2013-09-04 Gregory MaxwellBump version. v0.1.7
2013-08-26 Ralph GilesSilence mvsc posix warnings.
2013-08-26 Ralph GilesAdd picture.c to the Visual Studio project files.
2013-08-26 Ralph GilesUpdate opus library paths for the new project files.
2013-08-26 Ralph GilesAsk genversion.bat to generate PACKAGE_VERSION.
2013-07-13 RonDoc improvements for --bitrate.
2013-07-13 RonAlways try to update the version when autogen.sh is run
2013-07-11 Gregory MaxwellRevert "Doc improvements for --bitrate, and a --quality...
2013-07-11 Gregory MaxwellDoc improvements for --bitrate, and a --quality alias...
2013-06-29 Gregory MaxwellOpus-tools now requires libopus 1.0.3 or later.
2013-06-29 Jean-Marc ValinConverts opusenc to the new multistream surround encode...
2013-06-29 RonReplace INCLUDES with AM_CPPFLAGS
2013-06-28 RonTweak the sound driver detection tests
2013-06-28 RonCheck for libm in a way that shouldn't explode on BeOS
2013-06-10 RonDrop the test for lrint too
2013-06-10 RonReplace the last AC_TRY_COMPILE
2013-06-10 RonGet rid of LIBM altogether
2013-06-10 RonIndentation
2013-06-10 RonMore autoconf housekeeping
2013-06-08 RonDrop the stdint size tests that we never use anywhere
2013-06-08 RonFully automate version updating
2013-06-08 RonFix the phoney spelling of PHONY
2013-06-08 RonTidy up some of the special CPPFLAGS
2013-06-08 RonDrop the inline PACKAGE/VERSION fallback
2013-06-08 RonDrop the HAVE_GETOPT_H guard
2013-06-08 RonReplace the homegrown autogen.sh with a call to autoreconf
2013-06-08 RonMore gitignorance
2013-05-06 Gregory MaxwellAdd picture.c to Makefile.unix.
2013-05-06 Timothy B.... Refactor METADATA_BLOCK_PICTURE support.
2013-05-06 Timothy B.... Add METADATA_BLOCK_PICTURE validation to opusinfo.
2013-05-06 Timothy B.... Add support for METADATA_BLOCK_PICTURE.
2013-04-04 Timothy B.... Fix R128_TRACK_GAIN tags for flac input.
2013-02-20 Timothy B.... Add copyright headers to FLAC import.
2013-02-20 Timothy B.... Make more FLAC reader functions static.
2013-02-18 Gregory MaxwellBump copyright notices.
2013-02-07 Gregory Maxwellopusdec: handle chaining without EOS on the prior chain.
2013-02-07 Ralph GilesDon't clobber FLAC_CFLAGS and FLAC_LIBS from the comman...
2013-02-07 Timothy B.... Require libFLAC >= 1.1.3 in the no-pkg-config case
2013-02-05 Gregory MaxwellExpose the --discard-comments flag in the opusenc help.
2013-02-05 Gregory MaxwellMake sure the flac input replay gain tag parsing uses...
2013-02-05 Gregory MaxwellAdd metadata padding in opusenc.
2013-01-22 Gregory MaxwellDon't include new title/album/date/genre args in the...
2013-01-15 Ralph GilesAdd more standard tag switches to opusenc.
2013-01-15 Gregory MaxwellSave (some) commandline arguments into a comment in...
2013-01-15 Ralph GilesAdd the '=' separator inside comment_add().
2013-01-15 Gregory MaxwellMake it more clear that the rate range range is instant...
2013-01-02 Ralph GilesUse AC_CONFIG_HEADERS.
2012-12-21 Gregory MaxwellRemove extraneous CONFIG_H after #endif in win32/config.h.
2012-12-17 Ralph GilesDocument the intent of the #ifdefs around query_cpu_sup...
2012-12-17 Ralph GilesFix an indent.
