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2015-10-08 Rhishikesh AgasheAdds "arch" argument to MIPS MDCT
2015-10-07 Timothy B. TerriberryFix dump_modes output for fixed-point NE10.
2015-10-07 Viswanath Puttaguntaarmv7: Enable NE10's fixed-point FFT for the MDCT
2015-10-07 Viswanath Puttaguntaarmv7: Optimize fixed point FFT using NE10 library
2015-10-07 Viswanath Puttaguntatest_unit_dft: Add nfft = 60, 240, 480 tests
2015-10-07 Viswanath Puttaguntaarmv7(float): Optimize decode usecase using NE10 library
2015-10-07 Viswanath Puttaguntaarmv7(float): Optimize encode usecase using NE10 library
2015-10-07 Timothy B. TerriberryAdd entcode.c to the dump_modes binary.
2015-10-07 Rhishikesh AgasheFixes compile problems for MIPS
2015-09-01 Jonathan LennoxAdd intrinsics support to Visual Studio build.
2015-09-01 Jonathan LennoxReorganize x86 SSE intrinsics code.
2015-09-01 Jonathan LennoxMove SSE2 and SSE4.1 intrinsics functions to separate...
2015-09-01 Jonathan LennoxRemove some unnecessary #includes from x86cpu.c.
2015-09-01 Jonathan LennoxFix struct initialization of CPU_Feature structure.
2015-09-01 Jonathan LennoxFix cpuid asm on 32-bit PIC.
2015-09-01 Jonathan LennoxIn optimized mode, don't force Clang to use explicit...
2015-09-01 Jonathan LennoxReorganize configure's detection of intrinsics functions:
2015-02-27 Timothy B. TerriberryWrap _mm_cvtepi...() intrinsics in macros on clang.
2015-02-20 Timothy B. TerriberryDocument how to tell if your build is fixed-point.
2015-01-03 Timothy B. TerriberryFix silk_VQ_WMat_EC_sse4_1().
2014-12-26 Timothy B. TerriberryFix warnings in pedantic build.
2014-12-25 Viswanath Puttaguntaarmv7: celt_pitch_xcorr: Introduce ARM NEON intrinsics
2014-12-01 Timothy B. TerriberryFix celt_pitch_xcorr_c signature.
2014-11-19 Cameron Gutmanfloat_cast: Fix MSVC ARM build
2014-10-12 Tristan Matthewstests: fix linking for --enable-fixed-point on ARM v1.1.1-beta
2014-10-04 Timothy B. TerriberryThere are no tabs in source code.
2014-10-04 Timothy B. TerriberryFix build bustage from c95c9a048.
2014-10-04 xiangmingzhuCisco optimization for x86 & fixed point
2014-08-10 Tristan Matthewsos_support: fix misleading comments
2014-06-20 Jean-Marc ValinMerge branch 'exp_mips_opt'
2014-06-19 Jean-Marc ValinWhitespace fixes exp_mips_opt
2014-06-19 Rhishikesh AgasheMIPS optimizations
2014-06-18 Jean-Marc ValinAdds SIG2WORD16() to fixed_debug.h
2014-04-17 Gregory MaxwellSuppress some coverity false positives.
2014-03-26 Timothy B. TerriberryFix iOS builds with assembly.
2014-03-19 Martin StorsjoMake the converter handle apple specific...
2014-03-19 Martin StorsjoAdd separate labels for the start of public functions
2014-02-24 Martin Storsjoarm: Use the UAL syntax for instructions
2014-02-24 Marcello Caramma... Fixes an aliasing bug in the MDCT when the frame size...
2014-02-24 Jean-Marc ValinAdds missing license for
2014-01-31 Jean-Marc ValinSkips comb filter overlap when the parameters didn...
2014-01-30 Jean-Marc ValinMinor div optimization -- reducing denominators
2014-01-30 Jean-Marc ValinOptimizing divisions with a signed numerator
2014-01-29 Jean-Marc ValinSpeeding up ec_tell_frac()
2014-01-23 Jean-Marc ValinSpeeding up extract_collapse_mask() slightly
2014-01-23 Jean-Marc ValinUsing SSAT in SIG2WORD16() on ARMv6
2014-01-21 Jean-Marc ValinUnrolled version of the comb filter for ARM (eliminates...
2014-01-21 Jean-Marc ValinMaking decode_pulses() compute the L2-norm on the fly
2014-01-21 Jean-Marc ValinSpeed up the comb filter on ARM by using MAC16_32_Q16()
2014-01-21 Jean-Marc ValinSave more integer divisions on ARM when we know the...
