opusdec: Use literal format strings
[opus-tools.git] / src /
2018-05-04 Mark Harrisopusdec: Use literal format strings
2018-04-30 Mark Harrisopusdec: Fix some compiler warnings
2018-04-30 Mark Harrisopusrtp: Fix error if pcap is unavailable
2018-04-29 Mark Harrisopusrtp: Guess payload type if none specified
2018-04-29 Mark Harrisopusrtp: Avoid global variables for options
2018-04-29 Mark Harrisopusrtp: Consolidate sniff and extract code
2018-04-29 Mark Harrisopusrtp: Use opus_packet_get_nb_samples()
2018-04-29 Mark Harrisopusrtp: Fix transmit timing
2018-04-29 Mark Harrisopusrtp: Fix indentation
2018-04-29 Martin Meszarosopusrtp: Allow an output filename for extraction
2018-04-29 Martin Meszarosopusrtp: Make --extract argument mandatory
2018-04-29 Martin Meszarosopusrtp: Add new command line options
2018-04-24 Martin Meszarosopusrtp: Add support for RTP extension headers
2018-04-21 Mark Harrisopusenc: --set-ctl-int parameter validation
2018-04-21 Mark Harrisopusenc: Add --music, --speech, --no-phase-inv
2018-04-21 Mark Harrisopusenc: Avoid leak on multiple save-range options
2018-03-04 Mark Harrisopusenc: Use OPE_GET_NB_STREAMS/COUPLED_STREAMS
2018-02-24 Mark HarrisAttempt to make whitespace a bit more consistent
2018-02-24 Mark Harrisopusenc: Fix some MSVC compiler warnings
2018-02-24 Mark HarrisUse consistent formatting of units
2018-02-22 Mark Harrisopusenc: Fix formatting of time stats
2018-02-22 Mark HarrisUpdate copyright year
2018-02-22 Mark Harrisopusenc: Improve error reporting
2018-02-08 Mark Harrisopusdec: Update resampler from speexdsp
2018-02-08 Mark HarrisRemove unused Speex header file os_support.h
2018-02-08 Mark HarrisEliminate dependency on Speex os_support.h
2018-02-06 Mark Harrisopusenc: Add FLAC pictures using libopusenc
2018-02-05 Mark Harrisopusenc: Set header gain when requested
2018-02-04 Mark HarrisDon't use reserved identifiers as macro names
2018-02-04 Mark Harrisopusenc: Fix stats and percent progress
2018-02-03 Mark HarrisUse correct format specifier for 64-bit types
2018-02-03 Mark HarrisC preprocessor formatting cleanup
2018-01-03 Mark Harrisopusdec: Update help and man page
2018-01-03 Mark Harrisopusdec: Use HAVE_*SOUNDCARD_H consistently
2018-01-03 Mark Harrisopusinfo: Fix compiler warning
2018-01-03 Mark Harrissave_range: Correctly handle multistream padding
2018-01-03 Mark HarrisUpdate http URLs to https where appropriate
2018-01-03 Mark Harrisopusenc: Don't save --picture in ENCODER_OPTIONS
2018-01-03 Mark Harrisopusinfo: Relax JPEG check to allow EXIF metadata
2018-01-03 Jean-Marc Valinopusenc: Convert to use libopusenc
2018-01-03 Timothy B. Terriberryopusdec: Convert to use libopusfile
2018-01-02 Mark Harrisopusenc: Avoid uninitialized data on invalid FLAC
2018-01-02 Mark Harrisopusenc: Use fseeko64/ftello64 on MinGW/MinGW-W64
2017-02-22 Mark Harrisopusenc: Avoid seeking on Windows pipes
2017-01-22 Jean-Marc Valinopusenc: Avoid resampler fractional sample offset
2017-01-22 Mark HarrisUpdate copyright year
2017-01-20 Mark Harrisopusenc: Clean up help
2017-01-20 Mark Harrisopusenc: Fix typos
2017-01-20 Mark Harrisopusenc: Don't read excess data after samples
2017-01-20 Mark Harrisopusenc: Limit end trimming to one frame
2017-01-20 Mark Harrisopusenc: Change fatal WAV/AIFF warnings to errors
2017-01-20 Mark Harrisopusenc: Don't warn about mono center channel WAV
2017-01-20 Mark Harrisopusdec: Fix channel mask in mono float WAV output
2017-01-16 Ralph Gilesopusrtp::sniff() - Call pcap_close for any error condition.