2012-12-12 Gian-Carlo... Add FLAC support files to MSVC projects.
2012-12-11 Gregory MaxwellBump version.
2012-12-10 Gregory MaxwellAdd serial number argument to opusenc, updates help...
2012-12-09 Gregory MaxwellMakefile.unix updates for flac support.
2012-12-09 Timothy B.... Add FLAC input support.
2012-12-07 Ralph GilesDistribute the getopt implementation for the msvc build. v0.1.6
2012-12-07 Ralph GilesAdd win32/version.h to the distribution so it does...
2012-12-07 Ralph GilesRemove MSVC incremental linking directives.
2012-12-07 Ralph GilesAdd a static win32/version.h for tarball builds.
2012-12-07 Ralph GilesAdd -lm to the opusrtp build line.
2012-12-07 Gregory MaxwellBump version.
2012-12-03 Gregory MaxwellHide uncoupled in opusenc. It's being confused as somet...
2012-11-27 Gregory MaxwellFix opusenc crash on win32 for large files; Length...
2012-11-14 Ralph GilesEnable maintainer mode by default on automake 1.11
2012-11-05 Ralph GilesConditionalize the opusrtp socket code.
2012-11-05 Ralph GilesUpdate Makefile.unix to work with mingw.
2012-11-05 Ralph GilesSimplify native-endian reader.
2012-11-05 Ralph GilesAdd a native-endian int32 reader. Fixes an ARM warning.
2012-11-03 Gregory MaxwellLower default bitrates for sampling rates <44.1k. Fix...
2012-10-30 Ralph GilesFix opusrtp option handling.
2012-10-21 Gregory MaxwellAlso reject streams where a second packet begins but...
2012-10-21 Gregory MaxwellReject inputs where there is more than one packet on...
2012-10-18 Ralph GilesUpdate the hard-coded opus payload type.
2012-10-16 Ralph GilesWarning fix: rename 'state' variable to 'headers'.
2012-10-04 Ralph GilesPrint the packet duration as well as size when sending.
2012-10-04 Ralph GilesAccept filenames to send over rtp on the command line.
2012-10-04 Ralph GilesCalculate timestamps from packet durations.
2012-10-03 Ralph GilesDon't truncate the rtp packets.
2012-10-03 Ralph GilesThe current rtp version is 2.
2012-10-03 Ralph GilesOnly clear ogg_stream_state if it's initialized.
2012-10-03 Ralph GilesRemove a debug statement.
2012-10-03 Ralph GilesGet the link-layer header type from pcap_datalink.
2012-10-03 Ralph GilesLoopback packet header is host, not big, endian.
2012-10-02 Ralph GilesAdd 'loopback' header parsing to the sniff mode.
2012-10-02 Ralph GilesImprove trace output.
2012-10-02 Ralph GilesMake the payload type a constant.
2012-10-02 Ralph GilesReturn after executing --sniff.
2012-10-02 Ralph GilesRate-limit the RTP packets.
2012-10-02 Ralph GilesThe webrtc.org code is using payload type 113.
2012-10-02 Ralph GilesHack up an rtp sender.
2012-10-01 Ralph GilesAdd serialize_rtp_header.
2012-09-27 Gregory MaxwellOpusdec don't add wav header on non-.wav output. Offer...
2012-09-25 Sherief N.... Fixed potential over-allocation / (fatal) under-allocat...
2012-09-19 Gregory MaxwellAdd some notes on the meaning of the complexity knob.
2012-09-16 Andreas SchlickFix compilation on non-Windows x86-32 w/ -msse.
2012-09-14 Ralph GilesAdd a comment describing what read_padder is doing.
2012-09-12 Ralph GilesThat didn't work either. Just remove the libtool section.
2012-09-12 Ralph GilesActually disable libtool.
2012-09-05 Ralph GilesFix a typo in the previous commit.
2012-09-05 Ralph GilesUpdate manual version strings after the 0.1.5 release.