Moving the SILK fixed-point and float files
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2011-04-28 Jean-Marc ValinMerge commit 'silk-repo/master'
2011-04-28 Jean-Marc ValinMerge commit 'celt-repo/master'
2011-04-28 Jean-Marc ValinLeaving just libcelt
2011-04-28 Jean-Marc ValinUpdating the draft build system
2011-04-27 Koen VosSILK update
2011-03-31 Jean-Marc Valindraft update
2011-03-18 Jean-Marc ValinCELT update
2011-03-14 Jean-Marc ValinFixed missing tags in draft
2011-03-14 Jean-Marc ValinVersion change
2011-03-14 Timothy B. TerriberryDraft revisions for the entropy coder.
2011-03-14 Jean-Marc ValinMinor draft update
2011-03-14 Gregory MaxwellDraft update (allocation
2011-03-09 Jean-Marc Valindraft version bump
2011-03-09 Jean-Marc ValinDraft Makefile update
2011-03-09 Jean-Marc ValinMinor draft distribution update
2011-03-09 Jean-Marc ValinUpdating the build of the draft and adding fixed-point...
2011-03-07 Jean-Marc Valinfixes error in definition of V(N,K)
2011-02-25 Jean-Marc Valindraft: PVQ work
2011-02-24 Jean-Marc Valindraft work
2011-02-24 Jean-Marc Valinanti-collapse
2011-02-23 Jean-Marc Valinenergy decoding
2011-02-22 Jean-Marc ValinTransients
2011-02-22 Jean-Marc ValinMoved common info from encoder to decoder
2011-02-22 Jean-Marc ValinPost-filter description
2011-02-17 Jean-Marc ValinSILK update
2011-02-15 Jean-Marc Valinpreparing the next version
2011-02-10 Jean-Marc ValinMinor draft update (CELT)
2011-02-10 Gregory MaxwellSome draft updates.
2011-02-10 Jean-Marc ValinOpus high-level encoder+decoder
2011-02-08 Jean-Marc ValinConformance, security
2011-02-04 Jean-Marc Valindraft date
2011-02-03 Jean-Marc ValinCELT update, version numbers
2011-02-03 Jean-Marc ValinUpdate draft instructions for source extraction
2011-02-03 Jean-Marc ValinAutomated draft compilation
2011-02-02 Jean-Marc ValinMerges the decoder part of the SILK draft
2011-02-02 Jean-Marc ValinMerges the encoder part of the SILK draft.
2010-12-10 Jean-Marc ValinTOC update
2010-12-02 Jean-Marc ValinUpdate TOC byte
2010-11-15 Jean-Marc ValinCELT encoder
2010-11-15 Jean-Marc ValinCELT decoder doc
2010-11-15 Jean-Marc ValinAdding range coding information
2010-11-14 Jean-Marc Valinbase64-encoded source code
2010-10-15 Jean-Marc ValinRenamed to Opus
2010-09-25 Jean-Marc ValinName changed to "Harmony"
2010-09-10 Jean-Marc ValinAdopted as WG item
2010-07-09 Jean-Marc Valincorrect phone number
2010-07-08 Jean-Marc ValinUpdate to CELT 0.8.1
2010-07-08 Jean-Marc ValinUpdated draft for 0.8.1
2010-07-08 Jean-Marc Valinietf draft update (incomplete)
2010-07-08 Jean-Marc Valindraft update, instructions
2010-07-08 Jean-Marc ValinSupport for 10ms frame size
2010-07-06 Jean-Marc ValinMFS update
2010-07-05 Jean-Marc Valinietf draft update (Koen's comments)
2010-07-05 Jean-Marc Valinietf ref author names
2010-07-05 Jean-Marc Valindraft updates
2010-07-05 Jean-Marc ValinIETF draft
2010-07-05 Jean-Marc ValinIETF draft update, minor bugfix to the encoder
2010-06-30 Jean-Marc ValinIETF draft update
2010-06-30 Jean-Marc ValinIETF draft
2009-07-13 Jean-Marc Valinietf doc: Last minute changes to the drafts
2009-07-13 Jean-Marc ValinClarifying the transient time-domain pre-emphasis and...
2009-07-13 Jean-Marc ValinUpdating draft to match latest code changes
2009-07-10 Jean-Marc Valinietf doc: clarifications
2009-07-08 Jean-Marc ValinMost suggestions by Stefan Sayer.
2009-07-08 Jean-Marc ValinSuggestions/corrections by Stefan Sayer.
2009-07-05 Jean-Marc Valinietf doc: final tweak
2009-07-05 Jean-Marc Valinietf doc: stereo and other details
2009-07-05 Jean-Marc Valinietf doc: more corrections
2009-07-04 Jean-Marc Valinief doc: Moving allocation matrix interpolation to...
2009-07-04 Jean-Marc Valinietf doc: removed duplicate paragraph in allocation...
2009-07-04 Gregory Maxwellietf doc: An initial attempt at explaining the allocati...
2009-07-04 Jean-Marc Valinietf doc: fixed a few minor things that were broken...
2009-07-03 Kat Walshcopyedit
2009-07-03 Jean-Marc Valinietf doc: misc
2009-07-03 Jean-Marc ValinTuning the folding gain to be higher when there's only...
2009-07-03 Jean-Marc Valinietf stuff: cwrs and split.
2009-07-03 Jean-Marc Valinietf doc: s/bytes/octet/
2009-07-03 Jean-Marc Valinietf doc: fixing up references, removed misleading...
2009-07-03 Timothy B. Terriberryietf doc: range decoder, minor corrections
2009-07-03 Timothy B. Terriberryietf doc: description of the range encoder (and a few...
2009-07-02 Jean-Marc Valinietf doc: spellchecking pass
2009-07-02 Jean-Marc Valinietf doc: minor changes
2009-07-02 Jean-Marc Valinietf doc: energy decoding, build script, misc stuff
2009-07-02 Jean-Marc Valinietf doc: folding, VBR, misc
2009-07-02 Jean-Marc Valinietf doc: more source code formatting changes, got...
2009-07-02 Jean-Marc Valinietf doc: cleaning up the build
2009-07-01 Jean-Marc Valinietf doc: misc
2009-06-30 Jean-Marc Valinietf doc: range coder
2009-06-30 Jean-Marc Valinietf doc: decoder overview (ASCII art)
2009-06-30 Jean-Marc Valinietf doc: encoder overview (ASCII art)
2009-06-29 Jean-Marc Valinietf doc: pitch description
2009-06-28 Jean-Marc Valinietf doc: final fine bits, some fixes to the references
2009-06-18 Jean-Marc Valinietf doc: misc corrections
2009-06-17 Jean-Marc Valinietf doc: security, VBR, stereo
2009-06-16 Jean-Marc Valinietf doc: stereo description
2009-06-12 Jean-Marc Valinietf doc: characteristics, bit-stream
2009-06-12 Jean-Marc Valinietf doc: PVQ search
2009-06-12 Jean-Marc Valinietf doc: better description of the bitstream
2009-06-11 Jean-Marc Valinietf doc: fine energy
2009-06-10 Jean-Marc Valinietf doc: synthesis