2018-10-21 Mark Harrisgitlab-ci: Generate HTML man pages test4
2018-10-16 Mark Harristravis-ci: Fix CI on macOS master
2018-09-30 Mark Harrisopusdec: Clean up resources on all errors
2018-09-27 Mark Harrisopusdec: Call op_free after decoding is complete
2018-09-18 Mark Harrisconfigure: require libopusenc >= 0.2 v0.2
2018-09-18 Mark Harrisopusrtp: Update help and manual page
2018-09-16 Andrew Allenopusinfo: support for ambisonics
2018-09-15 moisesmcardonaopusenc: Add --tracknumber option
2018-09-15 Mark Harrisopusdec, opusenc: Fix float WAV on big endian host
2018-09-15 Mark Harrisopusrtp: Fix compatibility with old systems
2018-09-14 Tristan Matthewsresample: fix UINT32_MAX fallback bugfix/resampler-uint
2018-07-21 Mark Harrisresample: clean up for upstream
2018-07-16 Mark HarrisRemove unused macros
2018-07-15 Mark HarrisInclude alloca.h when needed, remove unused cruft
2018-07-15 Mark Harrisopusrtp: Fix opusrtp dependency checks
2018-07-15 Mark Harrisopusrtp: DLT_LINUX_SLL support (interface "any")
2018-07-15 Mark Harrisopusrtp: add --sniff device name argument
2018-07-15 Mark Harrisopusrtp: Allow port with --sniff/--extract
2018-07-15 Mark Harrisopusrtp: IPv6 support
2018-05-04 Mark Harrisopusdec: Use literal format strings
2018-04-30 Mark Harrisgitlab-ci: Add libpcap-dev for opusrtp
2018-04-30 Mark Harrisopusdec: Fix some compiler warnings
2018-04-30 Mark Harrisopusrtp: Fix error if pcap is unavailable
2018-04-29 Mark Harrisopusrtp: Guess payload type if none specified
2018-04-29 Mark Harrisopusrtp: Avoid global variables for options
2018-04-29 Mark Harrisopusrtp: Consolidate sniff and extract code
2018-04-29 Mark Harrisopusrtp: Use opus_packet_get_nb_samples()
2018-04-29 Mark Harrisopusrtp: Fix transmit timing
2018-04-29 Mark Harrisopusrtp: Fix indentation
2018-04-29 Martin Meszarosopusrtp: Allow an output filename for extraction
2018-04-29 Martin Meszarosopusrtp: Make --extract argument mandatory
2018-04-29 Martin Meszarosopusrtp: Add new command line options
2018-04-24 Martin Meszarosopusrtp: Add support for RTP extension headers
2018-04-24 Martin Meszarosopusrtp: Allow usage of winpcap on Windows
2018-04-24 Martin Meszarosgitignore: Ignore *.exe files
2018-04-21 Mark Harrisopusenc: --set-ctl-int parameter validation
2018-04-21 Mark Harrisopusenc: Add --music, --speech, --no-phase-inv
2018-04-21 Mark Harrisconfigure: Check for opusfile before opusurl
2018-04-21 Mark Harrisconfigure: Require Opus 1.1 to match libopusenc
2018-04-21 Mark Harrisopusenc: Avoid leak on multiple save-range options
2018-03-04 Mark Harrisopusenc: Use OPE_GET_NB_STREAMS/COUPLED_STREAMS
2018-03-04 Mark Harrisconfigure: Don't enable stack-protector on Windows
2018-02-24 Mark HarrisSwitch to -fstack-protector-strong from -all
2018-02-24 Mark HarrisAdd GitLab CI
2018-02-24 Mark HarrisAttempt to make whitespace a bit more consistent
2018-02-24 Mark Harrisopusenc: Fix some MSVC compiler warnings
2018-02-24 Mark HarrisUse consistent formatting of units
2018-02-22 Mark Harrisopusenc: Fix formatting of time stats
2018-02-22 Mark HarrisUpdate copyright year
2018-02-22 Mark Harrisopusenc: Improve error reporting
2018-02-08 Mark Harrisopusdec: Update resampler from speexdsp
2018-02-08 Mark HarrisRemove unused Speex header file os_support.h
2018-02-08 Mark HarrisEliminate dependency on Speex os_support.h
2018-02-06 Mark Harrisopusenc: Add FLAC pictures using libopusenc
2018-02-05 Mark Harrisopusenc: Set header gain when requested
2018-02-04 Mark HarrisDon't use reserved identifiers as macro names
2018-02-04 Mark Harrisopusenc: Fix stats and percent progress
2018-02-03 Mark HarrisUse correct format specifier for 64-bit types
2018-02-03 Mark HarrisC preprocessor formatting cleanup
2018-01-06 Mark HarrisVS2010: Remove old project files test3-appveyor
2018-01-06 Ricardo ConstantinoVS2015: remove source files from libs that don't need...
