2018-07-26 Jean-Marc ValinEnable hardening by default
2018-07-26 Jean-Marc ValinFix comma that should have been a semicolon
2018-07-26 Jean-Marc Valinoops
2018-07-26 Jean-Marc ValinUse ambisonics families 2 and 3 instead of 254 and 253
2018-07-22 Mark HarrisValidate multistream/projection decoder frame_size
2018-07-22 Mark HarrisSilence compiler warnings
2018-06-14 Jean-Marc ValinMake bandwidth detection more conservative to avoid...
2018-06-01 Jean-Marc Valinupdate checksums
2018-05-29 Jean-Marc ValinAvoiding arithmetic on NULL pointer v1.3-rc
2018-05-29 Jean-Marc ValinAvoiding leaks when opus_demo exits with an error
2018-05-28 Mark HarrisFix DISABLE_FLOAT_API unused parameter warning
2018-05-28 Mark HarrisOnly call isqrt32() with a positive argument
2018-05-24 Jean-Marc ValinSwitch from narrowband to wideband at 9 kb/s, don't... exp_bandwidth_fix4
2018-05-24 Jean-Marc ValinFix decision thresholds for larger frame sizes exp_bandwidth_fix3
2018-05-24 Jean-Marc ValinFixes a SILK bandwidth switching regression
2018-05-17 Jean-Marc ValinImproving rate control for low bitrate
2018-05-17 Jean-Marc ValinOops, fix NaN test
2018-05-15 Jean-Marc ValinAborting on NaN in CELT
2018-05-14 Gustaf UllbergSilk makes use of Opus VAD
2018-05-07 Mark HarrisREADME: Update to reflect RFC 7845 and 8251
2018-05-04 Mark HarrisFix opus_packet_parse() non-null arg attribute
2018-03-27 Jean-Marc Valintwo more asserts I forgot
2018-03-27 Jean-Marc ValinMisc assertion cleanup
2018-03-27 Jean-Marc ValinHarden SILK x86 code
2018-03-27 Jean-Marc ValinHardening silk/fixed
2018-03-27 Jean-Marc ValinHardening asserts for SILK float
2018-03-27 Jean-Marc ValinConverting some silk_assert()s into hardening celt_asse...
2018-03-27 Jean-Marc ValinSome missing checks
2018-03-27 Jean-Marc ValinAdding multistream decoder validation
2018-03-27 Jean-Marc ValinAsserting on some ctl() calls that should never fail
2018-03-27 Jean-Marc ValinAdds Opus decoder state validation
2018-03-27 Jean-Marc ValinAdding decoder state validation
2018-03-27 Jean-Marc ValinFixing no-redundancy CELT->SILK and CELT->hybrid transi...
2018-03-27 Jean-Marc ValinAdding ENABLE_HARDENING
2018-03-21 Andrew AllenSupport for Ambisonics.
2018-03-12 Jean-Marc ValinUsing a first-order filter for DC rejection
2018-03-02 Jean-Marc ValinDon't enable -fstack-protector-strong on Windows for now
2018-02-22 Jean-Marc ValinAdding -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 when possible
2018-02-22 Gustaf UllbergFixed off-by-one issue in Silk DTX
2018-02-22 Jean-Marc ValinEnable -fstack-protector-strong by default on x86
2018-02-21 Jean-Marc ValinFix comment to take into account previous commit
2018-02-21 Jean-Marc ValinIncreasing the CELT bit allocation slightly for stereo...
2018-02-20 Jean-Marc ValinFix divide-by-zeros in opus_demo stats code
2018-02-18 Jean-Marc ValinFixes integer overflow in SILK VAD for 10-ms frames
2018-02-18 Jean-Marc ValinForgot one RFC8251 behaviour to disable with --disable...
2018-02-15 Jean-Marc ValinDisabling weak transients and 5ms resolution on voiced...
2018-02-13 Jean-Marc ValinAdd a simple masking model to the spreading decision
2018-02-13 Jean-Marc ValinMaking sure importance[] is initialized even when we...
