2015-05-16 Thomas DaedeFix tiff2y4m.c still_images
2015-05-15 Thomas DaedeMerge remote-tracking branch 'jmgithub/exp_altrdo'...
2015-05-15 Thomas DaedeMerge remote-tracking branch 'jmgithub/exp_paint_dering...
2015-05-15 Thomas DaedeAdd tiff2y4m
2015-05-15 Jean-Marc Valinpartial AM
2015-05-15 Jean-Marc ValinAlternate distortion weighting for RDO when activity...
2015-05-15 Thomas DaedeAdd y4m2tiff
2015-05-15 Tristan Matthewsencoder_example: use sizeof(var), not sizeof(int)
2015-05-14 Tristan Matthewsencoder_example: add --[no-]activity-masking
2015-05-14 Tristan Matthewsencoder_example: use sizeof(var), not sizeof(type)
2015-05-13 Jean-Marc ValinUsing a proper CDF
2015-05-13 Jean-Marc ValinFixes encoder to not rewrite the painted image multiple...
2015-05-13 Jean-Marc Valindecoder seems to work
2015-05-13 Jean-Marc ValinAdding decoder code (untested)
2015-05-13 Jean-Marc Valinmoving common files to intra_paint.c
2015-05-13 Jean-Marc ValinRemoving more functions
2015-05-13 Jean-Marc Valingetting rid of another function
2015-05-13 Jean-Marc Valinmerging analysis functions
2015-05-13 Jean-Marc ValinRemoving more useless args
2015-05-13 Jean-Marc ValinRemoving another pass
2015-05-13 Jean-Marc Valinmoving another global var to the state
2015-05-13 Jean-Marc ValinMaking fewer passes on the images
2015-05-13 Jean-Marc ValinCleaning up the Wiener filter gain computation a bit
2015-05-13 Jean-Marc ValinAdding comments
2015-05-13 Jean-Marc Valinremoves more useless stuff
2015-05-13 Jean-Marc ValinRemoves useless arguments
2015-05-12 Thomas DaedeAdd option to png2y4m to turn off dithering.
2015-05-12 Guillaume MartresRemove unused parameter "res"
2015-05-12 Guillaume MartresRemove dead code related to intra painting block size...
2015-05-12 Tristan MatthewsSignal in bitstream if activity masking is in use
2015-05-12 Guillaume MartresFix GCC warnings
2015-05-12 Jean-Marc ValinPaint deringing rebase
2015-05-11 Monty MontgomeryRemove impossible cases at end of mv refinement DP...
2015-05-11 Monty MontgomeryRemove code for impossible split cases in row/col first...
2015-05-11 yushinFix the outdated comments and usage info with addition...
2015-05-11 Thomas DaedeAdd DECCTL to get the motion compensated image.
2015-05-11 Tristan Matthewsencoder: remove some dead assignments
2015-05-08 Thomas DaedeAdd a PACKAGE_STRING define to the unix Makefile.
2015-05-06 Danesh DarouiAdd --version flag to examples #84
2015-05-06 Nathan E. EggeUpdate rd_collect_x264.sh to match AWCY.
2015-05-05 Thomas DaedeUpdate rd_collect_x265.sh to work with x265 1.6.
2015-05-05 Guillaume MartresAdd to_monochrome, downsample and upsample tools
2015-05-01 Tristan Matthewsencode: fix warnings if assertions are disabled
2015-04-30 Jean-Marc Valintheoretical results for MC
2015-04-29 Orestes ZoupanosAdds analyser to windows project
2015-04-29 MisterZeusfix copyright year and executable name
2015-04-29 MisterZeusadded win32/ReadMe.txt
2015-04-29 Ralph GilesAdd 'f' for fullscreen to player_example.
2015-04-29 Ralph GilesPort player_example to SDL2.
2015-04-29 Ralph GilesAdd more player shortcuts.
2015-04-29 Jean-Marc ValinFixes an overflow in od_compute_var_4x4() when the...
