win32: Add ambisonics sources to VS project
[opus.git] / src / opus_projection_encoder.c
2018-07-27 Jean-Marc ValinFixes C90 "mixed declarations and code" error
2018-07-26 Jean-Marc ValinRemove ambisonics experimental flag
2018-07-26 Jean-Marc ValinUse ambisonics families 2 and 3 instead of 254 and 253
2018-07-22 Mark HarrisSilence compiler warnings
2018-05-28 Mark HarrisOnly call isqrt32() with a positive argument
2018-03-21 Andrew AllenSupport for Ambisonics.
2017-12-07 Andrew AllenDecouple OpusProjection* API from static matrices.
2017-12-07 Andrew AllenEnsure mapping matrix size is always valid.
2017-12-07 Andrew AllenFix memory issues in Projection API.
2017-11-10 Andrew AllenFix matrix export via CTL func.
2017-11-07 Andrew AllenSupport for Channel Mapping 253