opusdec: Use literal format strings
[opus-tools.git] / autogen.sh
2013-06-08 RonReplace the homegrown autogen.sh with a call to autoreconf
2012-09-12 Ralph GilesThat didn't work either. Just remove the libtool section.
2012-09-12 Ralph GilesActually disable libtool.
2012-08-31 Ralph GilesDon't call libtoolize from autogen.sh.
2012-08-31 Ralph GilesMove opus.m4 to an m4 subdir and add ogg.m4 and pkg.m4.
2012-08-31 Ralph GilesAdd opus.m4 from the opus repo so XIPH_PATH_OPUS is...
2012-05-16 Gregory MaxwellAdd a real autotools build enviroment.