2016-02-03 Timothy B.... oggopus: Update version and date for -12
2016-02-03 Timothy B.... oggopus: Minor rewording.
2016-02-03 Timothy B.... oggopus: Update the acknowledgements.
2016-02-03 Timothy B.... oggopus: Add a BSD license header.
2016-02-03 Timothy B.... oggopus: Revert reference to RFC 4732 back to informative.
2016-01-28 Timothy B.... oggopus: Update version and date for -11
2016-01-28 Timothy B.... oggopus: Specify that the new IANA registry is top...
2016-01-16 Ralph GilesRemove default settings from Doxygen config.
2016-01-15 Timothy B.... Docuemnt the source of the 2.5 ms and 48 kHz restrictions.
2016-01-15 Ralph Gilesoggopus: Fix continued packet lacing reference.
2016-01-14 Mark HarrisAdd /topic update to release checklist
2016-01-12 Timothy B.... oggdraft: Update version and date for -10
2016-01-12 Timothy B.... oggdraft: Fix typo.
2016-01-12 Timothy B.... oggopus: Remove normative language from IANA registry.
2016-01-12 Timothy B.... oggopus: Replace 'reject' with 'treat as invalid'.
2016-01-12 Jean-Marc Valinupdate releases.sha2
2016-01-12 Jean-Marc Valinbump libtool revision for 1.1.2
2016-01-08 Ralph GilesSuggest OPUS_LSB_DEPTH(14) for G.711. r=td-linux,mark4o
2016-01-06 Ralph GilesAdd checksums for opusfile 0.7.
2016-01-04 Ralph GilesAdd a check target to the static makefiles. r=ron
2016-01-04 Ralph GilesAdd 'force' to the phony target list. r=ron
2015-12-31 Jean-Marc ValinRenamed MAX_PULSES to SILK_MAX_PULSES and CELT_MAX_PULSES
2015-12-31 Timothy B.... Actually fix pedantic build bustage.
2015-12-31 Timothy B.... Fix pedantic build bustage.
2015-12-31 Ralph GilesAdd tonality_analysis_reset().
2015-12-31 Ralph GilesAdd an initializer for TonalityAnalysisState.
2015-12-30 Mark HarrisRemove unused encoder field analysis_offset
2015-12-30 Jean-Marc ValinAvoids having the Opus-level "arch" be set to 0 on...
2015-12-28 Timothy B.... oggopus: More updates for AD review comments.
2015-12-23 Jean-Marc ValinFixes patch_transient_decision() for hybrid mode
2015-12-23 Jean-Marc ValinOops, fixes max_decay for LFE in fixed-point
2015-12-11 Timothy B.... oggopus: Revert SHOULD->MUST for reserved mappings.
2015-12-11 Timothy B.... oggopus: Fix typo.
2015-12-11 Timothy B.... oggopus: First pass updates for AD review comments.
2015-12-04 Jean-Marc ValinMake the CELT background noise estimator adapt more...
2015-12-04 Jean-Marc Valinopus_demo: fixes potential division by zero on files...
2015-12-04 Jean-Marc ValinFixes memory leak in some CELT unit tests
2015-12-04 Jean-Marc ValinAlways use the max of the decaying PLC energy and the...
2015-12-04 Jean-Marc ValinFixes the transient detector on silence
2015-11-26 Jean-Marc Valinupdate sha256 in repo
2015-11-26 Jean-Marc Valinbump libtool revision
2015-11-24 Mark Harrisoggopus: Fix spelling
2015-11-24 Timothy B.... Bump draft version and date for submission.
2015-11-24 Timothy B.... Additional edits from Mark Harris.
2015-11-24 Timothy B.... Address remaining document shepherd review comments.
2015-11-24 Timothy B.... Remove normative references to encoder or decoder.
2015-11-23 Jonathan LennoxFix x86 build if we presume SSE4.1 (and earlier), but...
2015-11-17 Ralph Gilesoggopus: further cleanup in response to review.
2015-11-17 Ralph Gilesoggopus: Add IANA considerations.
2015-11-17 Ralph Gilesoggopus: Add Opus RTP as an informative reference.
2015-11-17 Ralph Gilesoggopus: remove <spanx style="strong"> markup.