2015-04-29 Nathan E. EggeFix alerts when building against wxMSW.
2015-04-29 Timothy B.... Fix the "accelerated" 32x32 od_mc_predict1fmv8().
2015-04-29 Timothy B.... Add some asserts to refinement block location.
2015-04-29 Timothy B.... Add back support for 4x4 MVs.
2015-04-29 Timothy B.... Make DP advancement more generic.
2015-04-29 Timothy B.... Make refinement block location more generic.
2015-04-29 Timothy B.... Clean-up and document refinement block location.
2015-04-29 Timothy B.... Fix a sign error introduced in 2420902b5fa0.
2015-04-29 Timothy B.... Minor whitespace fixes.
2015-04-29 Timothy B.... Make OD_SET_MV_LEVEL_{MIN|MAX} checks more generic.
2015-04-29 Timothy B.... Make od_mv_est_init_mvs() more generic.
2015-04-29 Timothy B.... Make MV decoding more generic.
2015-04-29 Timothy B.... Make MV encoding more generic.
2015-04-29 Timothy B.... Fix some MV debugging code and add more asserts.
2015-04-29 Timothy B.... Scale all motion vector blocks by 2.
2015-04-29 Timothy B.... Fix grid splitting in stage 1 MV animation.
2015-04-29 Timothy B.... Fix uninitialized vars in the MV animation code.
2015-04-29 Timothy B.... Make flag probabilities adaptive.
2015-04-29 Timothy B.... Use some ME constants in the SSE2 asm.
2015-04-29 Timothy B.... Use ME constants in Phases 3 and 4 of motion estimation.
2015-04-29 Timothy B.... Use ME constants in Phase 2 of motion estimation.
2015-04-29 Timothy B.... Make the SAD cache more generic.
2015-04-29 Timothy B.... Use ME constants in Phase 1 of motion estimation.
2015-04-29 Timothy B.... Use ME constants in MV predictor generation.
2015-04-29 Timothy B.... Simplify context generation for MV grid flags.
2015-04-29 Timothy B.... Start using ME constants in state.c.
2015-04-29 Timothy B.... Add named constants for various ME parameters.
2015-04-29 Timothy B.... Replace n[hv]mbs with n[hv]mvbs.
2015-04-29 Timothy B.... Remove the MV grid border.
2015-04-29 Timothy B.... Normalize the formatting of a MV loop.
2015-04-29 Timothy B.... Fix some formatting and move an assert.
2015-04-29 Timothy B.... Make some constants static.
2015-04-28 MisterZeusFormatting-only fix: removes surplus newlines.
2015-04-28 Suhas NandakumarAdd frame count and resolution to analyzer title.
2015-04-27 Thomas Szymczakab_compare_daala.sh: Fix a bug that causes .y4m dumps...
2015-04-27 Thomas DaedeAdd integer overflow checking CI script.
2015-04-25 Danesh DarouiRenaming some shadowed variable names to remove some...
2015-04-22 MisterZeusSync Jack's submit_awcy.py changes from daala/tools...
2015-04-20 Tristan Matthewsanalyzer: add YUV values to status bar (fixes #43)
2015-04-18 Thomas DaedeMove math.h fills to odintrin.h.
2015-04-16 Thomas DaedeDon't link metrics tools to libpng.
2015-04-15 yushinAdded comments to mv_res of struct state.
2015-04-15 yushinFix for max mv range being doubled when encoded.
2015-04-14 Nathan E. EggeRemove dead assignments.
2015-04-14 Thomas DaedeRemove extraneous logging message in MV search
2015-04-14 Nathan E. EggeFix shadowed variable declaration warnings in DCT.
2015-04-13 Thomas DaedeClean doxygen_sqlite3.db, generated by newer versions...
2015-04-13 Thomas DaedeUse rand() instead of random() so that tests build...
2015-04-10 David StygstraAdd "next frame" menu item in analyzer