2018-01-06 Ricardo ConstantinoVS2015: add flac support
2018-01-06 Ricardo ConstantinoVS2015: prepare for new opusfile and libopusenc depende...
2018-01-05 Mark Harrisappveyor: Fix libopusenc artifact file name
2018-01-05 Ralph Gilesappveyor: Install opusfile and libopusenc artifacts.
2018-01-03 Mark HarrisVS*: Remove deleted files from VS projects
2018-01-03 Mark HarrisUpdate Makefile.unix
2018-01-03 Mark Harrisopusdec: Update help and man page
2018-01-03 Mark Harrisopusdec: Use HAVE_*SOUNDCARD_H consistently
2018-01-03 Mark Harrisopusinfo: Fix compiler warning
2018-01-03 Mark Harrissave_range: Correctly handle multistream padding
2018-01-03 Mark HarrisUpdate http URLs to https where appropriate
2018-01-03 Mark Harrisconfigure: Fix non-pkg-config opus include path
2018-01-03 Mark Harrisopusenc: Don't save --picture in ENCODER_OPTIONS
2018-01-03 Mark Harrisopusinfo: Relax JPEG check to allow EXIF metadata
2018-01-03 Jean-Marc Valinopusenc: Convert to use libopusenc
2018-01-03 Timothy B.... opusdec: Convert to use libopusfile
2018-01-03 Ralph Gilestravis: Build libopusenc from source for the linux...
2018-01-03 Ralph Gilestravis: Add opusfile and libopusenc dependency
2018-01-02 Jean-Marc ValinUse libtool to allow uninstalled dependencies
2018-01-02 Mark Harrisopusenc: Avoid uninitialized data on invalid FLAC
2018-01-02 Mark Harrisopusenc: Use fseeko64/ftello64 on MinGW/MinGW-W64
2017-05-25 Ricardo Constantinoappveyor: get opus artifacts from appveyor
2017-05-25 Ricardo Constantinoappveyor: run a basic test on the compiled binaries
2017-05-25 Ricardo Constantinoappveyor: pack manuals from jenkins
2017-05-25 Ricardo Constantinoappveyor: save artifact to constant name
2017-05-25 Ricardo ConstantinoVS2015: remove unneeded and duplicated options
2017-05-25 Ricardo ConstantinoVS2015: Add opus common.props
2017-05-25 Ricardo ConstantinoMakefile.am: add VS2015 files
2017-05-25 Ricardo Constantinowin32/gitignore: Ignore generated version.h
2017-02-22 Mark Harrisopusenc: Avoid seeking on Windows pipes
2017-01-22 Mark Harrisupdate_version: Drop --always from git describe v0.1.10
2017-01-22 Ricardo Constantinoappveyor: remove version prefix from artifacts
2017-01-22 StephenAdd more coverage in travis
2017-01-22 Ricardo Constantinowin32: use same genversion script as opus
2017-01-22 Jean-Marc Valinopusenc: Avoid resampler fractional sample offset
2017-01-22 Mark HarrisRemove obsolete ChangeLog
2017-01-22 Mark HarrisUpdate copyright year
2017-01-20 Mark Harrisopusenc: Clean up help
2017-01-20 Mark Harrisopusenc: Fix typos