Encoder state now stored in a single allocated object
[opus.git] / libcelt / celt.c
2010-08-27 Jean-Marc ValinEncoder state now stored in a single allocated object
2010-08-27 Jean-Marc ValinSimplifies convoluted/idiotic indexing.
2010-08-27 Jean-Marc ValinMore IMDCT de-uglification
2010-08-27 Jean-Marc ValinRemoving out_mem from the encoder state.
2010-08-27 Jean-Marc ValinInverse MDCT no longer keeps channels interleaved.
2010-08-26 Jean-Marc ValinSmall suckage reduction in compute_inv_mdcts(). More...
2010-08-08 Jean-Marc ValinMoving intra decision to quant_coarse_energy()
2010-08-08 Jean-Marc ValinShuffling code around -- no change to the algorithm
2010-08-08 Jean-Marc ValinBit-stream reordering
2010-08-08 Jean-Marc ValinReorganizing the VBR code
2010-08-07 Jean-Marc ValinImplemented variable spreading amount in the decoder
2010-08-06 Jean-Marc ValinUsing the real spectral means instead of the ones
2010-08-05 Jean-Marc ValinSimplified flags encoding
2010-08-05 Jean-Marc ValinRemoving pitch prediction code
2010-08-04 Jean-Marc ValinFixed "forced intensity stereo"
2010-08-04 Jean-Marc ValinMore float conversion cleanup
2010-08-04 Jean-Marc ValinChanging some constants to float
2010-08-02 Jean-Marc ValinCode simplifications for log->amplitude conversion
2010-07-29 Jean-Marc ValinError measurement for stereo as well
2010-07-29 Jean-Marc ValinMeasuring the normalized error directly within the...
2010-07-28 Jean-Marc ValinFixing the qtheta dependency for the delta allocation
2010-07-24 Jean-Marc ValinCodec state simplification
2010-07-23 Jean-Marc ValinMaking a bunch of things static
2010-07-23 Jean-Marc ValinCleaning up intra_decision()
2010-07-23 Jean-Marc ValinEnergy quantization tuning.
2010-07-19 Jean-Marc ValinThe coarse energy budget is no longer part of the bit...
2010-07-19 Jean-Marc ValinError checking on the decoder side
2010-07-18 Jean-Marc ValinEncoder now has a way to check whether an error has...
2010-07-17 Jean-Marc ValinThe encoder and decoder can now process audio encoded...
2010-07-16 Jean-Marc ValinSome work towards being able to encode a 48 kHz stream...
2010-07-16 Jean-Marc ValinAll modes based on 2.5 ms short blocks now use the...
2010-07-16 Jean-Marc ValinConsidering the end band in more places in the code
2010-07-16 Jean-Marc ValinEncoding transient_time independently of the sampling...
2010-07-16 Jean-Marc ValinBetter support for non-48 kHz sampling rates
2010-07-16 Jean-Marc ValinPre-emphasis coefficients now part of the mode and...
2010-07-15 Jean-Marc ValinUsing short blocks a bit more often now that we have...
2010-07-13 Jean-Marc ValinHandling the start band and end band in tf encoding
2010-07-13 Jean-Marc ValinSupport for adjusting the end band
2010-07-08 Jean-Marc ValinSharing twiddle factors across all MDCTs
2010-07-06 Jean-Marc ValinUpdating DISABLE_FLOAT_API use
2010-07-06 Jean-Marc Valinfixed point bug fix in tf_analysis()
2010-07-05 Jean-Marc ValinAnother coarse budget fix for _ec() calls
2010-07-05 Jean-Marc ValinFixed a few more issues with the _ec() calls.
2010-06-28 Jean-Marc ValinSome C90-ication
2010-06-27 Jean-Marc ValinRemoving some warnings
2010-06-23 Jean-Marc ValinImproved quality of small frame sizes at low bitrate.
