descriptionFLAC lossless audio codec
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last changeMon, 21 May 2018 00:51:20 +0000 (10:51 +1000)
44 hours ago Robert Kausch.travis.yml: Simplify file structure and add libogg... master
45 hours ago Robert KauschAdd unit tests for word-wise CRC16 functions
45 hours ago Robert KauschFix CRC calculation for small blocks.
45 hours ago Robert KauschUpdate CRC16 for larger data blocks when decoding.
45 hours ago Robert KauschImplement slicing-by-8 CRC16 algorithm.
2 days ago Robert Kausch.travis.yml: Run --enable-64-bit-words test in separate...
2 days ago Robert KauschAdd bitreader unit test.
2 days ago Robert KauschMinor fixes for bitwriter unit test.
2 days ago Robert KauschAdd unit tests for CRC calculation.
2 days ago Robert KauschRemove unused CRC8 functions.
2018-05-06 Erik de Castro... Fix more GCC warnings about case fall-through
2018-05-06 Erik de Castro... More generic version of MSVC bug workaround
2018-04-30 Erik de Castro... .travis.yml: Test --enable-64-bit-words as well topic/travis
2018-04-08 Jeffrey Espiritureplaygain_synthesis.c: Fix compile issue in MSVS
2018-02-10 Erik de Castro... Fix for missing WINAPI_FAMILY_PARTITION
2018-01-08 Christophe... libFLAC : new function returns client_data from decoder
16 months ago 1.3.2
3 years ago 1.3.1 Version 1.3.1.
3 years ago 1.3.1pre1
4 years ago 1.3.0 Version 1.3.0.
5 years ago 1.3.0pre4 1.3.0pre4
5 years ago 1.3.0pre2 Tag version 1.3.0pre2.
5 years ago 1.3.0pre1
10 years ago 1.2.1
10 years ago 1.2.0
44 hours ago master
3 weeks ago topic/travis
22 months ago wip/cpu