2015-03-27 Jack MoffittChange daala_decode_header_in to simplify usage. return-headers-remaining
2015-03-27 Tristan Matthewsanalyzer: disable View when no file is loaded
2015-03-27 Nathan E. EggeRemove modified but unreferenced variables.
2015-03-26 Thomas SzymczakRemove theora things from Makefile.am (fixes #68)
2015-03-26 Tristan Matthewsrd_collect.sh: fix typo
2015-03-26 Nathan E. EggeMove keyboard shortcuts from ALT to CTRL.
2015-03-26 Tristan Matthewsdump_video: fix leak
2015-03-24 Thomas DaedeFix errors in motion vector export DECCTL.
2015-03-24 Nathan E. EggeDisabling Open menu item after loading a video.
2015-03-24 Jean-Marc ValinRemoving block size image dump since the analyzer now...
2015-03-23 Jean-Marc ValinAdds a bilinear smoothing filter to reduce blocking...
2015-03-23 Jean-Marc ValinRemoves OD_DUMP_COEFFS from main branch
2015-03-23 Jean-Marc ValinRDO distance metric update (not bit-exact)
2015-03-23 Jean-Marc ValinFixes hardcoded 32s
2015-03-23 Jean-Marc ValinCleaning up RDO DC and DC rate saving
2015-03-23 Jean-Marc ValinMore fixes to address Tim's comments
2015-03-23 Jean-Marc ValinMoving RDO pixel buffers to the state
2015-03-23 Jean-Marc ValinTurns OD_FILT_SIZE into a macro as requested by Tim
2015-03-23 Jean-Marc ValinFixed lapping cleanup and making it possible to re...
2015-03-23 Jean-Marc ValinCoding style fixes
2015-03-23 Jean-Marc ValinUpdates 4-point CFL scaling for fixed lapping
2015-03-23 Jean-Marc ValinAdds quantization matrices
2015-03-23 Jean-Marc ValinImplements RDO block size selection for Haar DC
2015-03-23 Jean-Marc ValinDo not allow splitting a skipped region
2015-03-23 Jean-Marc ValinTool for computing basis functions
2015-03-23 Jean-Marc ValinReal block size RDO
2015-03-23 Jean-Marc ValinMake chroma use 4-point lapping only for 4:2:0
2015-03-23 Jean-Marc ValinDon't do up-front filtering+DCT for inter
2015-03-23 Jean-Marc ValinUpdating quantization matrices to take into account...
2015-03-23 Jean-Marc ValinImplements recursive filtering with fixed size for...
2015-03-22 Scott AndersonAdded skipping frames to example encoder
2015-03-22 Nathan E. EggeMove comment to correct loop.
2015-03-22 Benjamin M... Add an option to display padding in the analyzer.
2015-03-21 Nathan E. EggeFixing bug displaying cursor position.
2015-03-21 Suhas NandakumarAdded cursor position to stream analyzer.
2015-03-21 Jean-Marc ValinRemoving useless fields in the encoder/decoder contexts dump_coeffs
2015-03-21 Benjamin M... Make block lines visible when skip or no-ref is active.
2015-03-21 Timothy B.... Use a macro to fix AVX intrinsics on clang.
2015-03-21 Benjamin M... Use a brighter block edge color in dark spots.
2015-03-21 Suhas NandakumarFix chroma_types in dump_video
2015-03-21 Nathan E. EggeCorrect help message for enabling analyzer.
2015-03-21 Suhas NandakumarIssue 32 Fix
2015-03-21 Suhas NandakumarAdded interlacing header (missed earlier)
2015-03-21 Suhas NandakumarFix Y4M header to match in state.c and dump_video.c
2015-03-18 Thomas DaedeAdd DECCTLs for retrieving the MV grid.
2015-03-18 Jean-Marc ValinFixes CfL for 4:4:4
2015-03-15 Guillaume MartresTake equal_mvs into account in od_mv_est_bits
2015-03-13 Thomas SzymczakMake ab_compare scripts capable of comparing multiple...
2015-03-12 Thomas SzymczakUse variable to choose between vp8 and vp9 in ab_compar...
2015-03-12 Thomas SzymczakUse bisection search to match rates in ab_compare_...