2010-06-22 Jean-Marc ValinImproved code for reusing ec structures
2010-06-21 Jean-Marc ValinNo need to memset() the byte buffer
2010-06-21 Jean-Marc ValinRemoving old PCL, added plc.h
2010-06-18 Jean-Marc Valinfixed-point: New PLC now enabled by default
2010-06-18 Jean-Marc Valinfixed-point: More work on the PLC
2010-06-17 Jean-Marc ValinMore work on fixed-point Levinson-Durbin
2010-06-13 Jean-Marc ValinImplementing two choices for the tf resolution
2010-06-07 Jean-Marc ValinCompletely disabling the tf code at low bitrate
2010-06-06 Jean-Marc ValinEncoding the tf parameters after coarse energy
2010-06-01 Jean-Marc ValinFix for PLC crash when using large frames
2010-06-01 Jean-Marc ValinTrying not to crash on bit errors
2010-06-01 Jean-Marc Valinremoved stupid code in transient_analysis()
2010-05-30 Timothy B. TerriberryChange ec_{enc|dec}_bit_prob to take probabilities...
2010-05-29 Jean-Marc ValinCleaning up VBR to be frame-size independent
2010-05-29 Jean-Marc ValinRD optimisation now takes bitrate into account
2010-05-28 Jean-Marc ValinSimplification to the transient detection code
2010-05-28 Jean-Marc ValinMore simplifications to the Viterbi code
2010-05-28 Jean-Marc ValinSimplifications to the tf_res RD code
2010-05-28 Jean-Marc ValinViterbi-based RD optimization of the tf_res decisions
2010-05-28 Jean-Marc Valinchanging probability of first tf resolution symbol
2010-05-28 Jean-Marc ValinAdaptive time-frequency resolution
2010-05-21 Jean-Marc ValinImproving the transient detection
2010-05-21 Jean-Marc ValinGetting rid of PVQ-level split
2010-05-19 Jean-Marc ValinImplemented CELT_SET_START_BAND
2010-05-19 Jean-Marc ValinSupport for passing your own ec state to the decoder
2010-05-19 Jean-Marc ValinSupport for passing your own ec state to the encoder
2010-05-15 Jean-Marc ValinMerged encoding/decoding of mono/stereo
2010-05-11 Jean-Marc ValinAllocation adjustment code in quand_band().
2010-05-08 Jean-Marc ValinAPI change: optional resynthesis
2010-05-08 Jean-Marc ValinMore work on variable frame size (getting rid of FRAMES...
2010-05-08 Jean-Marc ValinChanging the encoder API to add the frame size
2010-05-08 Jean-Marc ValinOops! Fixed the fixed-point build
2010-05-08 Jean-Marc ValinYet another step towards variable frame size
2010-05-08 Jean-Marc ValinMore preparation work for variable frame size
2010-05-08 Jean-Marc Valinreplaced instances of mode->nbShortMdcts by the dynamic...
2010-04-26 Jean-Marc ValinMaking the band definition the same at all frame sizes.
2010-04-20 Jean-Marc ValinSkipping transient shape renormalisation in the encoder...
2010-04-19 Jean-Marc ValinImproved transient_analysis() by adding one frame of...
2010-04-19 Jean-Marc ValinDisabling resynthesis when not needed (need to remove...
2010-04-17 Jean-Marc ValinConverted a few double-precision constants to single...
2010-04-07 Jean-Marc ValinA few minor optimisations (compute_allocation, denormal...
2010-02-26 Jean-Marc ValinAllowing CELT to skip the low frequencies
2010-02-12 John RidgesUpdating CELT_RESET_STATE to clear some fields that...
2010-01-17 Jean-Marc ValinGetting "make dist" to work again with the files that...
2010-01-01 Jean-Marc Valinfixed-point: converted PLC filters and LPC parameters
2009-12-31 Jean-Marc Valinfixed-point: starting conversion of the new PLC
2009-12-28 Jean-Marc ValinAdding a safeguard against unstable LPC, so now there...
2009-12-28 Jean-Marc ValinMaking new PLC code work in fixed-point even though...
2009-12-21 Jean-Marc ValinC89 friendliness
2009-12-17 Jean-Marc ValinThis fixes a bug in stereo PLC (offset wasn't changed...
2009-12-15 Jean-Marc ValinPLC: Added lag windowing and constraint to synthesis...
2009-12-11 Jean-Marc ValinNew LPC-based PLC code
2009-12-03 Jean-Marc ValinOops, forgot to free the pitch bufer
2009-11-26 Jean-Marc ValinReorganised the pitch code to simplify the PLC case...