8 days ago Jean-Marc ValinUpdate checksums master
9 days ago Jean-Marc ValinBump LT version v1.3.1
10 days ago Marcus AsteborgCMake changes
11 days ago Marcus AsteborgCMake changes
11 days ago Gustaf UllbergAPI for checking whether the encoder is in DTX
13 days ago Mark HarrisCorrectly enable/disable SILK DTX with forced mode
13 days ago Mark HarrisFix build errors using Makefile.mips
2019-04-03 Marcus AsteborgAdding CMake support for Windows, Mac, Linux and Androi...
2019-04-01 Jean-Marc ValinFix #elif OPUS_ARM_INLINE_EDSP
2019-03-01 Felicia LimFix mismatching arg names in function declaration and...
2019-02-26 Mark Harristest_opus_encode: Use fprintf instead of snprintf
2019-02-13 Jean-Marc ValinReset nb_no_activity_frames when analysis DTX isn't... analysis_fix2
2019-02-13 Jean-Marc ValinImprove silence handling
2019-02-13 Jean-Marc ValinFixing initialization issues on small frame sizes
2019-02-13 Jean-Marc ValinFixes analysis buffering for silence and complexity...
2019-02-12 Jean-Marc ValinAvoiding problems with x87
2019-01-23 Jean-Marc ValinProperly handle a bad stream_id in OPUS_MULTISTREAM_GET...
2019-01-20 evpobrFix FIXED_POINT conditional check
2018-12-29 Mark HarrisClean up resources in projection test
2018-11-22 Jean-Marc ValinRefactoring: Isolating the matrix-vector product in...
2018-11-03 Jean-Marc Valinmissing script
2018-11-03 Jean-Marc ValinAdding the scripts used to train the RNN classifier
2018-10-31 Janne JohanssonTrivial sprintf to snprintf conversion. Some linkers...
2018-10-31 Jean-Marc ValinMake float2int() static with VS
2018-10-30 Jean-Marc ValinRemove useless OPUS_SET_EXPERT_FRAME_DURATION() on...
2018-10-30 Jean-Marc ValinFixes misleading initialization with not enough zeros
2018-10-30 Jean-Marc Valinupdate checksums
2018-10-16 Jean-Marc ValinBump LT version numbers v1.3
2018-10-16 Pavel PProper detection of _mm_cvtss_si32 for MS compiler
2018-10-16 Jean-Marc ValinRenaming compute_allocation to clt_compute_allocation...
2018-09-27 Jean-Marc ValinPrevent the SILK counter from overflowing after 2 years...
2018-09-25 Jean-Marc ValinRetrain RNN classifier weights to include reverberated...
2018-09-14 Jean-Marc ValinFixes packet parsing for 16-bit CPUs v1.3-rc2
2018-09-14 Jean-Marc ValinClarify configure --help
2018-09-13 Ralph GilesUpdate ISO Base Media Format draft to version 0.8.1.
2018-09-10 Jean-Marc ValinAvoiding get_demixing_matrix() symbol clash on unified...
2018-09-10 Jean-Marc ValinOpusMSDecoder does not have an arch field
2018-09-06 Jean-Marc ValinAdd include/opus_projection.h to opus_headers.mk
2018-08-31 Marcin GorzelApply equal bit allocation to ambisonic channels
2018-07-28 Mark HarrisWork around VS2015 internal compiler error staging
2018-07-28 Jean-Marc ValinFixing arithmetic problems for 16-bit CPUs in ambisonic...
2018-07-28 Felicia LimFix bitrate allocation for channel mapping 2
2018-07-27 Joshua Bowmanwin32: Add ambisonics sources to VS project
2018-07-27 Jean-Marc ValinFixes C90 "mixed declarations and code" error
2018-07-26 Jean-Marc ValinRemove ambisonics experimental flag
2018-07-26 Jean-Marc ValinEnable ambisonics by default
2018-07-26 Jean-Marc ValinEnable hardening by default
2018-07-26 Jean-Marc ValinFix comma that should have been a semicolon
2018-07-26 Jean-Marc Valinoops
2018-07-26 Jean-Marc ValinUse ambisonics families 2 and 3 instead of 254 and 253
2018-07-22 Mark HarrisValidate multistream/projection decoder frame_size
2018-07-22 Mark HarrisSilence compiler warnings
2018-06-14 Jean-Marc ValinMake bandwidth detection more conservative to avoid...
