Squashed commit of the following:
[opus.git] / src_FLP / SKP_Silk_encode_frame_FLP.c
2011-04-27 Koen VosSquashed commit of the following:
2011-03-18 Jean-Marc ValinFixing DTX for fixed-point too, updating project files
2011-03-17 Jean-Marc ValinFixes a bug in the handling of the first packet after DTX
2011-02-28 Koen VosSquashed commit of the following:
2011-02-17 Koen VosSquashed commit of the following:
2011-02-14 Timothy B. TerriberryRefactor SILK's use of ec_enc_patch_initial_bits().
2011-02-14 Koen VosSILK update with LBRR and some bugfixes
2011-02-03 Timothy B. TerriberryUpdate SILK range coder due to CELT refactoring.
2011-02-03 Koen VosSILK update
2011-02-03 Jean-Marc ValinDebug fixes
2011-02-02 Koen VosSILK update
2011-01-31 Koen VosBig SILK update
2010-11-10 Koen VosSILK update
2010-07-06 Jean-Marc ValinFixed an uninitialised value found by Valgrind
2010-07-05 Koen VosMoving ec_enc_done() outside of the API call.
2010-07-04 Koen VosAdded an interface to encode/decode from a CELT range...
2010-06-30 Koen VosUpdate SILK code using the CELT range coder