2017-06-24 Jean-Marc Valinlimit decision_delay to MAX_LOOKAHEAD
2017-06-24 Jean-Marc Valinmissed one
2017-06-24 Jean-Marc ValinRemove wav_permute_matrix[][]
2017-06-24 Jean-Marc Valins/opusenc/libopusenc/
2017-06-19 Jean-Marc ValinFixes LPC extension for the resampling case
2017-06-19 Jean-Marc ValinFixes shift_buffer() to actually preserve the first...
2017-05-24 Jean-Marc Valinminor comment tweak v0.1
2017-05-23 Ralph GilesRename opusenc makefile shortcuts to libopusenc.
2017-05-23 Ralph GilesUpdate makefile for libopusenc.pc name change.
2017-05-23 Ralph GilesUpdate travis badge for the project rename.
2017-05-23 Jean-Marc Valins/opusenc/libopusenc/
2017-05-23 Ralph GilesAdd travis build status badge to the readme.
2017-05-23 Ralph Gilestravis: Require Ubuntu 14.04.
2017-05-23 Ralph GilesAdd build config.
2017-05-20 Jean-Marc Valinpackage name is libopusenc
2017-05-19 Jean-Marc Valinremoving mentions of libogg
2017-05-19 Jean-Marc Valinmisc fixes
2017-05-19 Jean-Marc ValinFixes mixed declaration and code
2017-05-19 Jean-Marc ValinRemove http from
2017-05-19 Jean-Marc ValinAdd missing copyright header
2017-05-19 Jean-Marc ValinAvoiding sign comparison warnings on the resampler
2017-05-19 Jean-Marc ValinAvoiding using the packet after invalidated by oggp_com...
2017-05-19 Jean-Marc ValinUsing oggp_get_packet_buffer() instead of a fixed size...
2017-05-19 Jean-Marc ValinCall packet callback before committing the packet
2017-05-19 Jean-Marc ValinImplement OPE_GET_* ctl() calls
2017-05-19 Jean-Marc ValinAdds OPUS_GET* calls
2017-05-19 Jean-Marc Valinmisc fixes
2017-05-19 Jean-Marc ValinImplement ope_strerror()
2017-05-19 Jean-Marc ValinReturn int error codes for pictures
2017-05-18 Jean-Marc ValinChanging picture API
2017-05-18 Jean-Marc ValinDon't need libogg anymore, but we need libopus 1.1...
2017-05-18 Jean-Marc Valinreenable SSE and full sinc table
2017-05-18 Jean-Marc ValinSync resampler with libspeexdsp
2017-05-16 Jean-Marc ValinAdd support for header gain
2017-05-14 Jean-Marc ValinRemove const on OggOpusComments
2017-05-14 Jean-Marc ValinRemove useless #includes
2017-05-14 Jean-Marc ValinDocumenting API parameters
2017-05-14 Jean-Marc ValinAdd some Doxygen doc
2017-05-12 Jean-Marc ValinFIXME no longer applies (was only for libogg code)
2017-05-12 Jean-Marc ValinProperly support > 8 channels
2017-05-12 Jean-Marc Valincleanup
2017-05-12 Jean-Marc ValinFix granulepos bug on empty streams
2017-05-12 Jean-Marc ValinRemove use of ogg_packet
2017-05-12 Jean-Marc ValinRemove use of Ogg integer types
2017-05-12 Jean-Marc ValinRemove libogg-based implementation
2017-05-12 Jean-Marc ValinVersioning
2017-05-11 Jean-Marc ValinFix
2017-05-11 Jean-Marc Valinmake sampling rate, page sizes, and packet sizes 32...
2017-05-11 Jean-Marc ValinA few more type changes
2017-05-11 Jean-Marc ValinUsing size_t for things that could be beyond 4GB
2017-05-11 Jean-Marc ValinUsing oggp_int32 instead of some usage of int and long
2017-05-11 Jean-Marc ValinAdd explicit user data for packet callback, add OPUS_GE...
2017-05-11 Jean-Marc ValinCalling packet callback on headers too
2017-05-11 Jean-Marc Valinoops, forgot a break in switch() statement
2017-05-10 Jean-Marc ValinMaking it possible to add a full comment string
2017-05-10 Jean-Marc ValinPrefix OggOpusEnc functions with ope_encoder_
2017-05-10 Jean-Marc ValinAdded comments object
2017-05-07 Jean-Marc ValinFixing window generation
2017-05-07 Jean-Marc ValinComputing the exact (I think) padding size
2017-05-06 Jean-Marc ValinMerge branch 'exp_lpc1'
2017-05-06 Jean-Marc ValinMisc fixes to LPC exp_lpc1
2017-05-06 Jean-Marc ValinAdds windowing to the LPC output
2017-05-06 Jean-Marc ValinFix indexing
2017-05-06 Jean-Marc Valinoops
2017-05-06 Jean-Marc ValinAdding some LPC extension code
2017-05-06 Jean-Marc ValinPreventing further damage when in unrecoverable error...
2017-05-06 Jean-Marc Valinwip for handling unrecoverable errors
2017-05-06 Jean-Marc ValinProperly cleanup on failure to open a file
2017-05-06 Jean-Marc ValinProperly cleanup even when ope_drain() isn't called
2017-05-06 Jean-Marc ValinFix copyright (using libogg's CRC code)
2017-05-05 Jean-Marc ValinImplement pull API
2017-05-05 Jean-Marc Valinsplit the calls for draining and destroying the object
2017-05-05 Jean-Marc Valinremove page callback
2017-05-05 Jean-Marc ValinFix leak
2017-05-05 Jean-Marc ValinMerge branch 'exp_oggpacker2'
2017-05-05 Jean-Marc Valinenable new packer
2017-05-05 Jean-Marc Valincleaning up exp_oggpacker2
2017-05-05 Jean-Marc Valinmore splitting
2017-05-05 Jean-Marc Valinswitch for the packer
2017-05-05 Jean-Marc Valinsetting the muxing delay
2017-05-05 Jean-Marc Valinchaining seems to be working
2017-05-05 Jean-Marc ValinFix bos and eos (I think)
2017-05-05 Jean-Marc ValinCan now reallocate page
2017-05-05 Jean-Marc Valinshifting the buffer to avoid growing it all the time
2017-05-05 Jean-Marc Valinsplit pages seem to work
2017-05-05 Jean-Marc ValinAdding some page-splitting code (not quite correct)
2017-05-05 Jean-Marc Valinrefactor
2017-05-05 Jean-Marc Valinboth ogg libraries side-by-side
2017-05-05 Jean-Marc ValinAdd EOS support exp_oggpacker1
2017-05-05 Jean-Marc Valinmore fixes
2017-05-05 Jean-Marc ValinFixes some bugs
2017-05-05 Jean-Marc Valinlacing resize
2017-05-05 Jean-Marc Valinresize packet buffer
2017-05-05 Jean-Marc Valintracking the user buffer pointer
2017-05-05 Jean-Marc Valinwip
2017-05-04 Jean-Marc Valinmore packer code
2017-05-04 Jean-Marc ValinNew ogg packer instead of libogg
2017-05-04 Jean-Marc ValinAdd packet and page callbacks
2017-05-04 Jean-Marc ValinAdd support for OPUS_MULTISTREAM_GET_ENCODER_STATE
2017-05-04 Jean-Marc Valinmerge libopus and libopusenc ctl() calls