[libopusenc.git] / configure.ac
2017-05-23 Jean-Marc Valins/opusenc/libopusenc/
2017-05-20 Jean-Marc Valinpackage name is libopusenc
2017-05-19 Jean-Marc Valinmisc fixes
2017-05-19 Jean-Marc ValinRemove http from configure.ac
2017-05-19 Jean-Marc ValinAvoiding sign comparison warnings on the resampler
2017-05-18 Jean-Marc ValinDon't need libogg anymore, but we need libopus 1.1...
2017-05-18 Jean-Marc Valinreenable SSE and full sinc table
2017-05-01 Jean-Marc ValinAdding resampler code (not used yet)
2017-04-30 Jean-Marc Valinexporting symbols
2017-04-23 Jean-Marc ValinCopying build system from opusfile