2014-01-20 Jean-Marc ValinFixes use of uninitialized values in dynalloc_analysis()
2014-01-20 Jean-Marc ValinUsing a table on ARM for unsigned division by small...
2014-01-19 Jean-Marc ValinMinor cleanup in dynalloc_analysis()
2014-01-19 Jean-Marc ValinAdds a median filter to make dynalloc_analysis() more...
2014-01-08 Gregory MaxwellFix declaration after statement in fixed point.
2014-01-08 Jean-Marc Valinpseudostack instrumentation (off by default)
2014-01-07 Jean-Marc ValinFixes SMALL_FOOTPRINT for float
2014-01-07 Jean-Marc ValinDon't allocate pulses on the stack when calling the...
2014-01-07 Jean-Marc ValinMoves CELT PLC pitch search to a separate function...
2014-01-07 Jean-Marc ValinAdds SMALL_FOOTPRINT hack to the CELT PLC too
2014-01-07 Jean-Marc ValinMoves deemphasis() call out of celt_decode_lost() to...
2014-01-06 Jean-Marc ValinCleaning up leftovers of "freq" in celt_decode_with_ec()
2014-01-06 Jean-Marc ValinReduces the decoder stack use by removing the pcm_silk...
2014-01-06 Jean-Marc ValinMoves the remains of compute_inv_mdcts() to celt_synthe...
2014-01-06 Jean-Marc ValinHack that makes the SMALL_FOOTPRINT CELT decoder use...
2014-01-06 Jean-Marc ValinReduces decoder stack usage by only storing one channel...
2014-01-06 Jean-Marc ValinSome cleaning up of the synthesis code.
2014-01-05 Jean-Marc ValinMaking exp_rotation1() use MAC16_16(), which saves...
2014-01-04 Jean-Marc ValinSilences unused parameter warning
2014-01-04 Jean-Marc ValinMoving the radix-2 to expose trivial twiddle factors
2013-12-31 Jean-Marc ValinImproving the accuracy of the fixed-point radix-3 and...
2013-12-29 Jean-Marc ValinMinor cleanup -- nothing to see here
2013-12-29 Jean-Marc ValinFixed-point: slight accuracy improvement in the comb...
2013-12-29 Jean-Marc ValinRemove a SAVE_STACK that was pasted accidentally in...
2013-12-29 Jean-Marc ValinUnifying scaling of fixed-point and float FFT
2013-12-29 Jean-Marc ValinFixes C89 issue
2013-12-29 Jean-Marc ValinGetting rid of some negations
2013-12-29 Jean-Marc ValinSlightly improving the accuracy of the fixed-point...
2013-12-27 Jean-Marc ValinCommit 99968ab was causing us to allocate too much...
2013-12-27 Jean-Marc ValinRemoves the separate 1/8N rotation in the (I)MDCT and...
2013-12-23 Jean-Marc ValinInverse MDCT no longer requires any scratch space
2013-12-22 Jean-Marc ValinReverse the ordering of the FFT stage to optimize a...
2013-12-21 Jean-Marc ValinMerges the FFT scaling with the MDCT pre-rotate
2013-12-21 Jean-Marc ValinGetting rid of the inverse FFT entirely
2013-12-21 Jean-Marc ValinMoving bitrev step to forward MDCT too
2013-12-21 Jean-Marc ValinApplying the forward FFT gain up-front for fixed-point too
2013-12-21 Jean-Marc ValinMoves the bitrev step to the IMDCT pre-rotation
2013-12-16 Jean-Marc Valinfixed-point: slight (but free) accuracy improvement...
2013-12-14 Jean-Marc Valinfixed-point: adds rounding to some shifts to eliminate...
2013-12-11 Jean-Marc ValinRemove useless code in alloc_trim_analysis()
2013-12-11 Jean-Marc ValinMinor fixed-point accuracy improvements that were compl...
2013-12-11 Jean-Marc ValinRemoving indirections
2013-12-11 Jean-Marc ValinAnnotating pointer arguments with OPUS_RESTRICT and...
2013-12-10 Jean-Marc ValinMore NaN hardening in the analysis code
2013-12-10 Jean-Marc ValinUsing OPUS_COPY()/OPUS_CLEAR() in the decoder too
2013-12-10 Jean-Marc ValinMaking NaN detection more robust to -ffast-math.
2013-12-09 Jean-Marc ValinUsing celt_inner_prod() in compute_band_energies()
2013-12-09 Pedro Becerras/MAX16/MAX32/ in transient_analysis()
2013-12-09 Jean-Marc ValinDefining celt_inner_prod() and using it instead of...
2013-12-09 Jean-Marc ValinReplaces inline copies and initialization with OPUS_...