2012-10-23 Jean-Marc ValinTake the PLC out of the stack size critical path
2012-10-23 Joshua BowmanFix MSVC linker warnings
2012-10-23 Ralph GilesInclude process.h for _getpid on windows.
2012-10-23 Joshua BowmanFix the MSVC build.
2012-10-23 Ralph GilesFix MSVC format conversion warnings.
2012-10-21 Nils WallméniusMerge inverse mdct post-rotate and de-shuffle loops
2012-10-19 Jean-Marc ValinAttempt to have at least two bands that are coded
2012-10-19 Roncd doc && make is not the same as make -C doc
2012-10-17 Ralph GilesFix an indentation issue.
2012-10-16 Jean-Marc ValinFixes two bugs in the high-band attenuation code (gain_...
2012-10-11 Philip JägenstedtFix minor issues reported by scan-build
2012-10-11 Philip JägenstedtIgnore files created by configure && make
2012-10-10 Jean-Marc ValinAdds OPUS_{G,S}ET_FORCE_CHANNELS requests to multistrea...
2012-10-10 Jean-Marc ValinFixes comment-in-comment warning
2012-10-10 Jean-Marc ValinFixes the high-band hybrid gain from the previous commit
2012-10-10 Koen VosAttenuates the HF in hybrid mode to match what SILK...
2012-10-10 Jean-Marc ValinFixes a fixed-point overflow in the new pitch code
2012-10-10 Koen VosImprovements to the pitch search
2012-10-10 Jean-Marc ValinUsing floor(.5+x) instead of lrint(x) for C90 compilers
2012-10-10 Jean-Marc ValinFixes a bug in the LSB_DEPTH code introduced in cf1053dc
2012-10-09 Jean-Marc Valincopysignf() was C99-only
2012-10-09 Jean-Marc ValinFixes a fixed-point stereo savings issue causing a...
2012-10-09 Jean-Marc ValinFixes Makefile.unix
2012-10-09 Jean-Marc ValinGets rid of unused boost analysis code that never worke...
2012-10-09 Jean-Marc ValinMerge branch 'exp_analysis7'
2012-10-09 Jean-Marc ValinTuning the speech/music probability model exp_analysis7
2012-10-07 Hanspeter Niederstrasserremove GNUism from install doc command
2012-10-06 Gregory MaxwellFix typo in documentation for opus_decoder_create().
2012-09-27 Gregory MaxwellBelabor OPUS_SET_BITRATE instead of max_packet, as...
2012-09-27 Philip JägenstedtTypo: FIND_PITCH_BANDWI(D)TH_EXPANSION
2012-09-27 Philip JägenstedtFix common misspellings
2012-09-26 Gregory MaxwellAdd some more multistream encoder API tests.
2012-09-25 Gregory MaxwellDocbug: Replace opus_encode_frame with opus_encode_floa...
2012-09-21 Jean-Marc ValinSaves channels*overlap*4 bytes off the state encoder
2012-09-21 Jean-Marc ValinReduces rate/max rate to make room for redundancy
2012-09-19 RonJust fix opus-uninstalled.pc instead of tweaking the...
2012-09-19 Gregory MaxwellReplace 'maximum frame size' with 'maximum packet durat...
2012-09-19 Jean-Marc ValinFixes a CELT->hybrid switching issue
2012-09-18 RonLink the include dir into out-of-tree build dirs
2012-09-17 Gregory MaxwellMove libm in pkgconf to Libs.private to avoid spurious...
2012-09-17 Ralph GilesOpus custom requires libm unconditionally.
2012-09-17 Ralph GilesAdd -lm to the pkg-config link line.
2012-09-17 Ralph GilesRemove FLOATING_POINT from config.h.
2012-09-17 Ralph GilesRemove 'low-delay' from the pkg-config description.
2012-09-17 Ralph GilesCapitalize Opus in the pkg-config file comment header.
2012-09-16 Gregory MaxwellAdd a make install instruction to the README.
2012-09-15 Jean-Marc Valins/SHL/SHL16/
2012-09-14 Jean-Marc ValinShrinks tansig table, makes data static const
2012-09-14 Jean-Marc ValinMakes dynalloc more conservative for CBR and CVBR
2012-09-13 Jean-Marc ValinBit allocation fix for 16-bit platforms
2012-09-13 Jean-Marc ValinAdds anslysis code for tf_select
2012-09-12 Diego Elio... silk: move down- and upsamplers constants to the header...
