Uses opus_int32 for fs_API_Hz parameter in silk_decoder_set_fs
[opus.git] / celt /
2012-04-24 Jean-Marc ValinChanges all uses of SHR()/SHL() macros to SHR32()/SHL32()
2012-04-24 Jean-Marc ValinPrevents remove_doubling() from considering negative...
2012-04-24 Jean-Marc ValinMerge commit '390c89225d'
2012-04-20 Jean-Marc Valins/FOUNDATION/COPYRIGHT OWNER/ in CELT code and "glue...
2012-04-20 Timothy B. TerriberryMore changes addressing Robert Sparks' review
2012-04-20 Jean-Marc ValinMisc changes to address Robert Sparks' comments
2012-04-13 Jean-Marc Valinoops, this removes dead code left from previous commit
2012-04-12 Jean-Marc ValinFixes several overflows in the CELT fixed-point
2012-04-08 Jean-Marc ValinFixes a bug introduced by the previous commit
2012-04-07 Jean-Marc ValinFixes some overflows in the fixed-point pitch code
2012-04-02 Ralph GilesCast a factor to maintain precision on 16 bit systems.
2012-04-02 Ralph GilesRemove trailing whitespace.
2012-03-08 Jean-Marc ValinFixes a bunch of 16-bit issues that the C5X compiler...
2012-03-06 Ralph GilesCheck for underflow in the debug USUB32.
2012-03-06 Ralph GilesPrint the actual arguments to the debug UADD/SUB32...
2012-03-06 Ralph GilesUncomment the reporting for UADD32 and USUB32 in fixed_...
2012-03-06 Ralph GilesUsed unsigned intermediates with unsigned arguments...
2012-03-06 Ralph GilesFix --enable-fixed-point-debug.
2012-03-06 Jean-Marc ValinMore consistent types for 16-bit architectures
2012-03-05 Jean-Marc ValinEliminates an unused parameter warning in anti_collapse()
2012-02-17 Jean-Marc ValinLast updates for draft -11 v0.9.9
2012-01-31 Jean-Marc ValinTweaks the CELT fractional resampling delay to get...
2011-12-02 Timothy B. TerriberryMove nbits_total initialize before renormalization.
2011-12-02 Jean-Marc ValinAll variables named "bank" renamed to "bandE" to avoid...
2011-12-02 Ralph GilesRename '_FOO' to avoid potentional collisions with...
2011-11-29 Jean-Marc ValinSome minor (non-bitstream-affecting) changes to help...
2011-11-26 Gregory MaxwellTesting tools improvements (no impact on draft)
2011-11-08 Jean-Marc ValinMinor anti-collapse state fix
2011-10-31 Jean-Marc ValinFixes a minor issue on CELT->SILK switching
2011-10-30 Gregory MaxwellFix some inconsequential file descriptor leaks in the...
2011-10-29 Jean-Marc ValinSilences a gcc warning
2011-10-28 Ralph GilesUse the fallback __GNUC_PREREQ from arch.h in ecintrin.h.
2011-10-28 Gregory MaxwellFixes a bug in ec_enc_done when no range coded data...
2011-10-28 Gregory MaxwellExtend test_unit_entropy to test some patch_initial_bit...
2011-10-28 Timothy B. TerriberryFix for ec_enc_patch_initial_bits().
2011-10-27 Gregory MaxwellTest cleanups and renaming.
2011-10-27 Ralph GilesConvert tabs to spaces in the opus and celt code.
2011-10-27 Jean-Marc ValinMoves the main headers from src/ to include/
2011-10-26 Gregory MaxwellRenames test_opus to opus_demo and adds the test_opus_a...
2011-10-25 Jean-Marc ValinOops, forgot the #defines for OPUS_{SET|GET}_MAX_BANDWI...
2011-10-25 Jean-Marc ValinImplements OPUS_SET_MAX_BANDWIDTH()
2011-10-24 Koen VosOptimization of the CBR loop
2011-10-19 Jean-Marc ValinOnly free state once in kiss-fft failed init path
2011-10-11 Jean-Marc ValinUsing a noise-based PLC for the CELT layer in hybrid...
