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last changeFri, 11 Nov 2016 10:07:26 +0000 (02:07 -0800)
2016-11-11 Michael GraczykFix potential uninitialized access for set-ctl-int master
2016-09-23 Mark Harrisopusenc: Use correct types for WAV/AIFF fields
2016-09-23 Mark Harrisopusrtp: Fix clang -Wcast-align warning
2016-09-23 Mark Harrisopusenc: Write valid Opus file when 80+ channels
2016-09-22 Mark Harrisopusenc: Fix display of percent progress
2016-09-21 Ralph GilesUse the appveyor badge for the xiph github repo.
2016-09-21 Chocobo1Add badges
2016-09-21 Chocobo1Modernize README
2016-09-20 Mark Harrisopusenc: Sanitize WAV/AIFF fourccs
2016-09-20 Mark Harrisopusenc: Ignore null comments from FLAC input
2016-09-20 Mark Harrisopusenc: Handle arbitrary AIFF/WAV chunk sizes
2016-09-20 Mark Harrisopusenc: Consistently use large file interfaces
2016-08-27 Mark Harrisopusenc: Validate AIFF/WAV channel count
2016-07-29 Ricardo Constantino... Add appveyor.yml
2016-07-29 Ricardo Constantino... VS2015: Use united opus lib.
2016-07-29 Ricardo Constantino... VS2015: Use simple project to run genversion.bat.
2 years ago v0.1.9 Opus Audio Tools 0.1.9
3 years ago v0.1.8 0.1.8 Fixes a memory corruption...
3 years ago v0.1.7 Version 0.1.7
3 years ago v0.1.6 Release version 0.1.6.
4 years ago v0.1.5 Version 0.1.5
4 years ago v0.1.4 Version 0.1.4
4 years ago v0.1.3 Version 0.1.3
4 years ago v0.1.2 Release v0.1.2
4 years ago v0.1.1 Release v0.1.1
4 years ago v0.1.0 Initial release.
3 weeks ago master
3 years ago variable_duration