2018-06-01 Jean-Marc Valinupdate checksums
2018-05-29 Jean-Marc ValinAvoiding arithmetic on NULL pointer v1.3-rc
2018-05-29 Jean-Marc ValinAvoiding leaks when opus_demo exits with an error
2018-05-28 Mark HarrisFix DISABLE_FLOAT_API unused parameter warning
2018-05-28 Mark HarrisOnly call isqrt32() with a positive argument
2018-05-24 Jean-Marc ValinSwitch from narrowband to wideband at 9 kb/s, don't... exp_bandwidth_fix4
2018-05-24 Jean-Marc ValinFix decision thresholds for larger frame sizes exp_bandwidth_fix3
2018-05-24 Jean-Marc ValinFixes a SILK bandwidth switching regression
2018-05-17 Jean-Marc ValinImproving rate control for low bitrate
2018-05-17 Jean-Marc ValinOops, fix NaN test
2018-05-15 Jean-Marc ValinAborting on NaN in CELT
2018-05-14 Gustaf UllbergSilk makes use of Opus VAD
2018-05-07 Mark HarrisREADME: Update to reflect RFC 7845 and 8251
2018-05-04 Mark HarrisFix opus_packet_parse() non-null arg attribute
2018-03-27 Jean-Marc Valintwo more asserts I forgot
2018-03-27 Jean-Marc ValinMisc assertion cleanup
2018-03-27 Jean-Marc ValinHarden SILK x86 code
2018-03-27 Jean-Marc ValinHardening silk/fixed
2018-03-27 Jean-Marc ValinHardening asserts for SILK float
2018-03-27 Jean-Marc ValinConverting some silk_assert()s into hardening celt_asse...
2018-03-27 Jean-Marc ValinSome missing checks
2018-03-27 Jean-Marc ValinAdding multistream decoder validation
2018-03-27 Jean-Marc ValinAsserting on some ctl() calls that should never fail
2018-03-27 Jean-Marc ValinAdds Opus decoder state validation
2018-03-27 Jean-Marc ValinAdding decoder state validation
2018-03-27 Jean-Marc ValinFixing no-redundancy CELT->SILK and CELT->hybrid transi...
2018-03-27 Jean-Marc ValinAdding ENABLE_HARDENING
2018-03-21 Andrew AllenSupport for Ambisonics.
2018-03-12 Jean-Marc ValinUsing a first-order filter for DC rejection
2018-03-02 Jean-Marc ValinDon't enable -fstack-protector-strong on Windows for now
2018-02-22 Jean-Marc ValinAdding -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 when possible
2018-02-22 Gustaf UllbergFixed off-by-one issue in Silk DTX
2018-02-22 Jean-Marc ValinEnable -fstack-protector-strong by default on x86
2018-02-21 Jean-Marc ValinFix comment to take into account previous commit
2018-02-21 Jean-Marc ValinIncreasing the CELT bit allocation slightly for stereo...
2018-02-20 Jean-Marc ValinFix divide-by-zeros in opus_demo stats code
2018-02-18 Jean-Marc ValinFixes integer overflow in SILK VAD for 10-ms frames
2018-02-18 Jean-Marc ValinForgot one RFC8251 behaviour to disable with --disable...
2018-02-15 Jean-Marc ValinDisabling weak transients and 5ms resolution on voiced...
2018-02-13 Jean-Marc ValinAdd a simple masking model to the spreading decision
2018-02-13 Jean-Marc ValinMaking sure importance[] is initialized even when we...
2018-02-13 Jean-Marc Valinoops
2018-02-13 Jean-Marc ValinImprove TF analysis RDO to take into account how import...
2018-01-26 Jean-Marc ValinScaling back the pitch filter when most of the energy...
2017-12-31 Jean-Marc ValinFixes NaN issues in compute_stereo_width()
2017-12-19 Jean-Marc ValinMaking opus-uninstalled.pc use the .la instead of the .a v1.3-beta
2017-12-07 Andrew AllenDecouple OpusProjection* API from static matrices.