2015-11-16 Ralph Gilesoggopus: Consolidate granulepos description.
2015-11-16 Ralph Gilesoggopus: Convert mentions of 'encoder' to 'muxer'.
2015-11-05 Radu VeleaAdding AVX config switches
2015-11-05 Radu VeleaNaming convention for AVX
2015-11-03 Jonathan LennoxSuppress generation of comb_filter_const_c when not...
2015-11-03 Jonathan LennoxFix unit tests on ARM without RTCD (e.g. aarch64 or...
2015-11-03 Jonathan LennoxDeclare silk_warped_LPC_analysis_filter_FIX_c in silk...
2015-10-23 Mark HarrisUpdating links for both https and new versions v1.1.1-rc
2015-10-23 Mark HarrisCorrections to doc
2015-10-16 Timothy B.... configure: Remove empty else clauses from AS_IF
2015-10-08 Rhishikesh... Adds "arch" argument to MIPS MDCT
2015-10-07 Timothy B.... Fix dump_modes output for fixed-point NE10.
2015-10-07 Viswanath Puttaguntaarmv7: Enable NE10's fixed-point FFT for the MDCT
2015-10-07 Viswanath Puttaguntaarmv7: Optimize fixed point FFT using NE10 library
2015-10-07 Viswanath Puttaguntatest_unit_dft: Add nfft = 60, 240, 480 tests
2015-10-07 Viswanath Puttaguntaarmv7(float): Optimize decode usecase using NE10 library
2015-10-07 Viswanath Puttaguntaarmv7(float): Optimize encode usecase using NE10 library
2015-10-07 Timothy B.... Move the external ARM asm to a separate library.
2015-10-07 Timothy B.... Add entcode.c to the dump_modes binary.
2015-10-07 Rhishikesh... Fixes compile problems for MIPS
2015-10-07 Mark Harristrivial_example: Fix error message
2015-10-07 Mark HarrisExtra safety against NaNs in surround_analysis()
2015-10-07 Jean-Marc ValinPreventing NaNs from crashing surround_analysis()
2015-09-26 Ralph GilesRemove spurious ACLOCAL_FLAGS variable from autogen.sh.
2015-09-01 Jonathan LennoxMake it possible to pass in paths to opus_demo and... jon_patches
2015-09-01 Jonathan LennoxCreate OPUS_FAST_INT64 macro, to abstract conditions...
2015-09-01 Jonathan LennoxUse ProjectReference rather than AdditionalDependencies...
2015-09-01 Jonathan LennoxAdd intrinsics support to Visual Studio build.
2015-09-01 Jonathan LennoxReorganize x86 SSE intrinsics code.
2015-09-01 Jonathan LennoxMove SSE2 and SSE4.1 intrinsics functions to separate...
2015-09-01 Jonathan LennoxRemove some unnecessary #includes from x86cpu.c.
2015-09-01 Jonathan LennoxFix struct initialization of CPU_Feature structure.
2015-09-01 Jonathan LennoxFix cpuid asm on 32-bit PIC.
2015-09-01 Jonathan LennoxFix instruction used for cpuid test.
2015-09-01 Jonathan LennoxIn optimized mode, don't force Clang to use explicit...
2015-09-01 Jonathan LennoxReorganize configure's detection of intrinsics functions:
2015-08-20 Koen VosFixes bitrate statistics for decode-only operation...
2015-08-10 Koen VosFix for flutter with FEC
2015-08-07 Mark HarrisFix const struct to work with C++ compilation
2015-08-07 Mark HarrisSilence clang -Wcast-align warnings
2015-08-05 Mark HarrisEliminate signed division overhead in align()
2015-08-04 Jonathan LennoxSimplify and generalize implementation of align()....
2015-08-04 Jean-Marc ValinMake align() work even on machines with 32-bit chars
2015-08-04 Jean-Marc ValinMore conservative alignment
2015-07-07 Timothy B.... Update the oggopus draft.
2015-06-23 Timothy B.... Improve OPUS_GET_LSB_DEPTH documentation.
2015-05-08 Ralph GilesAdd release checksums.
2015-04-28 Timothy B.... oggopus: Bump draft date and version for 07 publication.
2015-04-22 Jean-Marc Valinrtp draft -11