Refactor ec_enc_patch_initial_bits().
[opus.git] / libcelt / rate.c
2011-02-14 Jean-Marc Valinusing "end" rather than nbEBands for trim_offset[]
2011-02-10 Jean-Marc ValinRelicensing under the simplified (2-clause) BSD license
2011-02-07 Jean-Marc Valinminor detail with the last patch
2011-02-06 Timothy B. Terriberry16-bit int fixes.
2011-02-04 Timothy B. TerriberryRefactor the entropy coder.
2011-02-03 Jean-Marc ValinReplaces previous commit with something safer
2011-02-03 Jean-Marc ValinPatch from Tim: Prevents bits2 from going negative
2011-02-03 Jean-Marc ValinAlso fixing the DoFs for intensity stereo
2011-02-03 Jean-Marc ValinGetting the right DoFs for dual stereo
2011-02-02 Timothy B. TerriberryIncrease caps/allocation accuracy.
2011-02-01 Timothy B. TerriberryAdd a seprate qtheta offset for two-phase stereo.
2011-02-01 Timothy B. TerriberryAdjust the splitting threshold.
2011-01-31 Timothy B. TerriberryPropagate balance from compute_allocation() to quant_al...
2011-01-31 Timothy B. TerriberryMore band caps updates.
2011-01-31 Timothy B. TerriberryAdd generic fine-energy rebalancing.
2011-01-30 Jean-Marc ValinMerge branch 'exp_api_change'
2011-01-30 Timothy B. TerriberryUse a smarter per-band bitrate cap.
2011-01-29 Jean-Marc ValinEnabling the standard static mode by default
2011-01-29 Jean-Marc ValinUsing the actual degrees of freedom rather than N*C...
2011-01-26 Jean-Marc ValinRemoves unused function parameters
2011-01-10 Jean-Marc ValinDefines MAX_FINE_BITS to ensure that we're using the...
2011-01-09 Timothy B. TerriberryPrevent busts at low bitrates.
2010-12-30 Timothy B. TerriberryUpdate the maximum fine bits everywhere.
2010-12-30 Timothy B. TerriberryMove fine_priority calculation after the bust cap.
2010-12-27 Jean-Marc ValinMinor tweaks to the max allocation
2010-12-19 Gregory MaxwellEliminate some divisions from rate.c.
2010-12-19 Gregory MaxwellFix for the allocation going negative. (bits[j] >=...
2010-12-18 Timothy B. TerriberryReplace ec_{enc|dec}_bit_prob() with ec_{enc|dec}_bit_l...
2010-12-17 Jean-Marc ValinGiving less bits to single-bin bands.
2010-12-17 Timothy B. TerriberryMore cleanups to compute_allocation().
2010-12-17 Timothy B. TerriberryGive the bit we reserved to end skipping back when...
2010-12-16 Gregory MaxwellTerminate the coding of skip bits at the last dynalloc...
2010-12-16 Jean-Marc ValinComments, low bit-rate busting avoidance
2010-12-16 Jean-Marc ValinSetting fine_priority for skipped bands
2010-12-16 Timothy B. TerriberryRebalance N=1 allocations during interp_bits2pulses().
2010-12-16 Timothy B. TerriberryChange strategies for allocation hole prevention.
2010-12-15 Timothy B. TerriberryMore compute_allocation() fixes.
2010-12-15 Timothy B. TerriberryStore the total budget of compute_allocation in BITRES...
2010-12-15 Timothy B. TerriberryDon't stop force-skipping on the first manually skipped...
2010-12-15 Timothy B. TerriberryMove skip coding into interp_bits2pulses().
2010-12-15 Timothy B. TerriberryMore allocation function updates.
2010-12-15 Jean-Marc ValinTim just rewrote half of the bit allocator -- hope...
2010-12-14 Jean-Marc ValinThis fixes a bunch of bit allocation bugs
2010-12-14 Jean-Marc ValinMore negative bits prevention
2010-12-14 Jean-Marc ValinPreventing negative bit allocation
2010-12-14 Jean-Marc ValinTuning for 2.5 ms frames
2010-12-10 Jean-Marc ValinAdding some hysteresis on the folding threshold frequency
2010-12-08 Jean-Marc ValinSimplifying the allocation code and making sure both...