2011-10-04 Gregory MaxwellAdd some CUSTOM_MODES ifdefs in celt.c around code...
2011-10-04 Jean-Marc ValinRenaming the CELT plc.c file to celt_lpc.c to avoid...
2011-10-04 Gregory MaxwellAdd the noreturn attribute on the assert functions...
2011-09-30 Gregory MaxwellAs of commit 44203907 all celt bands N>1 are even,...
2011-09-28 Gregory MaxwellCleans up some leaking opus_custom symbols in celt/
2011-09-25 Jean-Marc ValinAvoiding more left shifts of negative values
2011-09-24 Jean-Marc ValinAvoiding left shifts of negative values
2011-09-23 Jean-Marc ValinMaking the left shift macros use unsigned to avoid...
2011-09-23 Jean-Marc ValinAPI doc improvements
2011-09-19 Gregory MaxwellSome fixes for C89 builds.
2011-09-15 Gregory MaxwellDocumentation and build script updates.
2011-09-14 Jean-Marc ValinImplements OPUS_GET_PITCH that queries the decoded...
2011-09-14 Jean-Marc Valinrenames the libcelt/ directory to celt/
2011-04-28 Jean-Marc ValinMoved all SILK source code to the silk/ directory
2011-04-28 Jean-Marc ValinMerge commit 'silk-repo/master'
2011-04-28 Jean-Marc ValinMerge commit 'celt-repo/master'
2011-04-25 Jean-Marc ValinLoss rate adaptation for the CELT layer
2011-03-31 Jean-Marc Valindraft update
2011-03-23 Jean-Marc ValinBuild fixes
2011-03-21 Jean-Marc ValinMaking mode switching use the same window as CELT ...
2011-03-18 Jean-Marc ValinCELT update
2011-03-18 Jean-Marc ValinMore project files update
2011-03-17 Jean-Marc ValinFixes a few PLC/DTX bugs due to the recent decode API...
2011-03-14 Jean-Marc ValinAdding constrained VBR mode
2011-03-14 Gregory MaxwellDraft update (allocation
2011-03-11 Jean-Marc ValinDisable newly introduced CELT signalling
2011-03-10 Jean-Marc ValinNothing to see here
2011-03-09 Jean-Marc ValinCELT update
2011-03-08 Jean-Marc ValinSupport for glitchles mode switching
2011-02-28 Jean-Marc ValinSILK/CELT update
2011-02-15 Jean-Marc Valinpreparing the next version
2011-02-15 Jean-Marc Valinmissing files
2011-02-14 Jean-Marc ValinSILK and CELT updates
2011-02-14 Koen VosUpdate for in-band FEC
2011-02-04 Jean-Marc Valindraft date
2011-02-04 Jean-Marc ValinCELT update
2011-02-04 Koen VosTuning the hybrid bit-rate split
2011-02-04 Jean-Marc ValinOops, fixed the CELT version
2011-02-04 Timothy B. TerriberryUpdate Opus range coder due to CELT refactoring.
2011-02-03 Jean-Marc ValinCELT update, version numbers
2011-02-03 Jean-Marc ValinBuild fixes
2011-02-03 Jean-Marc ValinOops, had inverted some tuning lines
2011-02-03 Karsten Vandborg... Hybrid mode tuning
2011-02-03 Jean-Marc ValinCELT update
2011-02-03 Jean-Marc ValinSome work on the build
2011-02-03 Jean-Marc ValinEnabling the CELT post-filter in Opus
2011-02-02 Jean-Marc ValinCELT update
2011-02-01 Jean-Marc ValinEnabling real CELT VBR
2011-02-01 Jean-Marc ValinCELT update
2011-01-31 Jean-Marc ValinCELT update
2011-01-31 Jean-Marc ValinFixes resampling in CELT-only mode
2011-01-31 Jean-Marc ValinMerge stereo switching CELT API
2011-01-31 Jean-Marc ValinUpdated to CELT's new API
2011-01-22 Jean-Marc ValinCELT update
2011-01-18 Jean-Marc ValinCELT update
2010-11-08 Jean-Marc ValinCELT updated to 0.9.0 (+ PLC fix)