2012-09-12 Diego Elio... Move to comment a table that is never used in the code.
2012-09-12 Diego Elio... Mark tables static when not used outside of their trans...
2012-09-12 Diego Elio... Mark functions static if they are only used in their...
2012-09-12 Diego Elio... opus_demo: mark tables as static constants.
2012-09-11 Jean-Marc ValinFixes multistream doc
2012-09-10 Timothy B.... Expand documentation for the multistream API.
2012-09-10 Jean-Marc ValinFixes to the new repacketizer doc
2012-09-10 Timothy B.... Add documentation for the repacketizer API.
2012-09-08 Timothy B.... Use dynamic stack allocations in SILK decoder.
2012-09-08 Jean-Marc ValinBump version to 1.0.1 1.0.1 v1.0.1
2012-09-08 Timothy B.... Remove large multistream stack buffers.
2012-09-06 Timothy B.... Balance parentheses in opus_multistream.c.
2012-09-01 Jean-Marc Valinsome doc for --enable-fixed-point and --enable-floating... v1.0.1-rc3
2012-09-01 Jean-Marc Valinbump version, include Makefile.unix
2012-08-30 Gregory MaxwellAdd an m4 macro set for pkgconfig less usage with autot...
2012-08-29 Gregory MaxwellAdd opus_multistream.h to MSVC project files.
2012-08-29 Gregory MaxwellAvoid using make -C, a gnuism, in Makefile.am.
2012-08-29 Gregory MaxwellCompletely remove the built-in autotools -fstatck-prote...
2012-08-29 Jean-Marc ValinMakes two static tables const
2012-08-27 Jean-Marc ValinFixes an overflow in silk_log2lin() that was triggered...
2012-08-24 Timothy B.... Fix typo.
2012-08-23 Gregory MaxwellMore email address updates for AUTHORS.
2012-08-21 Gregory MaxwellUpdate testvector path and filename.
2012-08-21 Gregory MaxwellAdditional multistream tests and reject channels<1...
2012-08-21 Gregory MaxwellRevise README, update AUTHORS emails.
2012-08-21 Ralph GilesClarify a comment.
2012-08-21 Ralph GilesPropagate OPUS_VERSION to config.h.
2012-08-21 Gregory MaxwellReplace long long in celt/ with opus_int64.
2012-08-19 Gregory MaxwellRemove C99ism in celt/tests/test_unit_mathops.c w/...
2012-08-19 Gregory MaxwellInclude tests/run_vectors.sh in EXTRA_DIST.
2012-08-19 Gregory MaxwellUse 64-bits in fixed point debug for _P16, fixes spurio...
2012-08-17 Ralph GilesFix an MSVC warning.
2012-08-16 Chris Moellergenversion now adds the header comment to version.mk
2012-08-16 Ralph GilesAdd 'compile' to the git ignore list.
2012-08-16 Ralph GilesUse the string from version.mk in Makefile.draft.
2012-08-16 Ralph GilesMove the release version string to version.mk.
2012-08-16 Chris MoellerUpdated Win32 genversion.bat to generate version.mk...
2012-08-15 Jean-Marc ValinBump version number v1.0.1-rc2
2012-08-14 Jean-Marc ValinFixes a silly bug where only the left channel was used...
2012-08-12 Gregory MaxwellMore doc fixes.
2012-08-10 Ralph GilesOnly install opus_*.3 manpages. Fixes 'make distcheck'.
2012-08-10 Gregory MaxwellUse configure.ac provided soname versioning.
2012-08-09 Timothy B.... Documentation updates for the CTLs.
2012-08-09 Gregory MaxwellDisable stack-protector for mingw32 and remove win32...
2012-08-09 Gregory MaxwellAdd MSVC makefiles to the dist tarball.
2012-08-09 Gregory MaxwellAvoid an inconsequential memory leak in tests/test_opus...
2012-08-08 Jean-Marc ValinBump version number to 1.0.1 and set libtool version v1.0.1-rc
2012-08-08 Gregory MaxwellAdd basic {GET,SET}_LSB_DEPTH API tests.