2012-06-12 Gregory MaxwellBump to v0.1.2. v0.1.2
2012-06-12 Gregory MaxwellUse dist_man_MANS for the manpages instead of EXTRA_DIST.
2012-06-12 Gregory MaxwellAdvance version to 0.1.1, fix packaging of manfiles. v0.1.1
2012-06-12 Gregory MaxwellOn WIN32 fseek() returns 0 on pipes, use GetFileType...
2012-06-12 Gregory MaxwellWhen ignoring length don't try to get the length with...
2012-06-11 Gregory MaxwellAdd an --ignorelength option to opusenc.
2012-06-11 Gregory MaxwellImprovements to opusinfo error messages.
2012-06-11 Gregory MaxwellGet rid of cruddy bitrate spinner in the decoder.
2012-06-11 Gregory MaxwellAdd a hidden --no-downmix knob to override the automati...
2012-06-03 Gregory MaxwellFix for windows playback non-functionality introduced...
2012-06-03 Gregory MaxwellFix for Opusdec output at 44.1kHz adding a pop at ...
2012-06-02 Gregory MaxwellPartial revert of d8e1592d— was erroneously rejecting...
2012-06-02 Gregory MaxwellStronger detection of output opening errors.
2012-05-30 Ralph GilesTry linking opus when testing -fPIE.
2012-05-29 Gregory MaxwellFix for the infinite loop on preskip>samples found...
2012-05-29 Gregory MaxwellMore faithfully reflect the vorbis-tools licensing...
2012-05-29 Gregory MaxwellThe input file was missing in the opusdec.1 synopsis.
2012-05-29 Gregory Maxwellopusinfo, correct conversion of headergain into dB.
2012-05-28 Gregory MaxwellAdvance versions.
2012-05-28 Gregory MaxwellDrop soundcard support from Makefile.unix and include... v0.1.0
2012-05-28 Gregory MaxwellAutomake fixes for make dist; add .xz build output.
2012-05-28 Gregory MaxwellShorten container delay option.
2012-05-28 Gregory MaxwellRevert "Add AC_PROG_LIBTOOL to make it easier to build...
2012-05-28 Gregory MaxwellChange see-also formatting in manpages to make it machi...
2012-05-28 Kat Walshproofreading
2012-05-28 Gregory MaxwellAdd some missing copyright notices.
2012-05-28 Gregory MaxwellStarter manpages for opusenc/opusdec/opusinfo.
2012-05-28 Gregory Maxwellupdate gitignore.
2012-05-28 Gregory MaxwellAdd AC_PROG_LIBTOOL to make it easier to build static...
2012-05-28 Gregory Maxwell'ENCODER=' tag for opus-tools version instead of the...
2012-05-27 Gregory MaxwellEnd padding buffer is per channel.
2012-05-27 Gregory MaxwellAdditional header checks.
2012-05-27 Gregory MaxwellFix package naming in help output.
2012-05-27 Gregory MaxwellWin32 portability fixes.
2012-05-27 Gregory MaxwellOgginfo test additions from Tim's review.
2012-05-27 Gregory MaxwellAdd 'opusinfo' tool and misc cleanups.
2012-05-25 Gregory MaxwellUse RESTRICTED_LOWDELAY when the user requests frames...
2012-05-25 Gregory MaxwellFix overhead calculation, move start time measurement...
2012-05-24 Gregory MaxwellAlso reject v1 headers which are too long.
2012-05-24 Gregory MaxwellBasil Gohar pointed out that it was missing a gitignore.
2012-05-23 Gregory MaxwellMinor fix for chained files with resampling.
2012-05-23 Gregory Maxwellopusdec: Correct lengths for resampled outputs; chaining.
2012-05-23 Gregory MaxwellFix opusdec wav output on big-endian systems.
2012-05-23 Gregory MaxwellFix minor memory leak with resampled output.
2012-05-22 Gregory MaxwellRevise header version according to the current OggOpus...
2012-05-21 Gregory MaxwellRestore handling of data being a non-final hunk in...
2012-05-21 Gregory MaxwellAvoid confusion between int truncate and truncate();
2012-05-20 Gregory MaxwellNow all wav files >2GiB encode completely.
