opusdec: Use literal format strings
[opus-tools.git] / man /
2018-04-21 Mark Harrisopusenc: Add --music, --speech, --no-phase-inv
2018-02-24 Mark HarrisUse consistent formatting of units
2018-01-03 Mark Harrisopusdec: Update help and man page
2018-01-03 Mark HarrisUpdate http URLs to https where appropriate
2018-01-03 Jean-Marc Valinopusenc: Convert to use libopusenc
2018-01-03 Timothy B. Terriberryopusdec: Convert to use libopusfile
2017-01-20 Mark Harrisopusenc: Clean up help
2014-12-02 David FifieldAdd --quiet to opusenc and opusdec man pages.
2014-01-25 Gregory MaxwellMake discard-comments discard album art, also add a...
2014-01-13 Gregory MaxwellAdd support in opusdec to write out 32-bit floating...
2013-09-19 Ralph GilesDocument using --genre and --artist multiple times.
2013-09-19 Ralph GilesFix a manpage typo.
2013-09-09 Ralph GilesAdd new metadata switches to the manpage.
2013-07-13 RonDoc improvements for --bitrate.
2013-07-11 Gregory MaxwellRevert "Doc improvements for --bitrate, and a --quality...
2013-07-11 Gregory MaxwellDoc improvements for --bitrate, and a --quality alias...
2013-01-15 Ralph GilesAdd more standard tag switches to opusenc.
2012-12-10 Gregory MaxwellAdd serial number argument to opusenc, updates help...
2012-12-03 Gregory MaxwellHide uncoupled in opusenc. It's being confused as somet...
2012-11-03 Gregory MaxwellLower default bitrates for sampling rates <44.1k. Fix...
2012-10-04 Ralph GilesAccept filenames to send over rtp on the command line.
2012-09-27 Gregory MaxwellOpusdec don't add wav header on non-.wav output. Offer...
2012-09-19 Gregory MaxwellAdd some notes on the meaning of the complexity knob.
2012-09-01 Ralph GilesAdd basic option parsing to opusrtp and a manpage.
2012-09-01 Ralph GilesList -h before -V in the option summaries.
2012-09-01 Ralph GilesUse -V for --version in all utilities.
2012-09-01 Ralph GilesRemove --speech and --music from the oggenc manpage.
2012-08-27 Ralph GilesMerge branch 'rtp' from users/giles/opus-tools.git.
2012-08-19 Gregory MaxwellRemove --speech and --music arguments from opusenc.
2012-07-20 Gregory MaxwellAdd a manual gain knob to opusdec.
2012-07-10 Gregory MaxwellRemove non-working --stereo and --mono arguments to...
2012-06-11 Gregory MaxwellAdd an --ignorelength option to opusenc.
2012-06-11 Gregory MaxwellGet rid of cruddy bitrate spinner in the decoder.
2012-05-29 Gregory MaxwellThe input file was missing in the opusdec.1 synopsis.
2012-05-28 Gregory MaxwellShorten container delay option.
2012-05-28 Gregory MaxwellChange see-also formatting in manpages to make it machi...
2012-05-28 Kat Walshproofreading
2012-05-28 Gregory MaxwellStarter manpages for opusenc/opusdec/opusinfo.