2013-09-28 Nathan E. EggeAdding MAKE_SPARSE flag to intra_pred. style
2013-09-25 Nathan E. EggeUpdating intra_pred to print betas after each step.
2013-09-24 Jean-Marc ValinMinor cleanup: fix parameter names
2013-09-23 Nathan E. EggeRefactored intradata.c to include OD_SATD_WEIGHTS.
2013-09-20 Tristan Matthewsadapt: fix warning due to missing include
2013-09-17 Gregory MaxwellPrint correct block sizes for OD_SATD_WEIGHTS.
2013-09-17 Jean-Marc ValinDouble precision theta PVQ for upcoming experiments
2013-09-16 Nathan E. EggeAdded SSIM to RD-curve generation scripts.
2013-09-16 RlFixed typo in daala encoder_example.
2013-09-06 Nathan E. EggeMoving stack variables to the heap.
2013-09-04 Nathan E. EggeAdding block mask to intra tools.
2013-08-21 Ralph GilesPrefer 'return' to 'exit' in the test main(). r=ron
2013-08-21 Ralph GilesSkip logging_test when logging isn't enabled. r=ron
2013-08-18 Jean-Marc ValinDouble-precision PVQ quantizer for upcoming experiments
2013-08-17 Jean-Marc ValinReplaces zig-zag with bands to makes it easier to mix...
2013-08-10 Jean-Marc ValinAdds required declarations for using bands
2013-08-09 Jean-Marc ValinFixes the zigzag for sizes 8 and 16
2013-08-07 Jean-Marc Valindoc: Theoretical distortion for scalar quantization
2013-07-30 Nathan E. EggeAdding DROP_BY_MAG support to intra_pred.
2013-07-30 Nathan E. EggeAdding scripts to generate RD-curve graphs
2013-07-27 Monty MontgomeryClamp image value output for VP8 residue image
2013-07-27 Monty MontgomeryCorrect bugs in VP8 error residue image output
2013-07-24 Jean-Marc ValinMore dubious theoretical results
2013-07-10 Gregory MaxwellReworking the 2D moving average filter.
2013-07-09 Jean-Marc ValinBringing back quant_pvq_theta(), though disabled for now
2013-07-09 Jean-Marc ValinPVQ converts the rest to Q6
2013-07-09 Jean-Marc ValinPVQ: converts companded gains to CSCALE (Q6)
2013-07-09 Jean-Marc ValinPVQ q now using CSCALE (Q6)
2013-07-09 Jean-Marc ValinChanges q to Q3 values
2013-07-08 Jean-Marc ValinChange od_sqrt() output scaling to Q15.
2013-07-01 Gregory MaxwellReenable chroma from luma.
2013-07-01 Gregory MaxwellFix DC PVQ rounding to prevent brightness/color shifts.
2013-07-01 Gregory MaxwellKeep the lower precision MVs when subpel refine ties.
2013-06-29 RonMake the parallel test mode of automake 1.13 useable
2013-06-29 Jean-Marc Valinintra prob doc: adds references, more on adaptation
2013-06-29 Timothy B.... intra doc fixes
2013-06-28 RonSeparate the tests for the two different doc types
2013-06-28 RonAdd functioning .pc files for daalaenc/dec
2013-06-28 Jean-Marc ValinIntra pred doc update
2013-06-25 Gregory MaxwellFixes intra trace.
2013-06-25 Nathan E. EggeUpdating tools to print updated intra predictors.
2013-06-24 Jean-Marc ValinJmspeex' Journal of Dubious Theoretical Results
2013-06-24 Gregory MaxwellFixes for ecebf29e, fixes rounding avoids unnecessary...
2013-06-24 Gregory MaxwellNormalize mode probablities: lossless ~1.4% smaller.
2013-06-23 Gregory MaxwellAdds an externally accessible lossless mode.
2013-06-22 Gregory MaxwellSwitch back to the 1D Cg selected filters.
2013-06-22 Brendan LongFix encoder_example's error output so it doesn't say...
2013-06-21 Timothy B.... Reformatting code to new style: state.c
2013-06-21 Timothy B.... Fix MC visualization broken in 31a2e4d3.
