2017-02-15 Linfeng ZhangOptimize silk_LPC_inverse_pred_gain() for ARM NEON
2017-02-15 Jean-Marc ValinAdding a unit test for LPC_inv_pred_gain()
2017-02-14 StephenAdd more coverage to travis tests.
2017-02-14 Jean-Marc ValinRename y0/y1 to out0/out1 to avoid name clash with...
2017-02-10 Felicia LimAdd decoder fuzz target.
2017-02-10 Jean-Marc ValinRemove silk_LPC_inverse_pred_gain_Q24() which is no...
2017-02-05 Mark Harrisarm2gnu.pl: Fix GNU ARM .type directive
2017-02-04 James Zernfix ARM build w/--disable-intrinsics --enable-asm
2017-01-30 Linfeng ZhangOptimize silk_NSQ_del_dec() for ARM NEON
2017-01-26 Jean-Marc ValinAvoids undefined behaviour in ARM-optimized code
2017-01-23 Felicia LimAdd --enable-check-asm
2017-01-23 Linfeng ZhangUpdate NSQ_LPC_BUF_LENGTH macro
2017-01-18 Mark Harrisconfigure: Improve error message v1.2-alpha2
2017-01-18 Felicia LimAdd FIXED_POINT check if using celt_fir in SILK's LPC...
2017-01-17 Linfeng ZhangRevise celt_fir_c() to not pass in argument "mem"
2017-01-13 James Zernfixed_debug.h: delete some dead code
2017-01-09 Chris RudminFix error message
2017-01-06 Jean-Marc ValinAvoids pre-echo in hybrid mode caused by noise being...
2016-12-22 Mark HarrisFix some compiler warnings
2016-12-20 Jean-Marc ValinMakes analysis run at 24 kHz, with 20-ms frames
2016-12-19 Jean-Marc Valinupdate draft: oops, fixes use of "above"
2016-12-19 Jean-Marc ValinUpdate draft: addressing WGLC comments
2016-12-18 Mark Harrisopus_demo: remove obsolete option from usage
2016-12-16 Jean-Marc ValinAdding a missing "else"
2016-11-17 Ricardo Constantinogenversion.bat: generate same version as update_version
2016-11-17 Mark HarrisCorrect SILK encoder gain limit
2016-11-11 Ricardo Constantinovs2015: reenable DebugDLL versions of opus_demo
2016-11-11 Ralph GilesRemove SILK_DEBUG define when _WIN32 and _DEBUG are...
2016-11-11 Ralph GilesRemove commented-out DEBUG_STORE_DATA calls. r=keon
2016-11-10 Ricardo Constantinoappveyor: don't leave artifacts under a subdir
2016-11-10 Ricardo Constantinoappveyor: pack interesting files too, not just lib
2016-11-06 Mark HarrisRemove redundant code
2016-11-06 Mark HarrisFix crash on bad encoder frame_size argument
2016-11-05 Jean-Marc ValinRemoves OPUS_FRAMESIZE_VARIABLE
2016-11-03 Ricardo Constantinovs2015: Add missing file to test_opus_encode.
2016-11-03 Jean-Marc ValinAdds checksum for 1.2-alpha
2016-11-02 Jean-Marc ValinImproves CELT bit allocation at very low bitrates v1.2-alpha
2016-11-02 Mark HarrisEliminate trailing spaces
2016-11-02 Mark HarrisReduce redundancy when SILK uses too many bits
2016-11-02 Mark HarrisFix redundancy on SILK 80+ms bandwidth switch
2016-11-01 Jean-Marc ValinAdd copyright notice to autogen.sh to make the Chromium...
2016-11-01 Jean-Marc ValinFixes NE10 configure problem
2016-11-01 Jean-Marc ValinTemporarily disable -Wnonnull around an opus_decode...
2016-11-01 Jean-Marc ValinBump static PACKAGE_VERSION string in version.mk
2016-10-31 Felicia LimFix amount of extra bytes reserved for 100 ms
2016-10-29 Jean-Marc ValinDon't use hybrid "weak transients" on vowels
2016-10-29 Jean-Marc ValinAdds opus_encode_regressions.c to the MIPS Makefile
2016-10-29 Jean-Marc ValinAdds opus_encode_regressions.c to the UNIX Makefile
2016-10-29 Jean-Marc ValinNew regression test from Mark's fuzzing test cases
2016-10-28 Jean-Marc ValinDefine "weak transients" for low bitrate hybrid
2016-10-28 Felicia LimMultistream encoder: allocate an extra byte per stream...
2016-10-28 Felicia LimFix CBR packet sizes for 80 ms
2016-10-28 Felicia LimUpdate bandwidth and opusCanSwitch before generating...
2016-10-28 Felicia LimEncode correct headers when asking for very small outpu...
2016-10-28 Felicia LimSupport encoding 80/100/120 ms frame lengths
2016-10-28 Felicia LimMove multiframe encoding into a separate function
2016-10-27 Jean-Marc ValinFixes an unstable energy issue for low-bitrate hybrid
2016-10-27 Ralph GilesMake use of dot optional in generating documentation.
2016-10-27 Jean-Marc ValinAccount for redundancy signalling when computing st...
2016-10-21 Jean-Marc Valinupdating update draft
2016-10-05 Jean-Marc ValinFixing some opus_int vs opus_int32 mismatches
2016-09-20 Jean-Marc ValinUsing OPUS_MOVE() instead of OPUS_COPY() to move redund...
2016-09-20 Jean-Marc ValinConsider per-channel energy bits in surround_rate_alloc...
2016-09-16 Jean-Marc ValinFixes surround_analysis() for frame size > 20 ms
2016-09-16 Felicia LimRemove float ops from encoder settings fuzzer test
2016-09-15 Jean-Marc ValinFix mixed declarations and code
2016-09-15 Felicia LimFuzzer test for changing encoder settings online