opusenc: Avoid resampler fractional sample offset
[opus-tools.git] / src / audio-in.c
2017-01-22 Jean-Marc Valinopusenc: Avoid resampler fractional sample offset
2017-01-20 Mark Harrisopusenc: Don't read excess data after samples
2017-01-20 Mark Harrisopusenc: Change fatal WAV/AIFF warnings to errors
2017-01-20 Mark Harrisopusenc: Don't warn about mono center channel WAV
2016-12-31 Mark Harrisopusenc: Sanitize sample rate, fix rate from AIFF
2016-09-23 Mark Harrisopusenc: Use correct types for WAV/AIFF fields
2016-09-22 Mark Harrisopusenc: Fix display of percent progress
2016-09-20 Mark Harrisopusenc: Sanitize WAV/AIFF fourccs
2016-09-20 Mark Harrisopusenc: Handle arbitrary AIFF/WAV chunk sizes
2016-09-20 Mark Harrisopusenc: Consistently use large file interfaces
2016-08-27 Mark Harrisopusenc: Validate AIFF/WAV channel count
2014-02-09 Mark HarrisCorrect minor issues with audio input error messages.
2014-02-09 Mark HarrisFix 8-bit AIFF input.
2014-02-09 Mark HarrisSet correct lsb depth for WAV and AIFF input.
2012-12-09 Timothy B. TerriberryAdd FLAC input support.
2012-11-27 Gregory MaxwellFix opusenc crash on win32 for large files; Length...
2012-09-14 Ralph GilesAdd a comment describing what read_padder is doing.
2012-08-01 Gregory MaxwellMore correct handling of the resampler buffer and flush...
2012-07-12 Gregory MaxwellClean up some but not all C99isms.
2012-07-08 Timothy B. TerriberryInitial version of proper multichannel WAV output.
2012-07-05 Chris MoellerImplemented LPC in audio input padder.
2012-06-13 Gregory MaxwellAvoid another inconsequential memory leak in opusenc.
2012-06-13 Gregory MaxwellAvoid an inconsequential memory leak in opusenc reporte...
2012-06-12 Gregory MaxwellOn WIN32 fseek() returns 0 on pipes, use GetFileType...
2012-06-12 Gregory MaxwellWhen ignoring length don't try to get the length with...
2012-06-11 Gregory MaxwellAdd an --ignorelength option to opusenc.
2012-05-27 Gregory MaxwellWin32 portability fixes.
2012-05-21 Gregory MaxwellRestore handling of data being a non-final hunk in...
2012-05-20 Gregory MaxwellNow all wav files >2GiB encode completely.
2012-05-16 Gregory MaxwellAdd a real autotools build enviroment.
2012-01-23 Gregory MaxwellInclude missing alloca.h.
2011-12-14 Gregory MaxwellEncoder-side changes for exact durations for 44.1k...
2011-12-03 Gregory MaxwellMinor changes to make it easier to cross compile.
2011-11-23 Gregory MaxwellOpusenc: Downmixing, multistream --save-range, multistr...
2011-11-22 Gregory MaxwellFirst cut at working multichannel support.