Fixed parallel build
[opus.git] / libentcode /
2007-12-11 Jean-Marc ValinFixed parallel build
2007-12-11 Timothy B. TerriberryAdded ec_{enc|dec}_bits64 and ec_{enc|dec}_bits64.
2007-12-11 Timothy B. TerriberryDocumentation fixes and a couple of other minor edits.
2007-12-08 Jean-Marc ValinSome cleaning up, a few less warnings and the decoder...
2007-12-07 Jean-Marc ValinMoving to non-multiply-free entropy coder
2007-12-07 Jean-Marc Valinoops, forgot laplace.h
2007-12-07 Jean-Marc ValinEnergy is now Laplace-encoded (very poorly for now)
2007-12-07 Jean-Marc ValinFixed Laplace encoder
2007-12-06 Jean-Marc ValinMost of the Laplace encoding works, except that ec_deco...
2007-12-06 Jean-Marc ValinMore code for laplace decoding (doesn't work)
2007-12-06 Jean-Marc ValinCode for encoding Laplace-distributed variables (doesn...
2007-12-06 Timothy B. TerriberryMultiplier-free entropy coder