2015-03-12 Nathan E. EggeAdding a 32-point lapping filter.
2015-03-11 Tristan Matthewsplayer_example: pace playback to file's framerate
2015-03-10 Tristan Matthewsconfigure: add OD_CFLAGS for user CFLAGS
2015-03-10 Tristan Matthewsconfigure: add --enable-check-asm option
2015-03-10 Tristan Matthewsconfigure: add --enable-dct-check-overflow (fixes #5)
2015-03-10 Nathan E. EggeUpdate the lapped transform draft.
2015-03-09 Timothy B.... Update the coding-tools draft.
2015-03-09 Jean-Marc ValinPVQ draft update
2015-03-05 Tristan Matthewsanalyzer: constify some methods
2015-03-05 Nathan E. EggeFixing bug in band flag decctl.
2015-03-05 Nathan E. EggeAdding visualization of the per band flags.
2015-03-05 Nathan E. EggeAdding decctl to extract per band flags.
2015-03-05 Nathan E. EggeAdding image doubling feature to stream analyzer.
2015-03-03 Thomas DaedeDon't trample over someone else's temporary buffer...
2015-03-03 Nathan E. EggeAdding wxWidgets autoconf macros.
2015-03-03 Tristan Matthewsconfigure: fix message about wx
2015-03-03 randomguyVS2008 and VS2010 Static builds, minimal modifications...
2015-03-03 Nathan E. EggeAdding wxWidgets based stream analyzer.
2015-03-03 Nathan E. EggeAdding zigzag.h to noinst_HEADERS.
2015-03-03 Nathan E. EggeCapitalizing partition constants.
2015-02-28 Nathan E. EggeAdding decctl to extract the block size array.
2015-02-25 Thomas DaedeDefine _BSD_SOURCE and _DEFAULT_SOURCE to make all...
2015-02-25 Thomas DaedeFix AVX2 detection to be sure that OS support exists
2015-02-24 Thomas DaedeDCT test prints what assembly optimizations it is using...
2015-02-24 Jean-Marc ValinFixes a crash on long file names
2015-02-24 Nathan E. EggeChange lapping so it is applied recursively.
2015-02-14 Thomas DaedeFix autoconf scripts to use the necessary compiler...
2015-02-10 Tristan Matthewslogging: fix leak/realloc usage
2015-02-10 Tristan Matthewspvq: use od_ prefix for non-static functions
2015-02-09 Jean-Marc ValinSuperblocks split encoded separately from the decision
2015-02-08 Guillaume MartresRemove outdated comment
2015-02-08 Jean-Marc ValinReorder MV and block size encoding
2015-02-08 Guillaume MartresMake --enable-dump-images also dump the lapped frames
2015-02-05 Thomas DaedeRemove _BSD_SOURCE defines as it is deprecated and...
2015-02-05 Thomas DaedeAdd 10-bit input support for y4m2png.c
2015-02-05 Thomas DaedeAdd min and max constraint options for octave version...
2015-02-05 Jack MoffittFix invalid read in motion vectors flags.
2015-02-04 Nathan E. EggeFix overflow on 32-point DCT with 8-point filter.
2015-02-02 Jean-Marc Valinblock size hack to avoid falling apart at low rate.
2015-02-02 Jean-Marc ValinInterpolating quantization matrices across rates
2015-02-02 Nathan E. EggeMore authors.
2015-01-31 Nathan E. EggeAdding authors.
2015-01-27 Jean-Marc ValinFixes MV context wrt mv_res
2015-01-27 Jean-Marc ValinIncrease lambda and counter-balance with a higher weigh...
2015-01-27 Nathan E. EggeRemoved unused fxform32x32 / ixform32x32 functions.
2015-01-27 Nathan E. EggeUpdate test_filters.c for 32x32 block transform.
2015-01-27 Nathan E. EggeAdd 32x32 DCT block transform.
2015-01-26 Nathan E. EggeRemove exhaustive search in DCT dynamic range check.
2015-01-26 Jean-Marc ValinFixes Eclipse static analyser warnings introduced in...
2015-01-26 Jean-Marc ValinMakes MV coding context dependent on how many neighbour...