Fixes MSVC warnings
[opus.git] /
2011-10-29 Jean-Marc Valinoops, forgot to update the source list
2011-10-11 Gregory MaxwellMove a number of files and functions which are only...
2011-09-29 Gregory MaxwellMore silk/ resampler cleanup.
2011-09-28 Gregory MaxwellMore resampler cleanups.
2011-09-28 Gregory MaxwellEliminate function pointers from the resampler.
2011-09-16 Jean-Marc ValinRemoved all the silk_ prefixes in source file names...
2011-08-02 Jean-Marc ValinMakefile fixes
2011-06-11 Jean-Marc ValinMerge remote branch 'repo/master'
2011-06-11 Jean-Marc ValinAddressing multiple LSF-related issues
2011-05-19 Jean-Marc ValinSquashed commit of the following:
2011-05-04 Jean-Marc ValinFixes duplicate file in
2011-05-02 Jean-Marc Valinbuild fixes
2011-05-02 Koen VosSquashed commit of the following:
2011-04-30 Jean-Marc Valinmerging the file list for autotools and the draft
2011-04-29 Jean-Marc ValinMoving the SILK fixed-point and float files
2011-04-28 Jean-Marc ValinFixes the build of the draft
2011-04-28 Jean-Marc ValinMerge commit 'silk-repo/master'
2011-04-28 Jean-Marc ValinMerge commit 'celt-repo/master'
2011-04-28 Jean-Marc ValinUpdating the draft build system
2011-03-09 Jean-Marc ValinUpdating the build of the draft and adding fixed-point...
2011-02-17 Jean-Marc ValinSILK update
2011-02-15 Jean-Marc Valinpreparing the next version
2011-02-14 Koen VosUpdate for in-band FEC
2011-02-03 Jean-Marc ValinA simpler build system for the draft