2013-06-21 Ralph GilesUse better libcheck references in the unix build. r=ron
2013-06-21 Ralph GilesMove ${LIBS} to the end of unix build example link...
2013-06-21 Jean-Marc ValinNon-bit-exact-disassembly reformatting changes to PVQ...
2013-06-21 Jean-Marc ValinFirst pass at reformatting PVQ quant (bit-exact disasse...
2013-06-21 RonBe consistent with using parentheses for make variables
2013-06-21 Jean-Marc ValinSome doc on the quantized RDO curve we could use in...
2013-06-21 RonAdd -pthread to CHECK_CFLAGS if check.pc does not.
2013-06-21 Sebastian DrögeCheck for libm and explicitly link it everywhere it...
2013-06-21 Timothy B.... Enable logging in dump_video and player_example.
2013-06-21 Timothy B.... Make the logging initialization API public.
2013-06-21 Timothy B.... Reformatting code to new style: state.c
2013-06-21 Timothy B.... Reformatting code to new style: mcenc.c
2013-06-21 Timothy B.... Remove another intentional negative shift.
2013-06-21 Jean-Marc ValinBased on gmaxwell's review
2013-06-20 Jean-Marc ValinDisables "faster" PVQ search that was producing obvious...
2013-06-20 Jean-Marc ValinPVQ quant now turns off the gain offset on P-frames.
2013-06-20 Jean-Marc Valinintra mode modelling doc changes
2013-06-19 Nathan E. EggeFixing bug in 2D Cg computation.
2013-06-19 Nathan E. EggeAdding flag to disable transforms in analysis/synthesis...
2013-06-18 Ralph GilesAdd a placeholder readme.
2013-06-18 Gregory MaxwellPreparatory plugging to pacify parser parentheses pater...
2013-06-17 Gregory MaxwellRemove dead DPCM code.
2013-06-17 Nathan E. EggePre/post-filter code now operates a SB at a time.
2013-06-12 Gregory MaxwellFix for prior coverage test change.
2013-06-12 Gregory MaxwellCoverage test script improvements.
2013-06-12 Jean-Marc Valinmerges the intra predictor x, y and neighbour id into...
2013-06-12 Gregory MaxwellMissing od_ec_window cast in entdec.c.
2013-06-12 Jean-Marc ValinFixes the PVQ test to artificially overestimate OD_ADAP...
2013-06-12 Jean-Marc ValinFixes more overflows on extreme values in the PVQ encoder.
2013-06-12 Gregory MaxwellAdditional tests in test_coef_coder.c.
2013-06-12 Jean-Marc ValinFixes PVQ encoder corner cases
2013-06-11 Jean-Marc ValinRemaining formatting changes that affect the object...
2013-06-11 Jean-Marc ValinReformatting the pvq encoder code to the new coding...
2013-06-11 Gregory MaxwellUse the residual for block-size on non-keyframes.
2013-06-11 Jean-Marc ValinConverts some of the PVQ quantizer to fixed-point.
2013-06-10 Timothy B.... Remove intentional negative shifts.
2013-06-09 Monty MontgomeryCorrect unused parameter warnings
2013-06-09 Monty MontgomeryCorrect extraneous garbage in trans_gain after a pull...
2013-06-09 Monty MontgomeryMerge branch 'master' of git.xiph.org:/daala
2013-06-09 Monty MontgomeryCompleted trans_gain code with gain numbers
2013-06-09 RonFix some compiler warnings
2013-06-09 RonEnable logging in `make debug` too
2013-06-09 RonMore configure.ac housekeeping, no functional change
2013-06-09 RonAdd an --enable-logging configure option
2013-06-09 RonDon't force assertions and logging unconditionally
2013-06-09 RonSwitch to using config.h for configuration options
2013-06-09 RonNote which tools created generated files
2013-06-09 RonFix whitespace damage
2013-06-09 RonPreserve user supplied CFLAGS
2013-06-09 RonDon't build the tools by default
2013-06-09 Gregory MaxwellFix build without assertions.