opusdec: Use literal format strings
[opus-tools.git] / configure.ac
2018-04-29 Mark Harrisopusrtp: Fix transmit timing
2018-04-24 Martin Meszarosopusrtp: Allow usage of winpcap on Windows
2018-04-21 Mark Harrisconfigure: Check for opusfile before opusurl
2018-04-21 Mark Harrisconfigure: Require Opus 1.1 to match libopusenc
2018-03-04 Mark Harrisconfigure: Don't enable stack-protector on Windows
2018-02-24 Mark HarrisSwitch to -fstack-protector-strong from -all
2018-02-24 Mark HarrisAttempt to make whitespace a bit more consistent
2018-02-08 Mark Harrisopusdec: Update resampler from speexdsp
2018-02-03 Mark HarrisUse correct format specifier for 64-bit types
2018-01-03 Mark HarrisUpdate http URLs to https where appropriate
2018-01-03 Jean-Marc Valinopusenc: Convert to use libopusenc
2018-01-03 Timothy B. Terriberryopusdec: Convert to use libopusfile
2018-01-02 Jean-Marc ValinUse libtool to allow uninstalled dependencies
2016-01-27 Christian WeisgerberFix PIE configure test
2013-09-07 RonDon't overlink everything with flac
2013-09-07 RonDon't include OPUS_CFLAGS and OPUS_LIBS twice
2013-07-13 RonAlways try to update the version when autogen.sh is run
2013-06-29 Gregory MaxwellOpus-tools now requires libopus 1.0.3 or later.
2013-06-28 RonCheck for libm in a way that shouldn't explode on BeOS
2013-06-10 RonDrop the test for lrint too
2013-06-10 RonReplace the last AC_TRY_COMPILE
2013-06-10 RonGet rid of LIBM altogether
2013-06-10 RonIndentation
2013-06-10 RonMore autoconf housekeeping
2013-06-08 RonDrop the stdint size tests that we never use anywhere
2013-06-08 RonFully automate version updating
2013-02-07 Ralph GilesDon't clobber FLAC_CFLAGS and FLAC_LIBS from the comman...
2013-02-07 Timothy B. TerriberryRequire libFLAC >= 1.1.3 in the no-pkg-config case
2013-01-02 Ralph GilesUse AC_CONFIG_HEADERS.
2012-12-11 Gregory MaxwellBump version.
2012-12-09 Timothy B. TerriberryAdd FLAC input support.
2012-12-07 Gregory MaxwellBump version.
2012-11-27 Gregory MaxwellFix opusenc crash on win32 for large files; Length...
2012-11-14 Ralph GilesEnable maintainer mode by default on automake 1.11
2012-09-05 Ralph GilesUpdate manual version strings after the 0.1.5 release.
2012-09-04 Gregory MaxwellBump version. v0.1.5
2012-08-30 Gregory MaxwellUse opus.m4 for autotools opus config to enable --with...
2012-08-27 Ralph GilesMerge branch 'rtp' from users/giles/opus-tools.git.
2012-08-27 Ralph GilesFix a config.h typo.
2012-08-22 Ralph GilesAdd build support for opusrtp.c.
2012-08-04 Gregory MaxwellBump version
2012-08-01 Gregory MaxwellAdvance version to 0.1.4. v0.1.4
2012-07-25 Gregory MaxwellChange the runtime CPU type detection into a cpu mismat...
2012-07-25 Gregory MaxwellAvoid forcing SSE on x86, provide a configure option...
2012-07-23 Gregory MaxwellAutoconf -msse for mingw/32bit builds, kill some warnings.
2012-07-22 Gregory MaxwellCleanups; make win32 unicode support only get used...
2012-07-12 Christian WeisgerberThis uses the native sndio interface instead of the...
2012-07-12 Gregory MaxwellRemove requirements for lrintf/fminf/fmaxf, avoid alloc...
2012-07-10 Gregory MaxwellAutoconf arguments to manually disable stackprotector...
2012-07-10 Gregory MaxwellAdvance version to 0.1.3. v0.1.3
2012-07-07 Gregory MaxwellMake stack-protector check use AC_LINK_IFELSE.
2012-06-13 Gregory MaxwellAvoid an inconsequential memory leak in opusenc reporte...
2012-06-12 Gregory MaxwellBump to v0.1.2. v0.1.2
2012-06-12 Gregory MaxwellAdvance version to 0.1.1, fix packaging of manfiles. v0.1.1
2012-05-30 Ralph GilesTry linking opus when testing -fPIE.
2012-05-28 Gregory MaxwellAdvance versions.
2012-05-28 Gregory MaxwellRevert "Add AC_PROG_LIBTOOL to make it easier to build...
2012-05-28 Gregory MaxwellAdd AC_PROG_LIBTOOL to make it easier to build static...
2012-05-27 Gregory MaxwellFix package naming in help output.
2012-05-27 Gregory MaxwellWin32 portability fixes.
2012-05-27 Gregory MaxwellAdd 'opusinfo' tool and misc cleanups.
2012-05-16 Gregory MaxwellSupport for PIE/RELRO, avoid stackprotector on platform...
2012-05-16 Gregory Maxwellsoundcard.h autodetection
2012-05-16 Gregory MaxwellAdd a real autotools build enviroment.