2017-01-16 Giacomo Vaccaopusrtp::extract() - call pcap_close for any error...
2017-01-16 Giacomo Vaccaopusrtp::extract() - use only if HAVE_PCAP
2017-01-16 Giacomo Vaccaopusrtp: add extract (from file) option
2017-01-14 Ricardo Constantinoopusdec: fix crash with 64-bit VS builds
2016-12-31 Mark Harrisopusenc: Sanitize sample rate, fix rate from AIFF
2016-11-11 Michael GraczykFix potential uninitialized access for set-ctl-int
2016-09-23 Mark Harrisopusenc: Use correct types for WAV/AIFF fields
2016-09-23 Mark Harrisopusrtp: Fix clang -Wcast-align warning
2016-09-23 Mark Harrisopusenc: Write valid Opus file when 80+ channels
2016-09-22 Mark Harrisopusenc: Fix display of percent progress
2016-09-20 Mark Harrisopusenc: Sanitize WAV/AIFF fourccs
2016-09-20 Mark Harrisopusenc: Ignore null comments from FLAC input
2016-09-20 Mark Harrisopusenc: Handle arbitrary AIFF/WAV chunk sizes
2016-09-20 Mark Harrisopusenc: Consistently use large file interfaces
2016-08-27 Mark Harrisopusenc: Validate AIFF/WAV channel count
2016-07-26 Orestes ZoupanosTidy VS2010 project files.
2016-06-13 Tristan Matthewsopusrtp: don't leak file stream on error
2015-09-09 Ralph GilesFix a comment typo.
2014-12-01 Gregory MaxwellOpusdec doesn't handle chaining that changes the channe...
2014-11-28 Gregory Maxwellopusenc: reject sampling rates over 768KHz or under...
2014-08-18 Diego Elio Pettenòresample: make some tables constant
2014-08-10 Tristan Matthewsos_support: fix misleading comments
2014-06-25 Karl Tomlinsonresample: complete speex_resampler_reset_mem
2014-06-13 Ralph GilesMerge tag 'v0.1.9'
2014-06-12 Tristan Matthewsarch: _USE_SSE is never defined
2014-06-09 Mark HarrisFix a typo in a warning message.
2014-06-08 RonTypo fix encoder->decoder
2014-02-09 Mark HarrisCorrect minor issues with audio input error messages.
2014-02-09 Mark HarrisFix 8-bit AIFF input.
2014-02-09 Mark HarrisSet correct lsb depth for WAV and AIFF input.
2014-01-25 Gregory MaxwellMake discard-comments discard album art, also add a...
2014-01-16 Tristan Matthewsopusrtp: fix memory leaks
2014-01-16 Ralph GilesDestination and port switches require arguments.
2014-01-13 Gregory MaxwellAdd support in opusdec to write out 32-bit floating...
2013-11-28 Timothy B. TerriberryFix copying pictures from FLAC with a mimetype.
2013-10-30 Tristan Matthewsopusrtp: add options to set destination address and...
2013-08-26 Ralph GilesSilence mvsc posix warnings.
2013-08-26 Ralph GilesAdd picture.c to the Visual Studio project files.
2013-08-26 Ralph GilesUpdate opus library paths for the new project files.
2013-08-26 Ralph GilesAsk genversion.bat to generate PACKAGE_VERSION.
2013-07-13 RonDoc improvements for --bitrate.
2013-07-11 Gregory MaxwellRevert "Doc improvements for --bitrate, and a --quality...
2013-07-11 Gregory MaxwellDoc improvements for --bitrate, and a --quality alias...
2013-06-29 Gregory MaxwellOpus-tools now requires libopus 1.0.3 or later.
2013-06-29 Jean-Marc ValinConverts opusenc to the new multistream surround encode...
2013-06-28 RonTweak the sound driver detection tests