2010-12-07 Jean-Marc ValinTake into accound the 32-bit limit in the VQ
2010-12-01 Jean-Marc ValinBetter tuning for 5 ms frames
2010-12-01 Jean-Marc ValinIncreasing resolution of the alloc trim
2010-11-25 Jean-Marc ValinAllocate remaining bits with constant SNR offset
2010-11-24 Jean-Marc ValinTuning the allocation trim_offset for shorter frames
2010-11-19 Jean-Marc ValinBit allocation wotk.
2010-11-05 Jean-Marc ValinMinor tuning
2010-11-04 Jean-Marc ValinSquashed commit of the following:
2010-10-22 Jean-Marc ValinTuning the allocation trim
2010-10-22 Jean-Marc ValinReworked the allocation trim to be absolute (in bits...
2010-10-18 Jean-Marc ValinMaking sure we can use up to 128 pulses.
2010-09-30 Jean-Marc ValinAllowing to change the allocation dynamically.
2010-09-30 Jean-Marc ValinFixes a ibudget bust and a divide-by-zero at very low...
2010-09-28 Jean-Marc ValinPreventing bands from being coded at a rate below ...
2010-09-14 Jean-Marc ValinSpeed up the bit allocator interpolation
2010-09-13 Jean-Marc ValinUsing 6 steps in allocation interpolation
2010-09-01 Jean-Marc ValinConverting allocation table to 1/32 bit/sample resolution.
2010-08-31 Jean-Marc ValinMinor simplification to interp_bits2pulses()
2010-08-31 Jean-Marc ValinFine energy allocation cleanup
2010-08-31 Jean-Marc Valinqoffset tuning
2010-08-31 Jean-Marc ValinMore fine energy tuning, compensation for N=2
2010-08-31 Jean-Marc ValinNew fine energy allocation tuning.
2010-08-25 Jean-Marc ValinUpdated static modes for new pulse cache.
2010-08-25 Jean-Marc ValinNew pulse cache
2010-08-14 Jean-Marc ValinMaking the fine energy allocation code less ugly.
2010-08-06 Jean-Marc ValinAdaptive fine offset value
2010-07-27 Jean-Marc ValinBit allocation
2010-07-27 Timothy B. TerriberryAdjust fine bits allocation.
2010-07-13 Jean-Marc ValinSupport for adjusting the end band
2010-06-03 Jean-Marc ValinAllocation table now in bits/sample
2010-05-26 Jean-Marc ValinBunch of fixes for frames of 2.5 ms.
2010-05-21 Jean-Marc ValinGetting rid of PVQ-level split
2010-05-11 Jean-Marc ValinProper use of logN and logM for the offsets
2010-05-08 Jean-Marc ValinAllocation table stored with BITRES accuracy based...
2010-04-26 Jean-Marc ValinMaking the band definition the same at all frame sizes.
2010-04-07 Jean-Marc ValinCaching log2_frac(N, BITRES) in the more data to save...
2010-04-07 Jean-Marc ValinA few minor optimisations (compute_allocation, denormal...
2010-02-26 Jean-Marc ValinAllowing CELT to skip the low frequencies
2009-10-18 Jean-Marc ValinUpdated copyright notices
2009-10-17 Jean-Marc ValinChanged all the celt*int*_t types to remove the _t...
2009-10-15 Jean-Marc Valinfirst step for removing the number of channels from...
2009-10-14 Jean-Marc ValinAdjusting the allocation for stereo directly in the...
2009-10-04 Jean-Marc Valinstereo allocator tuning
2009-07-26 Jean-Marc ValinChanging some code to use BITRES directly instead of...
2009-07-23 Jean-Marc ValinReducing the size of the pulses->bits cache by restrict...
2009-06-11 Jean-Marc ValinBetter ebits rounding and making it possible to add...
2009-06-10 Jean-Marc ValinAdding extra fine bits only when we have rounded down...
2009-06-05 Gregory MaxwellHandle malloc failure in mode_create gracefully without...
2009-06-03 Jean-Marc ValinRemoved support for band-per-band stereo_mode that...
2009-06-02 Jean-Marc ValinIt is no longer necessary to have a minimum of one...
2009-02-17 Gregory MaxwellMiscellaneous comment, copyright notice, readme updates.
2009-02-10 Jean-Marc ValinBetter allocation rounding as suggested by derf