Don't overrun buffer on oom if assertions disabled
[libopusenc.git] / src / opus_header.h
2018-09-13 Mark HarrisAvoid reserved identifiers for macros/functions
2018-03-20 Andrew AllenSupport for Ambisonics.
2017-12-29 Jean-Marc ValinRemove comment_replace_vendor_string() which is now...
2017-12-29 Jean-Marc ValinAvoid symbol collisions (especially with static linking)
2017-06-24 Jean-Marc ValinRemove wav_permute_matrix[][]
2017-05-16 Jean-Marc ValinAdd support for header gain
2017-05-12 Jean-Marc ValinRemove use of Ogg integer types
2017-05-04 Jean-Marc ValinImplements changing the vendor string
2017-04-30 Jean-Marc Valinmissing const
2017-04-27 Jean-Marc ValinMore comments code
2017-04-25 Jean-Marc ValinAdd header code from opus-tools
2017-04-25 Jean-Marc ValinMore init code, silencing warnings