Add experimental support for ambisonic encoding
[opus.git] / src / opus_multistream_decoder.c
2014-11-27 Mark Harrismultistream: improve arg check
2013-11-14 Mark Harrisopus_multistream_packet_validate() now called with...
2013-10-14 Jean-Marc Valinopus_packet_parse_impl() now computes the packet size...
2013-10-12 Jean-Marc ValinCleaning up multistream packet validation
2013-10-11 Jean-Marc ValinDo up-front validation of multistream packets
2013-06-30 Gregory MaxwellBraces go on the next line.
2013-06-30 Gregory MaxwellBrace a number of if statements instead of one-lining...
2013-06-30 Gregory MaxwellFixes some return without va_end in the api, adds tests.
2013-03-18 Timothy B. TerriberryFix some 16-bit int issues in the multistream API.
2013-03-08 Jean-Marc ValinMerge branch 'exp_analysis'
2013-03-01 Jean-Marc ValinApplies soft-clipping to the int decoder API.
2012-12-04 Jean-Marc ValinImplements OPUS_GET_LAST_FRAME_DURATION decoder ctl()
2012-11-08 Jean-Marc ValinSplits out the Opus multi-stream encoder and decoder