2018-02-13 Jean-Marc Valinoops
2018-02-13 Jean-Marc ValinImprove TF analysis RDO to take into account how import...
2018-01-26 Jean-Marc ValinScaling back the pitch filter when most of the energy...
2017-12-31 Jean-Marc ValinFixes NaN issues in compute_stereo_width()
2017-12-19 Jean-Marc ValinMaking opus-uninstalled.pc use the .la instead of the .a v1.3-beta
2017-12-07 Andrew AllenDecouple OpusProjection* API from static matrices.
2017-12-07 Andrew AllenEnsure mapping matrix size is always valid.
2017-12-07 Andrew AllenFix memory issues in Projection API.
2017-11-16 Jean-Marc Valinfix float constants
2017-11-16 Kári Tristan... Define integer types from stdint.h where it's available
2017-11-16 Jean-Marc ValinTuning decision thresholds for low-bitrate music
2017-11-10 Andrew AllenFix matrix export via CTL func.
2017-11-10 Jean-Marc ValinRetrained speech/music RNN
2017-11-08 Jean-Marc ValinAdd missing include to the list
2017-11-07 Andrew AllenSupport for Channel Mapping 253
2017-10-30 Roman KalashnikovFix unnecessary assignment.
2017-10-29 Jean-Marc ValinEnable RFC 8251 changes by default
2017-10-23 Ralph GilesFix configure output formatting.
2017-10-08 Jean-Marc ValinFix entropy coder doc
2017-10-08 Jean-Marc ValinSimplifying celt_fir5() since x==y and mem[]={0}
2017-10-08 Jean-Marc ValinFix #undef of constant
2017-10-06 Jean-Marc ValinFixes CELT PLC
2017-10-06 Jean-Marc ValinFixing (hopefully) bandwidth detection for 24 kHz analysis
2017-10-06 Jean-Marc Valinfloat constants
2017-10-05 Jean-Marc ValinAdd RNN for VAD and speech/music classification
2017-09-28 Jean-Marc ValinBetter rate allocation for stereo SILK in hybrid mode
2017-09-19 Jean-Marc Valinupdate draft version -10
2017-09-11 Alexander KochetkovFix typo with NE10 prefix
2017-09-11 Ralph GilesRename arm ne10 assembly optimization files.
2017-09-11 Ralph GilesRename SSE 4.1 files to match their targets.
2017-08-29 Matt BrubeckFix typo in a comment in opus_decoder.c
2017-08-24 Ray Essickfix alignment exceptions
2017-08-20 Jean-Marc ValinMore fixes for IESG
2017-08-17 Jean-Marc Valinupdate draft: addressing IETF LC comments
2017-08-11 Pavel PForce crlf line endings for VS2015 project files.
2017-07-26 Jean-Marc ValinUpdate draft: addressing AD comments
2017-07-25 Linfeng ZhangFix celt_pitch_xcorr() ARM jump table compiling error
2017-07-16 Jean-Marc ValinUpdate links, fix bits, add security considerations
2017-07-13 Felicia LimAdd missing #include for gcc
2017-07-12 Felicia LimAvoid -Wsometimes-uninitialized error for valid test...
2017-07-12 Ralph GilesUpdate testvector download command.
2017-07-06 Andrew LarkinFix uninitialized variables in decide_dtx_mode()
2017-06-28 Tristan MatthewsAdd checksum for opus 1.2.1 release
2017-06-26 Jean-Marc Valinbump LT revision v1.2.1
2017-06-26 Jean-Marc ValinWorking around misdetected audio bandwidth
2017-06-20 Jean-Marc ValinPrevent update draft from expiring
2017-06-20 Ralph GilesAdd checksum for opus 1.2 release.
2017-06-19 Jean-Marc ValinAdd "f" suffix to float constants v1.2
2017-06-19 Jean-Marc Valinbump LT version numbers
2017-06-16 Ralph GilesUpdate release checklist for website move to git.
2017-06-14 Ralph GilesFix spacing in celt_sources.mk.
2017-06-14 Mark Harristests/run_vectors.sh: Fix argument quoting