Fixes the code for optional self-delimited packing to make it fit the draft
[opus.git] / src / opus_multistream.c
2011-12-02 Gregory MaxwellFixes the code for optional self-delimited packing...
2011-10-31 Jean-Marc ValinMulti-stream now checks that each stream at least conta...
2011-10-30 Gregory MaxwellFix multistream packet corruption, implement GET_FINAL_...
2011-10-30 Gregory MaxwellFix a number of multistream decoder bugs; add some...
2011-10-28 Jean-Marc ValinGives the Opus code direct access to (non-opaque) OpusR...
2011-10-27 Ralph GilesConvert tabs to spaces in the opus and celt code.
2011-09-14 Ralph GilesRemove redundant API parameter comments from opus_multi...
2011-09-12 Jean-Marc ValinImplements OPUS_MULTISTREAM_{EN|DE}CODER_GET_STATE
2011-09-11 Jean-Marc ValinImplements multi-stream encoder requests the best we can
2011-09-11 Jean-Marc ValinProperly implementing the multistream decoder ctl()s
2011-09-09 Jean-Marc ValinMakes multi-stream encoding code use the repacketizer
2011-09-09 Jean-Marc ValinFixes multi-stream bug exposed in e335065a1ba72
2011-09-07 Jean-Marc ValinMaking the sampling rate an int32 in the multi-stream API
2011-08-30 Jean-Marc ValinUsing OPUS_ macros for <string.h> operations
2011-08-29 Jean-Marc ValinMakes the allocation more C++-friendly
2011-08-29 Jean-Marc ValinFixes minor issues from the previous allocation wrapper...
2011-08-29 Jean-Marc ValinWrapping all allocation within opus_alloc() and opus_free()
2011-08-29 Jean-Marc ValinAdds error code to multistream API
2011-08-28 Jean-Marc ValinFixes a trivial multistream fixed-point bug
2011-08-27 Jean-Marc Valinmore multistream ctl()s
2011-08-27 Jean-Marc ValinAdds support for multi-stream encoding/decoding