Fixes MSVC warnings
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2013-07-12 Jean-Marc ValinUpdates for 1.1-beta until we can get rid... v1.1-beta
2013-06-27 Jean-Marc ValinBig squashed commit of Garf's MSVC reorg:
2012-12-20 Jean-Marc ValinBump version number
2012-11-09 Ralph GilesBump
2012-10-09 Jean-Marc ValinMerge branch 'exp_analysis7'
2012-09-08 Jean-Marc ValinBump version to 1.0.1 1.0.1 v1.0.1
2012-09-01 Jean-Marc Valinbump version, include Makefile.unix
2012-08-16 Ralph GilesMove the release version string to