2012-05-16 Gregory MaxwellSupport for PIE/RELRO, avoid stackprotector on platform...
2012-05-16 Gregory Maxwellsoundcard.h autodetection
2012-05-16 Gregory MaxwellInclude <opus.h> instead of <opus/opus.h> for compatibi...
2012-05-16 Gregory MaxwellAdd a real autotools build enviroment.
2012-05-07 Gregory Maxwell.oga->.opus
2012-04-12 Ralph GilesRevert #undef OLD_LIBOGG.
2012-04-11 Ralph GilesUse 'artist' not 'author' for the dc:author tag.
2012-01-23 Gregory MaxwellIn opusdec fill resampler with 0 rather than 200. Repor...
2012-01-23 Gregory MaxwellInclude missing alloca.h.
2011-12-14 Gregory MaxwellEncoder-side changes for exact durations for 44.1k...
2011-12-03 Gregory MaxwellMinor changes to make it easier to cross compile.
2011-12-01 Gregory MaxwellSome minor reorg, plus removing -DVALGRIND from the...
2011-11-23 Gregory MaxwellOpusenc: code 16kHz as 16kHz, not 12kHz.
2011-11-23 Gregory MaxwellAdd --save-range for opusdec too.
2011-11-23 Gregory MaxwellOpusenc: Downmixing, multistream --save-range, multistr...
2011-11-22 Gregory MaxwellFirst cut at working multichannel support.
2011-11-20 Gregory MaxwellIncremental work rewriting opusenc.
2011-11-18 Gregory MaxwellOpusdec print_comments hardening.
2011-11-18 Gregory MaxwellFix opusenc comment writing.
2011-11-17 Gregory MaxwellFix opusenc stack corruption with large requested frames.
2011-11-17 Gregory MaxwellFix oggdec stack corruption with large frames.
2011-10-31 Gregory MaxwellFixes build against current libopus.
2011-08-29 Jean-Marc ValinMerge remote-tracking branch 'jmvalin/master'
2011-08-29 Jean-Marc ValinError handling
2011-08-29 Gregory MaxwellBuild fixes for the multistream error codes and some...
2011-08-27 Jean-Marc ValinSwitching to multi-stream API
2011-08-23 Gregory MaxwellAdd noise shaping dither to opusdec.
2011-08-19 Gregory MaxwellSwitch the encode and decode tools to use the float...
2011-08-10 Jean-Marc ValinNow with non insane dB->gain calculation
2011-08-09 Jean-Marc ValinAdding a playback gain field to the header
2011-08-09 Jean-Marc Valinheader fixes from bemasc
2011-08-09 Jean-Marc Valinupdated Ogg header comment
2011-08-09 Jean-Marc ValinNew version of the Opus header -- reversing the stream...
2011-08-04 Jean-Marc ValinAdding OpusTags at the front of comments packets
2011-08-04 Gregory MaxwellAvoid high muxing delay by tracking and flushing, suppo...
2011-08-04 Jean-Marc Valins/sample_rate/input_sample_rate/
2011-08-04 Jean-Marc ValinImplements --speech and --music
2011-08-03 Jean-Marc ValinComment bugfix: comment_init() was called too late.
2011-08-03 Jean-Marc ValinHandling the preskip after resampling
2011-08-03 Jean-Marc ValinAdding code to drain the resampler
2011-08-03 Jean-Marc ValinNow skips samples at the end according to the last...
2011-08-03 Jean-Marc ValinFixes granulepos computation in opusenc and ensures...
2011-08-03 Jean-Marc Valinproper pre-skip computation in the encoder
2011-08-03 Jean-Marc Valins/pregap/preskip/
2011-08-02 Jean-Marc ValinMulti-stream header support -- completely untested
2011-08-02 Jean-Marc ValinRejecting headers with junk at the end
2011-08-02 Jean-Marc ValinMaking the header little endian like the rest
2011-08-02 Jean-Marc ValinAdds a version field and fixes pregap decoding
2011-08-02 Jean-Marc ValinPregap handling in opusenc, proper ending of audio...
2011-08-02 Jean-Marc ValinResampling on the decoder side
2011-08-01 Jean-Marc ValinBasic resampling support in the encoder
2011-08-01 Jean-Marc ValinBringing in the Speex resampler (not used yet)